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Inside the Strange, Psychic World of Indigo Children



Published on 4 years ago

Gavin Haynes has come from England to America to investigate the secret world of Indigo Children, a select group of people who believe they were born with "indigo" auras and possess special and supernatural traits and abilities. Though many of these children have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD by health care professionals, Indigo parents maintain that their children do not have these conditions, but are instead running on a different astral plane unbeknownst to regular people. Critics maintain that these children are not receiving proper mental health care.

On his journey for answers, Gavin has his aura photo taken, undergoes a holistic dentistry examination by a mother/daughter Indigo pair, and attends a concert for Indigo rap duo The Underachievers, who are preaching Indigoism as a way of life.

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Comments :

Jared Honus Ankrom

Jared Honus Ankrom . 8 hours ago

Dude these people are absolute wackos with no sound relation to society due to their poor social, organizational, and planning skills. The drugs some (probably unconsciously) choose to do are just the cherry on top of mental instability and their self-medicating attempt to fix their unbalanced brains. I used to be a "rainbow child" and was also doing lsd and became homeless. Now I take medication for my medically diagnosed Bipolar Type 1 and I'm crushing life...REAL life. Peace.

Philip McFarlane

Philip McFarlane . 22 hours ago

is it "indigo" to self identify as indigo? seems counterintuitive if an aspect of the movement is acting as an affront to labels and unwarranted diagnoses

Morty C137

Morty C137 . 1 day ago

your different. take these pills to be like us.


HIRU ARTHOTHRA . 1 day ago

Chosens by who?

Solomon Sprinsock

Solomon Sprinsock . 2 days ago

But hey it's HBO so..........

Solomon Sprinsock

Solomon Sprinsock . 2 days ago

Be your own self, sounds like a good idea to me.....

JJ 05231980_13:34

JJ 05231980_13:34 . 2 days ago

Thank you for sharing. Much 💚 love to you!!!


Big DRAGON . 2 days ago

Jesus is the answer not this new age satanic believe look up testimony s of all this stuff scary Many of this stuff makes u more depressed never happy

Ariana Malik

Ariana Malik . 2 days ago

I think the host is humourous but I don't like that he's making fun of the beliefs of others. Going against the grain and rejecting pharmaceuticals should be rejoiced not poked fun at. Everyone is free to take their own path and if embracing the idea of Indigo children helps people perceiver then more power to them!

Panda Monium

Panda Monium . 2 days ago

Lmao the tuning fork lady was in such denial her daughter definitely has a mental issue

A Person

A Person . 2 days ago

Lol dude just shitting on his mom and sister in front of the camera lol

Charelle Sno

Charelle Sno . 3 days ago

So I don't have ADD? LOL I'm just a starseed HOW SPECIAL, BLESS MY HEART 😂💕🙏

Matt Engle

Matt Engle . 3 days ago

Notice mother and daughter blink at almost the same

Zach Baker

Zach Baker . 3 days ago

Mom was about to clock Azure hahaha

Really Though

Really Though . 3 days ago

It’s not being psychic it’s a gift from God Almighty. More proof we are in end times bc in ends times; And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy... (acts 2:17) Jesus is coming y’all. But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only (Matthew 24:36). Accept Jesus y’all, repent (turn from sins) and accept our Heavenly Father God Almighty as your one true God. God bless


F U . 3 days ago

i hate people who believe in anything supernatural. grow up and go get laid you freaks!

Ric Mariscal

Ric Mariscal . 4 days ago

Lady: We use sugared ice tea Guy: What's that? Lady: um, ice tea, that has sugar... Lol

Amir Ali

Amir Ali . 4 days ago

Did u see on 18.00 when the brothers about to diss his sister the mum puts her arm back and taps her son....quickly pulls her hand back and starts nodding her head when he's reading her script... lol..


Eric-the-Cleric . 4 days ago

Confirmation bias done by schizoid, crystal wielding hippies. Also that lady looks like she's gonna murder her son for having a different opinion lmaoooo #tribalism


Purpleoceangnome . 4 days ago

Haven't some of these indigo children grown up yet? How about showing us some of this mother children as grown ups.

frank xaidam

frank xaidam . 4 days ago

Can't praise this video enuf! Especially the last third of it. (Everyone is the One, so.....)

shayna nycole

shayna nycole . 4 days ago

Sweet tea calms indigo children down 🤦‍♀️😂 sounds legit.

