Published on 5 months ago


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Astina YTB

Astina YTB . 3 weeks ago

its work ?


WhyHatedum . 4 weeks ago

still wont work

James Dombroski

James Dombroski . 1 month ago

I was looking at every freaken video and still couldn't find out how to fix. I got it fixed though! What i did was go to uninstall a program, Uninstall all geforce and drivers for gpu, then restart computer, reinstall geforce and it worked... Simple and yet took me 3 days.


Marz . 1 month ago

it still brings me back to the untrusted file :(


ShahaZrfati015 . 1 month ago

Thank youuuu the only method that worksssss

Santeee35 cl

Santeee35 cl . 2 months ago

Amigo eres un capoooo🤩🤩🤩

DarkAssassin YT

DarkAssassin YT . 3 months ago

Help me out didn't work


DreamOrTruth . 3 months ago

Didn't work...


AndrewChu . 5 months ago

thanks ;)

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