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100 Apex Legends Tips And Tricks - LEARN EVERYTHING!



Published on 11 months ago

100 tips and tricks for Apex Legends, a guide to get you going. It's time to dig into it, if I missed anything - leave a comment and I'll heart it for others to see.
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Fugglet . 11 months ago

*I was wrong about a couple. Lifeline's drops can kill you (world drops can't.) And Jumpmaster is always last pick unless they don't pick a character.* Remember to leave a comment with any tips you might have that I missed, and I'll heart it. *Subscribe* for more :D 1/2 *0:22** | Solid Boxes* - Loot boxes can be kicked around by sliding or walking into them, and become solid after a short duration of time. *0:43** | Chill On A Mountain* - Using the balloons, you can jump on top of mountains where you’re not ‘supposed’ to be, and camp it out for 30 seconds before having to drop down. *0:58** | Punching Shields* - Knockdown shields do not protect you from getting punched in the face. *1:04** | Rangefinder* - Every range scope has a built in rangefinder, to shoot across distance. *1:21** | Loot Robot* - There’s loot robots around the map, they shine purple and make little robot noises. Destroying them gives you a small pile of gear. ****1:31** | Airdrops Can’t Kill You* - Standing under an airdrop will not kill you, and you do not take damage from it, it simply pushes you to the side. *1:39** | Fall Outside Map* - If you are clumsy, and fall outside the map, you will die and your crate will be teleported back up for you teammates to grab your banner off of. *1:46** | Switch’A’Zip* - Sliding on ziplines, you can jump up, do a 180 and grapple back without touching the ground. *1:55** | Airdrop* - Non player called airdrops are lit up on the map with blue circles, they stay there until the drop lands. *2:07** | Extended Heavy Mag* - The extended mags come in 3 different qualities, white blue and purple. Think of them like a menu, small, medium and large. The bigger the more ammo it carries. *2:25** | Airdrop Gun Ammo* - Use it wisely, you do not get any extra ammo for the airdrop guns. It stays with the weapon, even the reserve ammo. *2:35** | Golden Weapon* - Golden weapons come fully decked out, optics or anything cannot be swapped on these. They do not deal extra damage. *2:55** | Airdrop Beacons* - Airdrops that have not been looted, will continue to have a blue beam heading to the skies. *3:02** | Walkthrough Teammates* You can walkthrough teammates, which is super useful if they’re blocking a path. *3:11** | Fresh Armor From Kills* - Looting body shields off of dead enemies comes fully charged - even after you slaughtered them. *3:20** | Blast Entry* - Explosions trigger doors. *3:25** | Portal Cancels Abilities* - Starting to use an ability before entering Wraith’s portal will cancel it once you enter it if not fully used before going in. *3:32** | Know Your Drops* - Player called in drops are light blue, land super fast and are not shown on your map. While world spawned drops are red and shown on your map. *3:46** | Armor Done* - When you deplete an enemy’s armor, it has a higher pitched ‘ding’ sound to it. *3:52** | Hit Color* Hit colors are depending on the enemy’s body shield. none/white/blue/purple/yellow. You can use this to get the feeling of how hard the fight is going to be. *4:04** | No Fall Damage* - There is not fall damage in this game, unless you jump off the map. *4:15** | Melee Is Nasty* - Do not underestimate it, it hurts - and it’s fun to punch players out. *4:37** | Teammate In Combat* - By looking bottom left, you can see whenever your teammates are shooting. There’s a little image popping up every time. *4:45** | Respawning* - You can respawn by a teammate picking up your banner, and heading to a beacon. You can get ressed until there’s no more respawn beacons available. *4:58** | Healbot Isn’t Infinite* - The more players using it at the same time, the faster it gets drained. Example; if 3 players are all low HP, You will not get full hp. *5:09** | Loot Tier Zone* - While entering a zone, you can see the loot tier top left on your UI. *5:14** | See Teammates Gear* - Opening your inventory, looking bottom left you can check to see your teammates’ gear. *5:23** | Mobility Is Key* - This game is very fast phased, in order to become a good players, you’re going to become a flying monkey jumping over obstacles, moving super fast to outplay your opponents. *5:41** | Knockdown Shield* - Use it to confuse your enemies, you can bait a little by using it and removing it again, opening for your teammates to shoot the greedy bastard in the back. *5:53** | Respawn Beacons* - They can only be used once each! This means if another team uses one of them, your team cannot use that same on. *6:08** | Don’t Fear The Bombs* Bangalore’s bombs are not that dangerous, you can even hide in the explosion field without taking damage. Use the little rocket indicators popping up to know where it won’t hurt you too bad. *6:16** | Request Ammo* - You can request ammo by opening your inventory, and on the weapon use middle mouse click. *6:24** | Backpacks* - White gives you 2 more slots, blue 4 and purple/yellow 6 slots. *6:36** | Attach To Zip* - You can slide off of edges and attach to a zipline even in the middle of it. *6:42** | Don’t Be Scared To Ress* - Ress timers are super short, so don’t be scared to get your teammate even in the middle of a fight if they’re somewhat safe. *6:55** | Push The Bot* - You can push Lifeline’s bot around by walking into it. *7:02** | Zipline Spots* - With Pathfinder, you can climb places where you’re not really supposed to be. Best spot I could find, shown in the video. *7:20** | Team Combo* - Bangalore drops smoke, Bloodhound can use his ability to see through it. Same goes for the Gas. Team combos are a thing. *7:43** | Armor Doesn’t Break* - No matter how many times it gets depleted, it will never break, you’ll always be able to fill it back up. *7:54** | Smoking Kills* - Bangalore’s smokes deal 10 damage when hitting an enemy, quite often shooting them randomly in the air, you might be lucky and hit an opponent. *8:12** | Wiggle Looting* - Get comfortable with wiggleling about when looting, it’ll make it a loss less likely for you to get a snipdip headshot. *8:25** | Selecting Legend* - Hovering over a legend will indicate to your soon to be champion team, of which champion you prefer to play. *8:57** | Champion Squad* - The champion squad is selected by the top ranked player from his/hers previous game. *9:13** | Jumpmaster* - The jumpmaster decides where you go, you can split away from the pact by holding LCTRL (default). *9:24** | Bullet Drop* - There’s bullet drop in this game. *9:39** | Finish In Style* - Walking up to a downed enemy, pressing ‘E’ will allow you to finish off your opponent in style. *9:56** | Ziplines* - There’s awesome ziplines around the map you can attach to and slide around. *10:05** | Dropping Hot* - If you like it hot, you can choose to go to the blue marked zone with a golden weapon or the supply ship. This seems to be where a lot of action is in the early game.

