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Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock (Audio)



Published on 6 years ago

Music video by Elvis Presley performing Jailhouse Rock (Audio). (C) 1957 Lightyear Entertainment L.P. licensed to BMG Music

Comments :

Mia Brimm

Mia Brimm . 1 day ago

From Leory and Stitch

Dominik Schvarckopf

Dominik Schvarckopf . 2 days ago

Best song to play during a bar fight

Thea Ericka Puli

Thea Ericka Puli . 2 days ago

Double tap.

Mate 2017

Mate 2017 . 3 days ago

I wish I could go to this era in humanity even if for a few minutes.

Erik Matheis Flores

Erik Matheis Flores . 4 days ago

Shit I forgot what I was doing again? Wait whos is this blonde girl? Oh yeah!! I know that bitch! Now I only need to grab this chair... What I was about to do again? Ohhh nice song!

Ahmed-_ Magomedov.-_

Ahmed-_ Magomedov.-_ . 4 days ago

Mafia 2

Juani PR

Juani PR . 5 days ago

Y ahora esta de moda el trap, es increible como involucionamos

Cody M

Cody M . 5 days ago

A rap version of the song was featured in a commercial for Lipton Brisk Iced Tea in 2000, featuring James Brown, Willie Nelson, and Coolio.

Maya Sartor

Maya Sartor . 5 days ago

This song reminds my of grease

NevadaKaktus Brawl Stars

NevadaKaktus Brawl Stars . 5 days ago

When Americans Destroy with a Sherman a Tiger:

Colin Rumsby

Colin Rumsby . 5 days ago

Jailhouse rock awesome a classic

THE Scratchyscratch!

THE Scratchyscratch! . 5 days ago

Every zoomer listening to this for the first time: “I was born in the wrong generation”

Allen House

Allen House . 6 days ago

Genial canción !! Buena rola!

Vitória Colini

Vitória Colini . 6 days ago

omg, it's too hard to see this and realize that this don't exist anymore

Grzegorz Biedrzyński

Grzegorz Biedrzyński . 6 days ago

Gdynia Cisowa przejmuje


JORGINHO DA 12 . 6 days ago

ISSO E MUSICA ❤️🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

Nicholas Sanchez

Nicholas Sanchez . 6 days ago

Am i the only one who came here for Stone Ocean?

Keyla D

Keyla D . 6 days ago

Wish I born in this era

Music Brother

Music Brother . 7 days ago

4000 reggeatoneros le dieron dislike a este vídeo por ignorancia :3

Randy Sweet

Randy Sweet . 7 days ago

I remember the king singing it

Scalene Triangle

Scalene Triangle . 7 days ago

This song makes me only be able to remember 3 things at a time.

Amanda Carnessali

Amanda Carnessali . 7 days ago

Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyhhhhhhhhhyhhhyyyyyyyyyyhhhhhyyyhhyyyyhhtbb hytb ht*htttgggggggggbbbbbbbbbbbbbbhhhggttrddddrrewq. That’s hi in I like elvis

Sabrina o

Sabrina o . 7 days ago

ich fahre 80 b4😍😍

Helen Cristina

Helen Cristina . 7 days ago

Única BR?

crecolax gamer

crecolax gamer . 1 week ago

melhor musica do seculo

Priscilla Blog

Priscilla Blog . 1 week ago

Si la estas escuchando es 2019 déjame decirte que tienes un gran gusto en música...

Victoria Lak

Victoria Lak . 1 week ago

Anyone listening in 2040?

Onyxx 61

Onyxx 61 . 1 week ago

Why does this song have 4.1K dislikes?

Maximilian Bernard

Maximilian Bernard . 1 week ago

That's funny, I forgot what I had to do again...

xiamandrax x

xiamandrax x . 2 weeks ago



[Mercury]TheWeaponsDealer . 2 weeks ago

I can just imagine this music playing when the fbi is chasing a pedo/lolicon

Thomas Vicanek-Santaguida

Thomas Vicanek-Santaguida . 2 weeks ago

best elvis song ever makes me go full out dance mode every time

Gabriel Santos

Gabriel Santos . 2 weeks ago

Alguém 2019

The Fan of Kaleb Porras Est. 2007

The Fan of Kaleb Porras Est. 2007 . 2 weeks ago



M W . 2 weeks ago

Who's listening to this with me in 2025?

John ANG

John ANG . 2 weeks ago

I can only rembember 3 things for some reason.

itzz angelica cand

itzz angelica cand . 2 weeks ago

Kamu iluminati ya


ZedScript . 2 weeks ago

Am i the only one who found this song through Riverdale S3?

Randy Rogers

Randy Rogers . 2 weeks ago

I've lived through all the decades since the 40's. Believe me, the 50's were the best.

Evandro Josnei Peper

Evandro Josnei Peper . 2 weeks ago

The Elvis Presley Announced. Popular Saying The King Of Active Rock Rocking Jailhouse Rock With Me Elvis Presley Diversifies His Version Exposing Your General Mode of Expansion Stepping Up Amplify Prison Dance On the Swing Contained Appear Reason Mode Elvis Presley Played. Jailhouse Rock Released A Sacred Drink. Keep Peace Together Expose Reality. Propose Legality The Reason Of Hidden Rock Jailhouse Is Popularity. " "Participatory And Heart Of Peace. Elvis Presley Dear ..." "Elvis Presley And Announced Contained !!! ... Applauded ... !!!" "Elvis Presley The King Of Rock. At Jailhouse Rock Had ..." "Elvis Presley The King Of Rock" History: Vander Gunga.


TheCroMagnon . 2 weeks ago

Inb4 anime ppl flood this with "is this a jojo reference??"

Michelle Zinn

Michelle Zinn . 2 weeks ago

Cooles Lied von ELVIS

Druin P

Druin P . 2 weeks ago

Neigbors: bruh shut it up Me: why Neighbors: we have bigger speaker's

Mehmet Halil Benli

Mehmet Halil Benli . 2 weeks ago

Sene 2019 eskimeyen şarkı...

Paula Barreto

Paula Barreto . 2 weeks ago

ninguém pode ficar parado ouvindo isso.

Micah Sicat

Micah Sicat . 2 weeks ago

I imagine the greasers beating up the socs

moises galindo

moises galindo . 2 weeks ago

-Nobody Okamas on impel down:...

Herobrienmaster The fear less

Herobrienmaster The fear less . 2 weeks ago

The flinstones xD (BED ROCK)

ilham hidiya

ilham hidiya . 3 weeks ago

Stitch brought me here

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