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Today I break down all of the Hop-Up attachments in Apex Legends and show you exactly how each of them work on every available weapon. Which is your favorite Hop-Up & weapon combo to use?



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Aqim Julayhi

Aqim Julayhi . 2 weeks ago

My personal favorite is the Skullpiercer on the Wingman. Makes the Wingman sound like a sharp hammer to the head. Too bad they removed it in season 3.

Chez It

Chez It . 2 weeks ago

What happened to the skullpeircer


LeyoooXD . 3 weeks ago

In pc how so u go to sniper mode with the havoc??

KitKempy /KempyKistune

KitKempy /KempyKistune . 1 month ago

5:01 nice

Brandon Allard

Brandon Allard . 1 month ago

Havoc is godlike

Weebs Games

Weebs Games . 1 month ago

are you going to do a video on the season 3 hop ups?

KDK Dragon

KDK Dragon . 2 months ago

He forgot the double tap hop up

Aras Buen

Aras Buen . 2 months ago

Its old and outdated


Ohhhhmyyyyyrib . 2 months ago

wish we got some more hop up footage besides almost entirely r-301

Noobmaster 101

Noobmaster 101 . 2 months ago

Can we get an updated video with the hammer shot rounds and double-tap trigger etc

Mynameisntgenji882773 8

Mynameisntgenji882773 8 . 2 months ago

Ah those gameplay clutches 😩👌

Christopher Friend

Christopher Friend . 2 months ago

We need an update for Season 3!

Bedside killer

Bedside killer . 2 months ago

Octane+peacekeeper+pricison choke= kill leader

Landon Demer

Landon Demer . 2 months ago

What’s your sensitivity?


sainkanzaki . 2 months ago

what does it mean that the havoc turns into a hitscan?


mohsen . 2 months ago

The devotion is nuts!

Marcos Vargas

Marcos Vargas . 2 months ago

Can you get attachments in training mode?

George D.

George D. . 3 months ago

I'm guessing the Disruptor Round Hop-Up was added after you made this vid? A vid about what's changed with Season 2 would be great. I think it turns the Alternator from an okay SMG to a devestating close range weapon.

Yunus nars

Yunus nars . 3 months ago

All i need to know is how u managed to install a hop up in toturial mode ?

Mobile legends Gaming

Mobile legends Gaming . 3 months ago

How did you get the hop up in training


datdrakeduck . 3 months ago

I had no idea you could use the havoc like that with a select fire, probably because I avoid that gun

De Mil

De Mil . 3 months ago

Disruptor rounds and Hammerpoint rounds? Where are they?

Death Fist

Death Fist . 3 months ago

5:01 Nice shots

Minecraft Derpkid

Minecraft Derpkid . 3 months ago

I usually use disrupter rounds on the Alternator because I like that it's an automatic light ammo gun And I'm bad at aiming

Aras Buen

Aras Buen . 3 months ago

Outdated but still a reliable guide

The DowntownGamer

The DowntownGamer . 3 months ago

You missed out the fact that the prowler is very unstable without the selectfire and therefore it is horrible for mid range like 2 - 4 times optics. When prowler is switched to auto with selectfire it becomes more stable and it will ne good for mid range.

Um Hi?

Um Hi? . 3 months ago

Tbh i prefer the devotion without turbocharger

Mohammed Al Tahhan

Mohammed Al Tahhan . 3 months ago

I appreciate not stretching it out

Thatfortnite channel

Thatfortnite channel . 3 months ago

5:01 69 69 69. I think the triple take is a little bit to much. Matter of fact four

Alexander Bell

Alexander Bell . 3 months ago

New hop ups for season 2

mohammad amin

mohammad amin . 3 months ago

Wtf dude! 🤨 That select fire explanation totally sucks...😐 Study hard before doing a tutorial video😞


Porpuz . 3 months ago

lol how do u use the select fire tho?

S Gill

S Gill . 3 months ago

Havoc single fire should 95 damage to the body and 125 to the head.

Audi Colon

Audi Colon . 3 months ago

Pls update this vid (hammerpoints, disruptors)

Sub to me NOW

Sub to me NOW . 3 months ago

Who else put 2x speed when he shot the devotion


Atlas . 4 months ago

I subbed instantly when he said he doesn’t like it when Youtuber’s stretch videos

supy dupy CHUNGUS

supy dupy CHUNGUS . 4 months ago

And now theres disruptor rounds and the skullpiercer is legendary


Montagne . 4 months ago

updated video? pls?

Jordanj daboss

Jordanj daboss . 4 months ago

Skull piercer Legendary now

Shubhankar Singh

Shubhankar Singh . 4 months ago

7:23 I have Warp Zone for that Mastiff and it looks way better on it but still, Pest Controller is still awesome.

Seth Gonzalez

Seth Gonzalez . 4 months ago

Note: 2 new hop-ups were added, hammerpoint rounds and disruptor rounds, hammerpoint for the p2020 and Mozambique, and disruptor for the alternator and re-45. Skullpiercer is now legendary as well.

Hyper_Jewel GG

Hyper_Jewel GG . 4 months ago

Nice pun it was super punny

Daniel Mchenry

Daniel Mchenry . 4 months ago

How you get Turbocharged in the range

Todoroki. EXE

Todoroki. EXE . 4 months ago

Where do you find the add ons in training

LJ Ruth

LJ Ruth . 4 months ago

Disruptor and hammer point were added to anyone watching in season 2 disruptor rounds are for the RE45 and alternator it gives you a bonus damage to armor meaning that you will destroy armor like it wasn’t their to begin with and hammer points are for the p2020 and the Mozambique it makes it for your weapons hit for its base damage but on armor and health so it turns the shittiest guns into a normal weapon that’s effective

Steffan Descat

Steffan Descat . 4 months ago

Son these where the time a skull pierces where epic not legendary

raekwon dyer

raekwon dyer . 4 months ago

When’s the update coming ps loved the vid

Wormica757 Smith

Wormica757 Smith . 4 months ago

Where do you get attach menus in arena


Thegaminggoat . 4 months ago

What about alternator


DJ . 4 months ago

You better update this video, (cough cough hammerpoint and disrupter rounds)

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