Circ Omnia

Circ Omnia . 5 days ago

They should be called the brown children, because I have not seen this much bullshit, since the last time I saw a farmer empty a manure tank. Example of what I mean, this is a translation of what this mother believes: 7:46 "They wanted to inform me that my child had a learning disability, but that is impossible, because I am very special, so my child must be ever so special. So any institution that does not recognize just exactly how special she is, is wrong, because feelings." It's the modern day immature adult idiot's equivalent of a toddler putting his fingers in his ears, going nanananana. You no tell me my child special like me, you idiot, and I no listen anymore. Sad but true.

Hunks Appreciated - The OG

Hunks Appreciated - The OG . 5 days ago

I'm an Indigo and trust me most of us are not narcissists nor children of the corn. This is crazy.

Travis Johnson

Travis Johnson . 5 days ago

Dude that’s PJ Ladd


ninjaa22 . 5 days ago

what if they really are alien hybrids?? its fun to think about


ninjaa22 . 5 days ago


tech sup

tech sup . 6 days ago

Comments: Sociopath, narcissist, bad parenting, drug use..these are the words of people who will never see TRUE reality likely. Beceause It would be like trying to explain trees to a fish. They only see a glimpse of a tree and then they feel they are an expert and pharm treatment??


N A . 6 days ago

When I got into spirituality I felt like an outsider cus I wasnt any indigo, crystal child, rainbow child, starseed, and etc. Everyone I was in contact with in spirituality claimed these sort of things or something that made them special or chosen. Made me feel like I had no place.

Bella Noui

Bella Noui . 6 days ago

He said jail n I happen to be wearin a stripped shirt lol.

Maxim Chahal

Maxim Chahal . 6 days ago

most of these people aren't even spiritual

Lillie Jones

Lillie Jones . 6 days ago

I remember my mom was crazy and babbled on about all sorts of weird stuff, and she was deadset in convincing us that we were indigo children, or something special. I know it was bs but I kinda miss feeling like a part of something bigger

Prince Tony

Prince Tony . 7 days ago

18:58 is key to this whole video


xXPixieTheStrangeXx . 7 days ago

20:37 ✔


DIANA ROSS . 1 week ago

I am one

christian gaido

christian gaido . 1 week ago

Sounds like she needs some friends and is making this up

Jessie Bellew

Jessie Bellew . 1 week ago

I had to complete my senior year at an alternative school with unconventional dynamics that allowed us more freedom and control of our education. Of which I excelled and graduated with a decent gps. But I can not learn the same way other can. I have to learn it myself. I can't just listen, and follow directions and sit quietly. I have to map it myself and ask questions ar will and seek out the answer myself. Or I won't retain the information. I even had a couple teachers who reaaly thought I was a little off while attending general public school. However my IQ tests at 141. Score of 85 on my asvab test. Growing up is difficult for lightworkers. We learn and act differently.

Jessie Bellew

Jessie Bellew . 1 week ago

Ha. Jokes on this guy. Adderall makes it easier to channel. Lol. It's amusing to see the way people spend their entire lives trying to debunk something just because they can't fathom what it's like. We all get diagnosed adhd because we naturally vibrate faster. And what happens 9x out of 10? We end up abusing the adderall. And still do weird shit 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤣😬

