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tech How

Published on 8 months ago

A short tutorial on how to fix the "Memory Could Not Be Read" crash error message while playing Apex Legends on PC.

Leave a comment if you have any questions.

Apex Legends Tutorials:

"The instruction on 0x3dfe9414 made reference to the memory on 0x4128a3a0. The memory could not be read. Press ok to exit"

Comments :


BehindTheLight . 2 weeks ago


Gustavo Barreto

Gustavo Barreto . 4 weeks ago


Travis Turay

Travis Turay . 1 month ago

Literally had to reset my entire pc from this issue

Oyun Ustası

Oyun Ustası . 2 months ago

I did everything they said but please help me be


Deze_LoL . 4 months ago

u bich

Walker Morningstar

Walker Morningstar . 5 months ago

still nadda


thebitil . 5 months ago

download background desktop??

Arkajit Chakrabarti

Arkajit Chakrabarti . 6 months ago

running windows 8.1. These "tricks" do not work.....


MKS XD . 7 months ago

Memory not written How to fix

Cyberusik 48

Cyberusik 48 . 7 months ago

thank you bro!

Twitch Top Moments

Twitch Top Moments . 7 months ago

i never crashed before until last week i started crashing every 5 minutes it turns out one of my ram sticks stopped working so i only had 4gb ram and thats not enough for apex ram hungry game i got a new one and havent crashed since


LoneBerseker . 7 months ago

These are all temporary fixes, dont bother! The game should not have these issues, the game is clearly far from ready for release.


Croma . 7 months ago

its on my SSD with W7 compatability and runs as admin, still get crashes 3/4 games. tho I have apex and Origin Games on 2 differnet harddrives, does that really matter?

Jose Castillo

Jose Castillo . 8 months ago

They need to patch this shit quick


slayerarg . 8 months ago

Hello, for those who couldnt fix this, i had windows 7 and kept crashing. I updated to windows 10 and the problem is now solved. I also wanted to ask to the channel owner how to put a moving background, suscribed, waitinf for a video for it !! :>

Ashley Newman

Ashley Newman . 8 months ago

Cant say if this will work, but congrats on being just a straight up bit of help and not some scam or nonsense. You get my respect


Toyoraura . 8 months ago

I dont understand what you say half of the time...

Jim123bcb HD

Jim123bcb HD . 8 months ago

thanks, I hope it worked

muhammad aashir

muhammad aashir . 8 months ago


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