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How To Do Up-Do Puffs • Hair Flick



Published on 1 month ago

Freddie and Quinta take on Puffs in The Style of Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom”

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Comments :


mica0408 . 3 hours ago

I love these videos. So creative. If I see them in my feed I click on it just to like it.

Cynthia A

Cynthia A . 16 hours ago

This is gold! I cannot get enough of them!💜

restless journey

restless journey . 3 days ago

These little series are so adorable and addicting to watch💗💗💗

Gigi W

Gigi W . 5 days ago

I just stumbled on Hair Flicks. A maz ing. You are some talented ladies. Thank you for this dose of awesomeness. Spot on.

Daugther of the Lord

Daugther of the Lord . 7 days ago

Could y'all do a hair tutorial like the movie Napoleon Dynamite?

Emma Olibrice

Emma Olibrice . 7 days ago

Quinta & Freddy are goddess 💕❤️😍. Black Entertainment loves you

can i kickit

can i kickit . 1 week ago

This was amazing...excellent job....loved it..


BunnyFett . 1 week ago

Freddie's hair is just too cute for this world.

Shaye Eller

Shaye Eller . 1 week ago

So adorable. And instantly recognizable!!

Vonetta Bradford

Vonetta Bradford . 1 week ago

I absolutely love these hair tutorials❤️👏

Mia Porche

Mia Porche . 1 week ago

Cute video!😍❤✌

Heather Peterson

Heather Peterson . 1 week ago

I'm obsessed


T K . 1 week ago


Sharell J

Sharell J . 1 week ago

Why is this so accurate? 😂😂😂

Lovely Days

Lovely Days . 1 week ago

I’m Here for this black girl magic.

D Jo

D Jo . 1 week ago

Love this one!

Coach Esther Chambers

Coach Esther Chambers . 1 week ago

First time seeing a single Up-Do Puff done this way--I'll have to give it a try.

Feran Stennett

Feran Stennett . 1 week ago

so freaking cute

Zaia Gie28

Zaia Gie28 . 1 week ago

This was the wierdest video I have ever watched, but I enjoyed it

Asari Aibangbee

Asari Aibangbee . 1 week ago

loved this video!!! mixed some of my favorite things into this series: natural hair and film making !!!

AndroidWith NoSickTricks

AndroidWith NoSickTricks . 2 weeks ago

love Wes Anderson and this series


solfeggietto . 2 weeks ago

This continues to rule.

Patrice Maxwell

Patrice Maxwell . 2 weeks ago

Y'all are awesome


MIL85SB . 2 weeks ago

So freaking cute!!!

Kiki Lawrence

Kiki Lawrence . 2 weeks ago

Yall too cute!

Rae Ceecee

Rae Ceecee . 2 weeks ago

I love this lol her dance step is everything

Nya Bobien

Nya Bobien . 2 weeks ago

What is moon rise kingdom?

Jessica in the Kitchen

Jessica in the Kitchen . 2 weeks ago

Wow this is my favourite one yet!!


JODEE MORGAN . 2 weeks ago

How did you do the twist please do tell my hair is a mess

Sunkissed Nae

Sunkissed Nae . 2 weeks ago



haileyxin . 2 weeks ago

Everything's perfect just a little more on the color. Wes has this distinct color in his films. Although the feel is here.

Kidedaion Symoti

Kidedaion Symoti . 2 weeks ago

Who the duck calls hairties ponytail holders.


CreatYourOwnSunshine . 2 weeks ago

So cutee!!

Chaunique Martinez

Chaunique Martinez . 2 weeks ago

Love this

Lana Powell

Lana Powell . 2 weeks ago

Was it just me or did you guys also feel like you were watching your ad but the best ad ever😍❤️🦋

Britni W

Britni W . 3 weeks ago

Yesss!!! Someone else who calls them ponytail holders 😭🤗😂

Heather Stock

Heather Stock . 3 weeks ago

I love this series! Keep it coming!

Victoria Factor

Victoria Factor . 3 weeks ago

I love everything about this video


iTube . 3 weeks ago

y’all call hair ties “ponytail holders”???!


LYIA . 3 weeks ago

This video is so cute......love the whole aesthetic of video

Torie Lee Sims

Torie Lee Sims . 3 weeks ago

This is too fuckin lit! Lmao

Chris Professional

Chris Professional . 3 weeks ago

I love these so much!

Who's Hannah?

Who's Hannah? . 3 weeks ago

Yo I smiled so big at the beginning because I knew it was gonna be the director of Moonrise Kingdom.

Life w Mercy

Life w Mercy . 3 weeks ago

I do exactly what Quinta did I don’t tie my puff because then it’s so much smaller and plus my hair won’t stay most of the time so yeah

Khristina Barker

Khristina Barker . 3 weeks ago

E P I C .

Jocean Bennett

Jocean Bennett . 3 weeks ago

Absolute genius.

Ange N.O.

Ange N.O. . 3 weeks ago


L.R. Red

L.R. Red . 3 weeks ago

Didn't Quinta leave buzzfeed pages ago? Why are these just being uploaded now?


acminne . 3 weeks ago

Seriously amazing!

GachaLuv YT

GachaLuv YT . 3 weeks ago

Are they really called ponytailed holdere

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