un ado dépressif

un ado dépressif . 1 week ago

everybody s indigo then, even my grandmother


Torhu . 1 week ago

1# This Is for/to us , From us/me. No se Preocupen , El AMOR es lo que mantiene a todo unido En Momento Presente , un (caos Ordenado) asi se resuelve la (Dualidad bueno y malo ) . Si Investigan a fondo , fuera y dentro de si mismos llegaran a todo tipo de conclusiones buenas y malas y dependera de Uds mismos si se quedan en lo malo y se vuelve real .. pero solo para Ustedes , o siguen avanzando y descubren que el Todo * Esta Controlado por el AMOR * La Naturaleza demuestra esto y Solo Tenemos control Sobre Nosotros Mismos y si Nos mejoramos pondremos el Ejemplo , el otro tambien mejorara y luego otro y otro y otro hasta Lograrlo en todo el mundo . I believe People understand the Fundamentals of Life, Truth, Freedom , Love, Magic, Depth, things that are Worth it ... yet looks like we haven't manage the way for the Rest of the world to Feel this, to understand this, seems the are still holding pain past , judments rules beliefs , Imagine all your diferent loved ones through your life gathered enjoying this feeling , living this Freedom and , understanding it with infinite more Avaible , This is so Beautiful and has such a Depth Truth and Feeling, but i think is Still nostalgic and Sad , we cannot Share it , Our many Friends, Our partners , Our society , once, the Song Ends you have to come back to this so called "reality" . Nothing but Fear to Love, rules , estructures , Ideas , Ignorance , while outside your mind , everything is actually free , everything is actually posible, Everything is actually an instant of consciousness in the Infinite. This Place Called Earth could be a true Paradise . If we can only , all be aloud to Freely thrive and know are own bodies , our own feelings our own capabilities , our own thoughts and how far they go , our own heart and his million of layers , Magic and Infinite power with no imposibles and no limitations , i think the people here feels and understands this, tell me if am wrong . Nobody should ever be alone in the world while having Paradise in our hands or in these case in our ears and mind and not in our reality, We will realise that despite being diferent we are One , One with god , one with all things , we are a perfect dream on Control. Despierta * La Elite Autoproclamada Gobernante , Esta en la Dualidad y cae en el Juego de , Problema o Solucion , Tesis - Antitesis , Bueno o Malo , nos Hipnotiza , Lava el cerebro y nos Mete en Ella Sin darnos Cuenta y nunca mejora nada realmente solo Peleamos y nos odiamos Entre nosotros una y otra ves. Parece incluso que los grandes Eventos estan ya preparados, ya ensayados, Algo obvio que todos Nosotros vemos venir, Ellos no lo ven y Pareciera que en realidad tienen todo Controlado y Agendado , Pero No .... Solo son Personas Perdidas Como Tu y como Yo , Descubriendose como Humanos y al Mismo Tiempo tratando de Controlar Todo con Falso Poder ; Creando sus propios Problemas / Ecenarios . En ves de gobernarse a ellos mismos. Despierta . Hagamonos 100% responsables de nos mismos y salgamos de este , Juego / Dualidad / Estructura mental sistema . Yo Desperte , No sufro por dinero , ni Apariencias , ni Calificaciones , ni Religion ( Dualidad ) ni moda , ni nada. Desperte y Se burlaron , me callaron , encerraron y tacharon de loco Todos ... pero Ellos nunca se daran cuenta que la Vida , es un Examen Personal . Lamento muchisimo que haya Sufrimiento , Yo eh perdido tambien . Pero puedes aprender Esto y en verdad Hacer y Ser El Cambio. Dios nos dio La Vida , Libre y Con Amor, pero , Las personas con/en poder Los Masones o Illuminati o la ONU o quien sea , aunque muy inteligentes an caido en su propia trampa , mente , y confucion . Sus Agendas al Mundo , Sean de Immigrantes, Guerras ,Falsas Banderas , Crisis , o lo que sea, en todos lados siempre la misma Premisa y Drama, de la famosa ( Dualidad ) Engañando , Imponiendo etc. ( problema, Tesis ) --- ( , solucion Antitesis ) . Estas en una Sistema Impuesto , Democratico , socialista , Mason o illuminati o lo que sea no importa

Under Doggg

Under Doggg . 1 week ago

Narcissist who don't have empathy believe empaths are the narcissist. Or is this part of your narcissistic manipulation?? Stop demonizing God's people.

Papa Filth

Papa Filth . 1 week ago

22:50 We are all different and there are people that are more special than others. Have you ever met a genius? That person is better than you and very special. Pretending like we’re all the same is a joke.

Papa Filth

Papa Filth . 1 week ago

If you beleive we are being visited by aliens then you have to believe the abduction phenomena. And people who are being abducted all over the world are telling us that they are doing genetic experiments on us which might explain some of these kids. In my opinion Remote Viewing is real and might also explain these children. Of course most of them are lying or overly proud mothers.

nesh Rich

nesh Rich . 1 week ago

Empaths are real psychics are real etc. etc. but everyone is not an indigo or empath that’s all I see online everyone claiming it because it’s popular AND ALL EMPATHS AND INDIGO ARENT SUPER NICE so when I see spiritualists speaking softly all the time I believe they’re fake as fuck like anger is a emotion too u don’t get angry? Spirituality doesn’t mean be super nice and there are also STAR, CRYSTAL RAINBOW SHADOW AND INDIGO not just indigo I want to hear someone claim the others that are less popular


Ladymoonflower69 . 1 week ago

I do not believe in giving any child any of that medication or children are born and they have special souls they are not to be clammed up and shut down. The doctors have a lot to learn


Natasha . 1 week ago

I wonder how many people Edward tells are individually?

JK 13

JK 13 . 1 week ago

Today I will be mostly identifying as INDIGO! Was trans for a bit but I heard this makes you cooler 🏄‍♂️

josh of the light

josh of the light . 1 week ago

It's called sweet tea ya yankee...


Paul . 1 week ago

Anderson cooper CIA op live undercover used to further the government and anti Christ ruthless agenda !!!!!

Scarieo Mafias

Scarieo Mafias . 1 week ago

Crystal father over here🤗

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