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Rag Tagg

Rag Tagg

Published on 10 months ago

Apex Tales: Toxic Player raged at me for looting in Apex Legends. Have you ever had a game where running around looting actually triggered a player to the point where they want friendly fire on? Well, I did.

Apex Tales is a new series where we recount the narrative within the games in Apex Legends and the players we encounter. Hope you guys enjoy this one. Let me know what other videos you'd like to see, but most of all, comment below with your toxic tales.

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Comments :

Sloppy Poppy

Sloppy Poppy . 9 hours ago

*finds a peacekeeper* Nobody: Rag tagg: finally things are looking up for me

The Mowgli

The Mowgli . 13 hours ago

It bugs me that you missed that Sniper Stock in a Skull Town death box...


Retribution . 1 day ago

I subbed after the""sticking together like a nuns knees""comment

Ho Chi Squad

Ho Chi Squad . 2 days ago

You have so much patience

end me

end me . 2 days ago

damn i smiled everytime a wraith appeared hoping it was him

Hailey Shelton

Hailey Shelton . 3 days ago

β€œWhy don’t you tell me how to play the game?” *crickets*


phantom_sarzy . 3 days ago



LanceOllyFre . 5 days ago

Never seen a video where the the guy playing tells the story of his experience. That's cool.

Shayla LaTour

Shayla LaTour . 6 days ago

I hate it, when u see an enemy but it turns out to be your teamate like come on show the name.

Shayla LaTour

Shayla LaTour . 6 days ago

i love this guys narration

Brittany Davidson

Brittany Davidson . 7 days ago

holy moley, who Is Mr. D, so I know to mute him if he ever comes into my team?

Master Dank22yt

Master Dank22yt . 1 week ago

This sounds like a war story

dusty taco

dusty taco . 1 week ago

You play how you want to play. It's a game, you're supposed to have fun regardless of age. But toxic people exist to be made fun of for being so stupid.

Harold Hicks

Harold Hicks . 1 week ago

dude that toxic guy gaming profile is full of spam now lol for one toxic game

Harold Hicks

Harold Hicks . 1 week ago

holy shit I never seen it that bad before

Kevster3701 V

Kevster3701 V . 1 week ago

Hell yeah 24/7 looter champion here

Vicente Herrera

Vicente Herrera . 1 week ago

Bro πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£ that was fucking gold

Jorge Osejo

Jorge Osejo . 1 week ago

I made shit myself..... Funniest video ever.


BIG POPPA . 1 week ago

I think mr.d is crazy russian hacker LMFAO πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


HEARTHEARTH . 1 week ago

Yea i know that toxic idiots its 99% of apex players are like that they are ignorant fools and i just want to murder those fucking faggots and whoever made them its sickening, sbmm should be called your getting matchmade with useless retards that are actually doing everything to get you killed and fucked up vs full teams of good and normal players, 1 example im always obviously carrying my fucking useless team and i have like 1000 hours of this game and i never ever had a teammate that can actually kill someone or hell they are incapable of finishing the knocked ones they are just running around and looting like fuckingg idiots completely unaware of what is this game and the worse thing is ik having like 10 kills its not even second round im exiting capitol city like a god i have a key to vault and then this guy jumps in and takes my gold shield and listen what happened i told him man honestly that was rude it was first of all my key second of all im the kill leader im carrying your asses and third of all you will die to the last guy that will kill me because he will take your gold shield and thats exactly what happened wer paying 3vs3 my teammates just went in there died i knocked 2 of their teammates its time to fill the shield and oh yea i didnt even started filling shield i hear enemy wraith also popping bat twice as fast as me and thats when i said nah im not gonna even try this guys dont deserve to be carried into victory and i left that match altough i was behind the doors could have popped it easly so please for the suckers at battle royal if you suckk admit it to yourself and other players in your team and you will automaticly become better being ignorant retards and toxic thrash will never get you a good game it will get you more lobby time then game.

