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Win More Gunfights in Apex Legends! (How to Get More Kills & Wins!)



Published on 11 months ago

Today I share a ton of great tips and tricks to help you win more gunfights and dominate the enemy in Apex Legends!

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Comments :

Jesper Rasmussen

Jesper Rasmussen . 4 days ago

well, not hard on console xD the aim assist fix it xD

Samson Weldemichael

Samson Weldemichael . 3 weeks ago

wat if you suck and cant aim

I'm Batman

I'm Batman . 4 weeks ago

What does he use a mouse or controller and if a controller which one

Obsidian Breaker

Obsidian Breaker . 1 month ago

5:18 true but just wanna flex that i killed an entire squad who thirsted me so fucking hard that all 3 of them were basically surrounding me with 3 meter gaps. thats all ok bai

Vule Basovic

Vule Basovic . 1 month ago

*dOnT DiE*

Nethaniel Elieff

Nethaniel Elieff . 2 months ago

Push with grenades

Steven Ramos

Steven Ramos . 2 months ago

Thanks i really needed this for school

Maile-Lokelani Rivera

Maile-Lokelani Rivera . 2 months ago

What I don't get is why they can kill me in like 2 headshots,but when I kill someone it's takes up my whole clip of ammo or all my ammo and it would be headshots

Jesus Perez

Jesus Perez . 2 months ago


Erwin Geier

Erwin Geier . 2 months ago

If i have a main weapon like a r301 why sbould i take a weapon like a wingman or peacekeeper as a finishingweapon, when i can just take a second r301??? I think i didnt get something...

Stuart Fury

Stuart Fury . 2 months ago

MFW getting tips from someone using aim assist.

Victoria Aguayo

Victoria Aguayo . 2 months ago

A tip I also want to add is learn when to run away. Knowing when you’re about to lose a fight is extremely useful, and backing down to pop a few shields or reload all of your guns is key. I have seen so many people who stay there and fight despite having no shields, low health, and empty mags, still wanting to kill and thinking they’re a god. You have to take a breath sometimes and tidy yourself before you go in all Rambo.


Arterra . 2 months ago

I subbed


Kevin-Ate-Nine . 2 months ago

Man I wish you still made Apex videos. Way better than Modern Snooze-fare...

The Operator 99

The Operator 99 . 3 months ago

cant decide if i should use r301 and r99



You cant really agree with alot of his tips because....I know this will be controversial... He has aim assit..which helps him against noob players on pc..and some of then are VERY VERY BASIC TIPS.. LIke keep ur shield cell in the slot...like if u have a body shield u are obviously gonna do that...like such a dumb video.. Like have a look...6:59 in that gunfight he was missing so many shots and so to say he stole the kill as the other guy got him low becuz u saw him that he had only lower then 20 blue body shield left..and he was missing and THEN BOOM...THE SHOTS WERE HITTING AND SNAPING...so yeah and to top it of.. The last few tips...are said to be kind of logical..it is wise to third party...and dont fire and set a plan... But for the first one..with third partying ..YOU WILL NEVER IMPROVE.. as u just need to hit couple of shots and he is down...and for next one ...yeah setting a plan is good and all but really..u will be wasting time making a plan slowly creeping and find out he has a fully upgraded spitfire and mastif and gold body armor so yeah...useless video

Tenth Shadow

Tenth Shadow . 3 months ago

How too get more win tip GIT GUD


MessedMonkey . 3 months ago

hey did you know i 6th partyed someone

Sasori Shimada

Sasori Shimada . 3 months ago

do you use kontrolfreeks? not sure if i should usem them or not both does work half way

Vick Nine

Vick Nine . 4 months ago

Wish I'd have stuck with apex when it came out. Much better netcode, gameplay, map. Even the time between matches is much smaller, blackout took forever to get into a new lobby. Which is reaaaaaaally annoying, to the point where I'm screaming at the screen "hurry the f**k up!!!!". It's really disappointing because I've been a long time fan of cod but blops4 has massively took the piss. I'm not even gonna play modern warfare.