Alessio Diodati

Alessio Diodati . 4 weeks ago


ThiagoGamer YT

ThiagoGamer YT . 2 months ago

00:59 It do u only need to put it a little more up

Alessio Diodati

Alessio Diodati . 3 months ago



Y0UNG_emro . 3 months ago

er du dansker?

muhammad azmi

muhammad azmi . 3 months ago

Why cant i play in that map

David Torazzi

David Torazzi . 3 months ago

7:07 actually you can go there without pathfinder if you jump near to the end of that zipline that is always there. Also there are some nice hide spots on that thing.

Cargentius G

Cargentius G . 3 months ago

It's pretty hard but I can confirm it's possible to climb to the top of the cage over thunderdome without needing pathfinder

Stubbe Adam

Stubbe Adam . 3 months ago

Are u danish

DumbBitch -.-

DumbBitch -.- . 4 months ago

I heard somewhere that respawn beacons can be used once a circle, not once a game.

Bostonz Isaiah

Bostonz Isaiah . 4 months ago

If u stay still in the void you become invisible so run i a circle for 1 second then stay still and they will be confuse and you will blend in with the air and be invisible


DaddyBolt . 4 months ago

Trajectory my dude

Nikita Sia

Nikita Sia . 5 months ago

Can someone explain this tip to me? Does it mean it tells me where to aim exactly (to a running/distant target) because of the distance we have? Lol if i make any sense at all. TQ!~ 1:04 | Rangefinder - Every range scope has a built in rangefinder, to shoot across distance.