Mr Midoriken

Mr Midoriken . 1 week ago

The D XD


monkeysox3886 . 2 weeks ago

Well late to this vid, but my god I laughed so fucking hard. The shooting your team mate was the best, I do that crazy shit too. Toxic player like mr d have been around since the dawn of time, they make me laugh at how serious they take things. But great vid and even better commentary.

Two Cheez iTz

Two Cheez iTz . 2 weeks ago

You sound like shrek lmao


CaptainMilitia . 2 weeks ago

Your voice is amazing lol

Ginny Weasley

Ginny Weasley . 2 weeks ago

When i saw u had 128shotgun shells my heartlept... I only need around 3 stacks for a game.

Ramsez Ochoa

Ramsez Ochoa . 2 weeks ago

Omg stfu w the damn intro

miquel montero

miquel montero . 2 weeks ago

just like mr.d says I'm a fuckin idiot

Riley Avon

Riley Avon . 2 weeks ago

Why do u need 128 shotgun bullets lmao

Jessica Beck

Jessica Beck . 2 weeks ago

You should of reported him. I would of. I don't tolerate childish bickering from a grown man. Therefore he is lucky it wasn't me or I would of roasted him so hard he would need creme for Dem burns lol!


Xx09lightning . 2 weeks ago

XD he said ( And my will to overcome Dr dick heads toxicity) I died laughing

carlos Nataniel

carlos Nataniel . 2 weeks ago

I love your content but boy do i hate your singing

Joe Ojeda

Joe Ojeda . 2 weeks ago


To Bar

To Bar . 2 weeks ago

Tbh i hate when you call out an enemy and people just keep looting like it’s the best part of the game.

The Jack Rabbit

The Jack Rabbit . 2 weeks ago

I have to confess my little brother is better than me at this game πŸ˜”

SupremeTeen 19

SupremeTeen 19 . 2 weeks ago

I just LOOVE you're accent. You make Apex Legends seem like animal planet. XD


BigWeeHugeGuy . 2 weeks ago

I heard Scottish. Then I thought nah. Then i started hearing Scottish again. I'm sure you're the clearest speaking Scots man

dean Warrington

dean Warrington . 2 weeks ago

Funniest apex video I have ever seen. Rag Tagg you fx#+!ng rock.


Queenwerty . 2 weeks ago

"Mr. D" π™‹π™…π™Š π™›π™‘π™–π™¨π™π™—π™–π™˜π™ π™¨

Bubune Godzi

Bubune Godzi . 2 weeks ago

Oh gosh I love your commentary I’m subscribing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€οΈβ€οΈ


Bolkohir . 3 weeks ago

Watching you play and make silly mistakes makes me feel better about my playing

Justinas Plays

Justinas Plays . 3 weeks ago

Oh, so am not the only one who eats in the middle of choosing an area to land.


Benny . 3 weeks ago

This vid got recommended to me after some guy raged at me for picking up a level 2 backpack on drop πŸ˜‚ He was so mad and kept swearing at me, then immediately got downed and blamed me even though I was able to down them

ian pandes

ian pandes . 3 weeks ago

I hate toxic people. But a noob think there better

Hayden Clarkson

Hayden Clarkson . 3 weeks ago

Click bait


shargi . 3 weeks ago

In the thumbnail Margie is giving headπŸ†πŸ‘…


1275638a . 3 weeks ago

When people act like this I just sabotage the team


Dakuu75 . 3 weeks ago

Watching this again in 2020, still sorta triggers me. There are some dumber-than-fuck-all ppl on apex. It's one thing to make bad-plays or a mistake, w/e, shit happens. But, when you open your mouth and nothing but, distilled garbage pours out, you need a break.


Mr.Deadbeatkid . 3 weeks ago

The narrative with the gameplay is just top notch...I am now subscribed.

Vinny Cambiano

Vinny Cambiano . 3 weeks ago

ive watched this so many times and never realized you had 128 shotgun rounds hahahha


DRAGONRIDERxx7 yt . 3 weeks ago

Havoc is one of the best weapons change my mind

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