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A complete guide on all gear found in Kings Cannon / Apex Legends! What Do Legendaries do? Today you find out!

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Comments :

Karl 07

Karl 07 . 1 week ago

Thanks u so much i got an answer

Gretchen Williams

Gretchen Williams . 3 weeks ago

I subbed and liked can I please be a windows I don’t have any Coins and I really want caustic

Vocal Vortex Studios

Vocal Vortex Studios . 2 months ago

If everyone can execute to get shields now does that mean good armor (now fast use) got nerfed? Or is it buffed and BACKPACK is nerfed

Shrek-Thanos -

Shrek-Thanos - . 2 months ago

I’m sorry but your voice sounds like 3rd grader

Elijah Lewis

Elijah Lewis . 2 months ago

I love your vids

mark Astudillo

mark Astudillo . 2 months ago

What is neutral loot

Michael Bell-perdue

Michael Bell-perdue . 2 months ago

Idk why but after like 6 months of playing this game I didnt realize that the legendary items had perks lol I just though they were better than purple but the only difference is the perk. Damn I'm late lol

Eli Ackley

Eli Ackley . 2 months ago

XxXGhostmodeXxX is meh user name

Xavier Ruiz

Xavier Ruiz . 2 months ago

Facts 👌

Yasiru Sandun

Yasiru Sandun . 3 months ago

helped a lot

noah sherman

noah sherman . 3 months ago

Dayummm i used to watch dpj sooooo much in the destiny 1 days like wayy back when it first came out. Would come here every friday to see xur and all that. Boutta hop on the apex train


FORY CZ . 3 months ago

Pls gift me


PurplePenguin . 3 months ago

What do we comment about for the the giveaway?

TQ Cubes

TQ Cubes . 3 months ago

You mixed up legendary and epic

Its Arya

Its Arya . 4 months ago

You forgot the barrel stabilizers

Stefan Neal

Stefan Neal . 4 months ago

Give me to a best coin

Bud giE

Bud giE . 4 months ago

He’s fucking retarded

Hans Dayalani

Hans Dayalani . 4 months ago

I want apex coins

soviet soldier

soviet soldier . 4 months ago

what can gold gun do ??????

Emmanuel soria

Emmanuel soria . 4 months ago

I like to play apex every day like a boss.


Rocko . 4 months ago

This guy kinda talks like that character from South Park.

Shampoo Fully

Shampoo Fully . 4 months ago

2:43 "clip it!!!"


titbngfc . 5 months ago

this is alot of information for a 3h ingame time, my brain stop when you switch to the weapon gears part....

Michael Homer

Michael Homer . 5 months ago

I thought you have to use an actual finishing move to get Shields back with gold armor.

Glenn Fennessy

Glenn Fennessy . 5 months ago

Love the vid a streamer wat actually learns us how to play

Calbert Tope

Calbert Tope . 5 months ago

The gold armor, it's written there "Finishers fully regenerate shield" it means when i do finisher on the enemey my armor will be fully regenerate??

Boyd Marnham

Boyd Marnham . 5 months ago


irene Sebastian

irene Sebastian . 5 months ago

I like the vid

The Beast2281

The Beast2281 . 5 months ago

I subscribe liked and turn on the bell and i commented

Tyler Pennington

Tyler Pennington . 5 months ago

Are there actually gold extended mags, shotgun bolts, and stocks now?


Quake . 5 months ago

I want the coins


JADDOMBR_03 . 5 months ago

Niggas voice sounds like he gonna offer me a Waser Wifle

lil pump

lil pump . 5 months ago

How do you do it

Jordan Ortega

Jordan Ortega . 5 months ago

I want coins

Aria shah

Aria shah . 5 months ago

Accent gave me cancer

Gibbz Valle

Gibbz Valle . 6 months ago

APEX ❤️❤️

Veilus Artemis

Veilus Artemis . 6 months ago


Z9wondertwin Harris

Z9wondertwin Harris . 6 months ago



Tomas . 6 months ago

"'the purple epic variant offers you six additional sluts''

Bj Baldwin

Bj Baldwin . 6 months ago

The gold knockdown sheild is a sneaky revive

Turkish Mentor

Turkish Mentor . 6 months ago

French much?

Joern A. Jernsletten

Joern A. Jernsletten . 6 months ago

Hi me happy

Tanner Mischke

Tanner Mischke . 6 months ago

please pick me you are great

Lou Cypher

Lou Cypher . 6 months ago

Love this! Always full of GR8 TIPS & I FO

Kid_ Buu4

Kid_ Buu4 . 6 months ago

Golden backpack + lifeline = 75% healing time reduction


FORTNITE Apex . 6 months ago

Plz can I have coins, my parents don’t have cards they just have cash, I know it’s sad but please


MythicalMeme125 . 6 months ago


Ian B

Ian B . 6 months ago

Body armor is just a beacon for enemies to focus solely on you.

XxDeakinxX Gaming

XxDeakinxX Gaming . 6 months ago


Jets Rock

Jets Rock . 7 months ago

Wingman is still the best

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