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Published on 2 years ago


In this FIFA 19 Experiment, we take a team of the best players who have played for Inter Milan and put them up against the best players that have put on a AC Milan shirt. Two of the greatest teams of all time go head to head with the best of their best to see who is truly lord of of the Premier League. Let Professor BMOnus take you through another FIFA experiment!

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Comments :


PHTDC 10 . 1 month ago

Kaká should be in the starting, he was best player in the world while playing in AC Milan and won the last champions league for Milan

John Huj

John Huj . 2 months ago

“Flashback Zlatan who I only toned down a little bit” You toned him down from 97 to 92

A Husky Bear

A Husky Bear . 3 months ago

Baresi should be in there

Tomas Scola

Tomas Scola . 4 months ago

Forza inter

KrATos Wish

KrATos Wish . 5 months ago

icons squad file?

Adam Afraj

Adam Afraj . 5 months ago

Dude you mixed up Zlatan

Anthony Paino

Anthony Paino . 5 months ago

FUT ratings are not a lie. The international reputation of the players add 1 or 2 ratings to their actual

amrit bhattarai

amrit bhattarai . 5 months ago

He should have had kaka in place of shevchenko and shevchenko in place of zlatan. Dida in place of juiles ceasar. Then the match would be evenly matched.

John Huj

John Huj . 6 months ago

Team of the Season VS Team of the Year? TOTS vs TOTY

Gutty I

Gutty I . 6 months ago

Who is Andreas Brehme?!? My GOD!! He is one of the greatest LB of all time!! He even score the world cup winning goal for Germany in 1990. Damm Fat Asian, U fail terrible this time.

Celou B

Celou B . 6 months ago


Gary Sanchez

Gary Sanchez . 6 months ago


Michael Marinos

Michael Marinos . 6 months ago

Did enyone notice that desaiy 91 was playing and ac Milan had baresi 93 on the bench

I Got That PMA

I Got That PMA . 6 months ago

That AC Milan team is all kinds of wrong

Bruno Parisi

Bruno Parisi . 6 months ago

The real best milan is Dida Cesare maldini Paolo maldini Franco baresi Frank rikaard Ruud gullit Gianni rivera Kaka Filippo inzaghi Shevchenko Marco van basten

Ryan Toubin

Ryan Toubin . 6 months ago

Where hpins shr$fbulp

Martino Beretta

Martino Beretta . 7 months ago

Come on ac they the team I support in real life they r legends if u support ac milan like my comment


Obli* . 7 months ago

All time best Juventus vs Napols

Bradley Parrott

Bradley Parrott . 7 months ago

Majority of these inter players where known for their times at other clubs

Ahmed Walaal

Ahmed Walaal . 7 months ago

Shoutout my favorite team Ac Milan 🙌🙌🙌

Diego Hernández

Diego Hernández . 8 months ago

Milan must have been : Dida Cafu, Baresi, Maldini, Nesta Kaka, Pirlo or Rijkaard, Gullit Shevchenko, Van Basten, Inzaghi or Zlatan


Toast . 10 months ago

Nah you missed out Facchetti left back legend for inter Milan

Rings The Of Lord

Rings The Of Lord . 10 months ago


Rings The Of Lord

Rings The Of Lord . 10 months ago

No Dida? Ok I understand. But instead of Pepe Reina you could've put Abiatti!

Communistic Shrek

Communistic Shrek . 10 months ago

❤️AC Milan❤️

Paweł Korba

Paweł Korba . 10 months ago

You should Have Way more subs like wayyyyyyy more

Arsene Emery

Arsene Emery . 11 months ago

Imagine thinking that R9 and Zanetti are better than Maldini and Van Basten... Inter won a treble, Milan has won everything, with Maldini winning 5 UCLks


Thewildcard . 11 months ago

How is Baresi not starting ?!

coolkid123 messi for life

coolkid123 messi for life . 11 months ago

How did millan finish under normal Juventus

Shadow gaming

Shadow gaming . 11 months ago

Do it at FIFA 20


RB MAFIA . 11 months ago

Because of 3 defenders

Luka Turcic

Luka Turcic . 11 months ago

Shevchenko is an icon but you put him in rm but he is st


Jacob . 11 months ago

Zlatan also played for Inter

James Lock

James Lock . 11 months ago

Robinho was decent but not the best 11

Jakub Urban

Jakub Urban . 11 months ago

Ronaldo and vieira were in Milan too

Luca Colacicco

Luca Colacicco . 11 months ago

Lucio and Facchetti should be in this squad

Edith Uche

Edith Uche . 11 months ago

Fam you can't chat you probably can't play football

Roni Vaittinen

Roni Vaittinen . 11 months ago

Why baresi is not in cb

Kevin-Andre Hansen Svenske

Kevin-Andre Hansen Svenske . 11 months ago

where was david beckham? anyone in 2019 november?

Mr Orib MD

Mr Orib MD . 11 months ago

How is Roberto Carlos,Berkgamp and Figo Inter Legends

Gracin G

Gracin G . 12 months ago

I'm Inter fan...

Ashton philip

Ashton philip . 12 months ago

Kaka at prime should be 93+

Dan Dan

Dan Dan . 12 months ago

where is treble winner Sneijder Milito Etoo? where is Adriano?

1,000 subs with no vids vids challenge

1,000 subs with no vids vids challenge . 12 months ago

Bro Inter was literally a full icon team


DJW — . 12 months ago

Porto vs Benfica - All time greats

Leonel Torres

Leonel Torres . 12 months ago

He should have put dida

Rings The Of Lord

Rings The Of Lord . 1 year ago

FUCK INTER! AC MILAN FOREVER. Also why is Cesar in Inter and no Dida in Milan? Unfair to me. Also Kaka should be on the pitch every match.


cerverg . 1 year ago

Most of the Inter's ALL TIMEers in reality spent 1-2 seasons most of them just passing by Inter and by any means they are not Inter legends

Márk Baranyai

Márk Baranyai . 1 year ago

"he's a little bit darker than usually" xD that made me laugh so hard.


caliguyful . 1 year ago

You can have 100 different lineups for AC Milan and even if your an Kaka' anti-fan, you can't leave him out of those 100 lineups. You can leave Pablo Madini, Baresi, Gullit, Van Basten, or Pirlo. Nobody is that dumb and leave Kaka' out. That's the only player that will have to have a guarantee spot in any lineups.

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