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Tigger | The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers | Disney Sing-Along



Published on 5 years ago

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The wonderful thing about Tiggers? Their musical abilities. Sing along with this Tigger classic!

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Comments :

Oisín Mac Cumhaill

Oisín Mac Cumhaill . 2 days ago

I’m surprised this comment section isn’t censored. Good show, old bean.


U.w33b . 3 weeks ago

"I'm the only one." **Disney Stores**

Trinity Tirado

Trinity Tirado . 1 month ago

Aww I love tigger so much

James Currie

James Currie . 3 months ago

It's funny to keep on replaying at 0:03 to 0:06 someone should make a meme out of it.

The Sleeper

The Sleeper . 5 months ago

Just stumbled upon this and this was both a welcome throwback and a terrifyingly vivid flashback to being a completely different person.... dear lord.

The trendy Gamer543

The trendy Gamer543 . 5 months ago

Tigger the one friend that is so energetic

my pets are cool

my pets are cool . 5 months ago

Tigger is too cute oof

Trish Dundas

Trish Dundas . 5 months ago

Mum cried when she read me about Tigger




SCP- 479

SCP- 479 . 5 months ago

Everyone: awww I loved this movie! Me: I hate this song cuz it's Basically him saying "I'M THE LAST OF MY SPECIES!" cuz he is a TIGGER not a tiger

Nicholas Bateman

Nicholas Bateman . 6 months ago

Tom Hanks Tigger

John Manning

John Manning . 7 months ago

I’d Still Totally Would’ve Like To See The Equistria Girls Enjoy Guest Starring On The Tigger Movie For The Thrill Of Constantly Hanging Out With Tigger


Rocskatu . 7 months ago

This song is anyone on the internet trying to make an argument

Lucky Lale

Lucky Lale . 7 months ago

I just realised that he has lisp..AWWWW

Ryan Watterson

Ryan Watterson . 8 months ago

Katie it’s your husband Skyler needs he’s mommy your not crazy your just in love with me.

Sashi Su

Sashi Su . 8 months ago

Eminem who?

Mervyn Burnett

Mervyn Burnett . 8 months ago

When i look into how Tigger is the only Tigger in existence, its kinds sad, but tiggers find about it all. and i love it

John Doe

John Doe . 8 months ago

Ah, the hymn of the special Snowflake generation.


ER RAJY . 9 months ago

did he just say the t word 😳

Sun Ninja

Sun Ninja . 10 months ago

But that's funny

Sun Ninja

Sun Ninja . 10 months ago



ihazcupcake . 10 months ago

I love when in the movie Christopher Robin, when Christopher was explaining tigger to his wife, he used this song

Matthew Lucas

Matthew Lucas . 10 months ago

So sad that Disney never shows these other DVD’s ok bluray.I cant find them

Eesha Kannan

Eesha Kannan . 10 months ago

Try listening to it with speed at 2, it sounds like gibberish!

Lilly J

Lilly J . 10 months ago

omg tigger is my favorite character of all time! lol


LucasIsHere . 10 months ago

T = N

אביחי להב

אביחי להב . 11 months ago

*Eminem left the chat*


CryoWolf33 . 12 months ago

Tigger, aka, the only good character in all of Winnie the Pooh


bruhDude . 1 year ago

If you can sing this song at normal speed without stuttering, you truly are a god.


Netpobny . 1 year ago

Optimistic in the face of extinction.

Retro 80's

Retro 80's . 1 year ago

It rhymes with tigger

Kai Keebler

Kai Keebler . 1 year ago

0:03 the wonderful thing about tiggers is tiggers are wonderful things their tops are made out of rubber. their bottoms are made out of springs. they're trouncy flouncy bouncy pouncy fun fun fun fun fun! but the most wonderful thing about tiggers is im the only one i only knew the first part

Fátima Reyes

Fátima Reyes . 1 year ago

Thanks to this, when I went to see Christopher Robin I was able to sing-along with Tiger when he sang the song. Never been more proud of my Disney knowledge.

Philip Maclean

Philip Maclean . 1 year ago



a1r9a9shi99 . 1 year ago

Hehehe I love Tigger’s energetic, bubbly and happy character! I think some days I could use a little bit of encouragement from this amazing (but sometimes annoying lol) Tigger <3

Antonio Díaz

Antonio Díaz . 1 year ago

He sang it in Christopher Robin 😉

Natalie Butcher

Natalie Butcher . 1 year ago

Tiger is not saposed to be first

Andres TM

Andres TM . 2 years ago

Tigger better sing this song in Christopher Robin


Fear MR BEAN . 2 years ago

my moms favirote diney chartcer

David Lin

David Lin . 2 years ago

Tigger is cute 😻


FitzyCify . 2 years ago

I saw Jim Cummings at a convention in London recently. He was on a lounge chat alongside Jess Harnell and James Arnold Taylor. At one point when discussing their most well-known voices, he broke out into this song, and the whole audience started clapping and singing along. It was a wonderful little moment :)

Fleur Vorstman

Fleur Vorstman . 2 years ago

omg, I'm now like, 21, BUT I LOVE IT! ITS SO CUTEEEE!!! Who else thinks this?

Victor Heredia

Victor Heredia . 2 years ago

Micky mouse Q


JORDAN KELLY . 2 years ago

i think Tigger is funny they love to leap in your laps lol

The LEGO & The Crayola Show

The LEGO & The Crayola Show . 2 years ago

This is Version 4

Naia Haygood

Naia Haygood . 2 years ago

I used to looooveeeeee this movie ;_)

Tara Dolen

Tara Dolen . 2 years ago

I love Tigger

Alexis Alonso

Alexis Alonso . 2 years ago

It makes me so happy that they are acknowledging The Tigger Movie

Socially Awkward

Socially Awkward . 2 years ago

Whinnie the Pooh movies are the BEST MOVIES EVER!

Pedro Correa

Pedro Correa . 2 years ago

WHY CAN'T I SING with him...so fast

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