Rose Roselt

Rose Roselt . 5 months ago

that's what she said https://youtu.be/W-rFxFI_8SU?t=686

Joshua Garcia

Joshua Garcia . 5 months ago

Another tip The player who is choosing 3rd is the jump master


Xcriyber_dk . 5 months ago

15:00 taler han dansk?

Alphaxe YT

Alphaxe YT . 5 months ago

Most of them aren't even tips it's mostly things everyone knows


BumBlePee . 5 months ago

Niiiiicccccceeee vid

Not A Raider

Not A Raider . 5 months ago


Holz Michel

Holz Michel . 5 months ago

You can attach Gibraltars shield to the lifeline drone and move both around


Myth1cal0ne . 5 months ago


Revival Yeet

Revival Yeet . 5 months ago

I wish Fugglet was my teacher

Bud giE

Bud giE . 5 months ago

1 tip the ballon helps you fly shut the fuck up ur talking about a fucking mechanic in the game everyone knows you dumb fuck

jadeslater 7

jadeslater 7 . 5 months ago

Only ogs remember when skull piercer was purple

Ronald Rump

Ronald Rump . 5 months ago

supply drops do kill you, i learned it the hard wag

Da Yellow1

Da Yellow1 . 6 months ago

Luv this game... so dope

Cyberusik 48

Cyberusik 48 . 6 months ago

If someone else haves teammates banner you still can revive him even if you dont have a banner


Snarp . 6 months ago

The golden shield can be recharged with shield cells and batteries, but it recharges to full if you finish an enemy


ExpiredKelpNoodles . 6 months ago

6:00 lmao the one on the top looks like a deformed penis


Dorei . 6 months ago

Most Important Tip *Shoot First*


Demonman42YT . 6 months ago

at my favorite gun devotion is my favorite gun and I carried using it last night!!!


Doggedflower . 6 months ago

Lifeline revives faster than the rest of the legends

Up-AnD-BeLoW truth

Up-AnD-BeLoW truth . 6 months ago

I like u

Up-AnD-BeLoW truth

Up-AnD-BeLoW truth . 6 months ago

Your funny lol

MCB 4410

MCB 4410 . 6 months ago

Why didn’t you put the fact that lv 100 sucks, you can’t get the apex packs anymore


RauKillz . 6 months ago

Pro tip: If you shoot at an enemy, it damages them


aniifakke . 6 months ago

If there is a pathfinder on your team, 99.99% of the time they will not care about survey beacons

Sophie Klifman

Sophie Klifman . 6 months ago

Can someone explain Why in Some of these clips it looks like he can run really fast while being wraith or bloodhound? Cause on my tv it doesnt look so fast?


POLLY-JO PANGELINAN . 6 months ago

Who else thought at the beginning it was 100 tips and tricks for noobs


DunFazez . 6 months ago

Here's two more tips 1. Pathfinder can use his grappling hook on other players 2. When your shield is activated while your down you move slower

Rudinad Lila

Rudinad Lila . 6 months ago

The third person is the jump master unles he doesn't select his legend


PharaohPotato . 6 months ago

0:58 It does now

Bowen Supple

Bowen Supple . 6 months ago

This was very helpful - just downloaded Apex and played it for the first time today so I’m a total noob coming from Fortnite. I have some experience in Overwatch and PUBG, but I am still very new to the game. Thanks!

Morgan Coady

Morgan Coady . 6 months ago

Great video. I’m a fairly new player, and these are really good! I’ve hit a few bangers. Started liking battle royales because if pubg way back then haha.

princeofwhales 123

princeofwhales 123 . 6 months ago

I know this is late but if you shoot the bottom of a gas trap it goes away

Ash Gur

Ash Gur . 6 months ago

Shields do protect you from mele damage u just need to look up when they are punching.


vasc . 6 months ago

Watched till the end


RaccToons . 6 months ago

I wish apex added an update that would let you play with bots

Some Thing

Some Thing . 6 months ago

The Peacekeeper and Eva-8 Auto do not get any reduced spread when scoping while the Mastiff and Mozambique does get reduced spread when aiming.

Frank buurmeister

Frank buurmeister . 6 months ago

14:59 did you talk danish there or did you teammates

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