10 Reasons Why Deadpool Is Secretly Part Of The MCU


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With great MCU movies coming out like The Avengers, Spiderman Homecoming and superheroes movies outside the MCU like Deadpool 2 coming out, we look at how Deadpool can secretly be part of the MCU! :O Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/wMuSDD

The release of Iron Man in 2008 is widely considered to be the start of Marvel’s conscious decision to create a cinematic universe for its superhero franchises. As we all know, Marvel is rolling the shared universe in three phases and we are currently in the third and final phase and in 2017 alone looking forward to the release of several high profile films like Thor, Spider-Man Homecoming and Guardians of the Galaxy Part 2 that will continue to expand the universe.

This shared universe allows for independent franchises, like Thor, Captain America, and Guardians of the Galaxy to exist while simultaneously crossing over with one another to form the shared universe. Sometimes the overlapping is subtle, like The Avengers tower being visible during an establishing shot of New York City in Doctor Strange. Other instances are more obvious, like the creation of the best known superhero team in the universe, The Avengers.

While it is true Marvel based superheroes were getting their own films before 2008’s Iron Man, like Ben Affleck’s Daredevil, the Blade trilogy, The Punisher and the original Spider-Man series, those films are not considered to be in cannon with the universe. You would think that Marvel, given this new shared timeline, would be including all of its villains, superheroes and antiheroes now. Well, they aren’t. Much to the dismay of fans, teams like The Fantastic Four, the X-Men and everyone’s favorite anti-hero Deadpool are not being included in the shared universe. Or are they?

We’ve recently done some digging and we’ve found Deadpool popping up in the Marvel universe. We believe Deadpool is a part of the MCU and we are here to prove it once and for all. Watch out Avengers, you may be getting a new teammate real soon.


Deleted Scene with Ajax
The many appearances of Stan Lee
Deadpool is already an Avenger in the Comics
Introduction of Cable in Deadpool 2
Possible Helicarrier
Simon Kinberg
New York City
Super Soldiers
Agent Bob From Hydra
Ryan Reynolds

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