Luke Times

Luke Times . 4 months ago

Can anyone explain why I go down after two shots even when I have gold armour, but i can unload an entire clip into an enemy's face with no success? Also, this dude completely misses the shot at 1:04 but still gets the kills. That's why this game is bullshit lol

Zack Delarosa

Zack Delarosa . 4 months ago

5:22 why I love and hate Apex legends when my teammates know vs when they are human embodiments of a flaming bag of dog turds


TheBigBadRook . 4 months ago

This actually really helps, thanks

Skuill bound

Skuill bound . 4 months ago

I suck at apex but I am still trying to be good Like if you're switch to fortnite to apex


Djwizzle06 . 4 months ago

All I did was just play the game and I just got better. Simple as that. Play the game.

Matthew Shireling

Matthew Shireling . 4 months ago

I hate apex. I feel like it’s really boring IMO. (Btw I do not have a problem with you playing or making videos on it.) I just don’t like to play it


marceld13 . 4 months ago

3:05 this has saved me so many times, as he runs for cover reloading lol


HAZXRIES . 4 months ago

You earn a sub

Juancho Vazquez

Juancho Vazquez . 4 months ago

Talks about the advantage over hip firing and immediately shows ads kills lol 🤔🤔🤔


GAMER 4 LIFE ツ . 4 months ago

Always use the shield battery and engage the enemy because thats what gets u good just w-key. U will die a lot but u will be better in the end of the day. Thats how u be a good player. And use pathfinder. Try what I sad one day.


Dess-Troy . 5 months ago


HellKitty Ninja

HellKitty Ninja . 5 months ago

I'm the worst player at this game took me two days to get two kills.😑 This is my first, first person game and I've never been good at shooters so I always stayed away from those too. Hopefully with some of these tips I can get a couple more kills.😂 Btw if you get paired with me, sorry in advance.😅

Austin Villareal

Austin Villareal . 5 months ago

I am willing to coach you in Apex for just 10$ a session. Serious inquiries only.

Al Shaikh

Al Shaikh . 5 months ago

PC and console are world appart


Justuraverageamericanpuertoricankid . 5 months ago

How to win a lot of fights Have a wingman with a skull piercer Have a devotion with a turbo charger

Ward Luay

Ward Luay . 5 months ago

everyone in the comments are bad at the game but I still cant get kills.

Tyler Cates

Tyler Cates . 5 months ago

Honestly if it weren’t for the long ttk this would be soo easy


djhoffmann . 5 months ago

I won a game with my team with a total of 4 kills and it was my 5th game I have ever played

Blah Blah

Blah Blah . 5 months ago

3:18 I hate when Lifelines do that

Angel Johal

Angel Johal . 5 months ago

Just won with 0 kills and other guy had 17 kills. I felt so bad

Fuze Oratile Ngcobo

Fuze Oratile Ngcobo . 5 months ago

I NEEDED this😭😤


frogthis . 6 months ago

Pls help😭. I’m at level 45 and everyone on the map has really good aim and whenever I kill someone their team ambushes me. And whenever my team comes to rescue me, they also get obliterated and that’s usually how I get sent back to the lobby. Pls any advice on how to improve

Vault Boi

Vault Boi . 6 months ago

Ew wtf is your fov?


Namarie. . 6 months ago

Just build lol


NICOLAS EATON . 6 months ago

I just rush the hell outta people and use the environment to my advantage

Colby Rose

Colby Rose . 6 months ago

I know how to win more gunfights get a better enter net plan and don't lag

Bahaa Tobbo

Bahaa Tobbo . 6 months ago

Yeah, you see this video and get hyped, enter a game and your team members are gibraltar level 6 with 0 kills and the other is bangalore level 21 with 1 kill drops alone dying immediatly, then they keep pinging there banner to piss you off

HalfDeadKC FPV

HalfDeadKC FPV . 6 months ago

always use nades when pushing if u can it prevents enemies from peaking there cover while u are advancing ... great videos

Ving Rhames With Hair

Ving Rhames With Hair . 6 months ago

I'd say that constant crouching while shooting is important too. You use it like drop shotting in Call of Duty. You're enemy won't expect the quick pace of movement and they'll have to constantly adjust their aim. This is killer in close quarters. I play on PS4, and lately I've been killing people left and right because frankly not that many people do it.

itsyuuki GG

itsyuuki GG . 6 months ago

Great help thanks!

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