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Let's Rock-Smash Mouth



Published on 11 years ago

Let's Rock-Smash Mouth

Comments :


Bobby . 2 months ago


Up to my nuts in guts

Up to my nuts in guts . 3 months ago

Man,, forgot how much these guys kicked-ass back in the day. Brilliant track off a great album.

NME gaming

NME gaming . 3 months ago

I never knew they could do THIS!


DASH64 . 2 years ago

If only they didnt sell out amirite? A ska punk album weird its like they were actually in it for the music at one point


FreakingJames . 2 years ago

smash mouth was the first rise agaisnt and here's the proof


Gamingguy746 . 2 years ago

Anyone else get scared at the the first let's rock

KKRdRunner z

KKRdRunner z . 2 years ago

that aint wild fuuuck off

patrick grondines

patrick grondines . 3 years ago

when they said let's rock i thought it said beds rock

Jason James

Jason James . 3 years ago

sound alot like nofx


HipsterGarbageSupreme . 3 years ago

the fuck?

Josh Ballard

Josh Ballard . 3 years ago

Smashmouth was a punk/ska band? Fuck??? really?????

RStaR RaptoR

RStaR RaptoR . 4 years ago

aliens, robots, humanoids, or gods? or are we all paranoid!!!! 0:44


Contrariwise37 . 5 years ago

Pure concentrated so-bad-it's-good 90s


reflectedsin . 6 years ago

Most underrated band ever.  They never sucked.

Erik Balding

Erik Balding . 8 years ago

Their first album was epic! Second one was alright but after that it went all down-hill.


titsbeerbong420 . 8 years ago

Fuck it Let's Rock!


Thomas . 8 years ago

the nostalgia.... oh my god.... oh my god

a. elski

a. elski . 8 years ago

@ljyarpe Smash Mouth is underrated.

George Holmes

George Holmes . 8 years ago

lame music video


AWSOMEPOSSUM16 . 8 years ago

My anthem.


poildepoche . 8 years ago

totally sounds like Sublime

Glenn Gutenberg

Glenn Gutenberg . 8 years ago

@mohawk1020 ya all star being good and this song being the bad.


MrBoegela . 8 years ago

When I feel down, I listen to this song, makes my day bright again


mohawk1020 . 8 years ago

I just saw them yesterday and they actually played this song.. then played All Star so I guess you get the bad with the good


shackwrrr . 8 years ago

Technically it wasn't the first but it was the first main stream one. East bay sessions was the first.

Arete Development

Arete Development . 8 years ago

Wow, They Might Be Giants "Boss of Me" melody sounds almost similar to this song.... FUCK IT, LET'S ROCK!


noideac . 8 years ago

@STSlocal724 right, thanks

Sam Sinister

Sam Sinister . 8 years ago

@noideac *ska-punk.


noideac . 9 years ago

people don't even realize these guys were an awesome ska band before they got huge with like 1 song.


Vaxt . 9 years ago

@FudgeYouVideos ohh justin bieber had already sold out first time he ever sang. He used to be a drummer, which was respectful, now he's shit.

Jordan Murray

Jordan Murray . 9 years ago

@FudgeYouVideos except aaron carter and justin bieber were never great

John Baylor

John Baylor . 9 years ago

Smash Mouth's CD Was Deffinetly Their Best.


coolbro1989 . 10 years ago

Best CD they ever did. FUCK IT LET"S ROCK!


dKv . 10 years ago

@UsernameInapropriate They went Disney.

Christian Armstrong

Christian Armstrong . 10 years ago

awesome song !!!


Eric . 10 years ago

Oh yeah


NateMerchell . 10 years ago

this was their fist CD and easily their best every song is good

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