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Best AC MILAN squad ever - Season 2004/2005



Published on 6 years ago


Hey guys.

So this is my favourite AC Milan squad ever. It's the squad from 2004/2005. To me, this was the time when ACM was on top, and sure there were so many great players but still I choose this one becouse I enjoyed watching these guys play and they made me love ACM so much.

All information and photos are from worldfootball.net

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Comments :

Thomas GZZ

Thomas GZZ . 1 month ago

This team was incredibly good. But to be honest Sacchi's Milan was on another level

عبد العزيز احمد

عبد العزيز احمد . 2 months ago

Mid was great

Salvatore Caschera

Salvatore Caschera . 3 months ago

Costacurta was stronger than Stam. We lost serie A 2005 because Stam replaced Costacurta in many matches. This is my opinion. The same for the final UCL.


Lifeskeyishappiness . 6 months ago

Dida was the weak link, Liverpool beat them


enesyildizmusic . 7 months ago


Hamdaan Khan

Hamdaan Khan . 10 months ago

When you get finally dribble past Maldini but then you realize you have to get past stam, nesta and then duda 😂😂😂 💀. Even modern attackers would find it hard to score against these teams.


A Y . 10 months ago

Whatta team I am not forcing it if u ignore this fine its for people who want to accept and there are people who have accepted this before. So please show respect. But sadly if u dont believe the lake of fire will occur for u😢 May God bless. Believe in the Gospel please God is Coming soon please watch my Gospel vids for more info He loves U May God bless Have A Great day everyone Believe in the Gospel please that Christ God the Son (Eternal Son),perfect. He is not God the Holy spirit or God the Father but God the Son(Only begotten Son of God and born of a virgin also). And that He died for our sins and shed his blood for our remission of sins (as all have fallen and sinners so we need salvation),Then was buried and three days later rose again By The Father through the Spirit so that all who believe in Him or believe Jesus saved them through This action may be saved by Grace through Faith not of works.☺ Forever👍 May God bless.

Motivator Ibadah

Motivator Ibadah . 11 months ago

seva, kaka, ronaldinho, pirlo, rui costa, sedrof, cafu, maldini, nesta, ambrosini, dida

-pljfb1907 -

-pljfb1907 - . 11 months ago


Garry Johnston

Garry Johnston . 1 year ago

This is one of the best teams Milan has had but not the best imo, always counted dida as the Brazilian David James as he could be brilliant one minute and shocking the next,lol, forza milano.

Widhi Hayuntoro

Widhi Hayuntoro . 1 year ago

Kangen AC. MILAN ini 🙂

khawlhring Joseph

khawlhring Joseph . 2 years ago

Perfect team


CYBER CRASH . 2 years ago

1990-2008 Milan Is The Best...


OKON . 2 years ago

SHEVCHENKO ❤️🖤❤️🖤🇺🇦 #7

Balázs Malik

Balázs Malik . 2 years ago

wow what a team!!

Capi rex

Capi rex . 2 years ago

F.Inzaghi in 2004/05 ? 😂😂 You are serious ? 😂😂 Dida Cafù Nesta Stam P.Maldini(c) Ambrosini Pirlo Seedorf Kakà Shevchenko Crespo

John Poot

John Poot . 2 years ago

Damn those nineties kids, generation x boys and girls, never know their own clubhistory. Change the title to the best AC Milan ever according to Kimi. Ifnot, be ashamed. The best AC Milan Squad EVER must and shall be the 1988 till 1994 team, with the legends Baresi, Maldini, Gullit, Rijkaard and van Basten. They are considered to be the best team with Real Madrid fifties team, The 70 Brazilian World CupTeam, the 74 Holland World cup squad, and the seventies Ajax Amsterdam team! Your team is good, but never been mentioned in the same breath as those teams....

Ina Oancea

Ina Oancea . 2 years ago

Put Gatusso instead of cafu and then move Crespo as a midfilder

Razor Hall

Razor Hall . 2 years ago

That midfeld 😍

Rizky Agustian

Rizky Agustian . 2 years ago

Milan 2008/09.. Beckham, Ronaldinho, Kaka, Pirlo, Seedorf, Inzaghi, Pato, Maldini, Nesta

Lilian 24

Lilian 24 . 2 years ago

Forza Milan!!!


jimipurple123 . 3 years ago

Good team. The best Milan team was the gullit one.


luizisloose . 3 years ago

could have found this on wiki

Lorenzo Plini

Lorenzo Plini . 3 years ago


xx chris 2.0

xx chris 2.0 . 3 years ago

Iscritto, ricambi?

valentin ciceo

valentin ciceo . 3 years ago

best team 2000-2017 present

San Marinolu

San Marinolu . 3 years ago

Şu günleri görüp de özlemeyen var mı ulan?

cultspaghetti Trashmovie

cultspaghetti Trashmovie . 3 years ago

No fuckin way was this the best Milan side ever, what a joke, try 89-94 Gullit, Van Basten, Rijkaard, Baresi, Maldini, Donadoni, Papin, Savicevic, Boban, now this was a fuckin team, nearly 2 seasons unbeaten 3 European cups this team here couldn't lace there boots

Biodun Omooba

Biodun Omooba . 3 years ago

I will Forever Loyal be with my Team Mighty Milan Rossoneri

Biodun Omooba

Biodun Omooba . 3 years ago

I will Forever Loyal be with my Team Mighty Milan Rossoneri


HamzaOnPs . 3 years ago

I think andre shivchenco was the best in the squad after maldini

Tho Lav

Tho Lav . 3 years ago

Lol the 89/90 squad was the best team of all time

Jorge F.C.

Jorge F.C. . 3 years ago

Forza Milan, but where are Baressi, Rijkaard, Gullit, Van Basten, Costacurta? they won twice UCL..nobody does yet (2017)

Cristiano Ronaldo G.O.A.T

Cristiano Ronaldo G.O.A.T . 4 years ago

this team was a match made in heaven.. no other team in history was as good as these guys

Felipe Pulsos

Felipe Pulsos . 4 years ago

fabulous formation I ever saw


RDJF . 4 years ago

Where is Hernan Crespo?

fayy_san 07

fayy_san 07 . 4 years ago

what a side

usman effendi

usman effendi . 4 years ago

Why don't you add the subs and manager

Nabil le kabyle

Nabil le kabyle . 5 years ago

the barcelone of the 2000s

Thierry Koffi

Thierry Koffi . 5 years ago

lol, you must be too young to have known the Milan "Invincible" era 1988 - 1993. Van Basten and Baresi are the best players ever at AC Milan, they make you feel and know that this is the 2nd best club in the world after Real Madrid. Of course your video exposes the best team of the 2000s and certainly the latest till now. Now Milan is a boring club, just because football quality has dropped because of money. Feed football with plenty (not just Messi or Ronaldo) of good players again and Milan is back

Kate Francesca

Kate Francesca . 5 years ago


The Undisputed

The Undisputed . 5 years ago

With Rui Costa, Ambrosini, Gilardino, Crespo, and Serginho on the bench. What a team.

Miguel Schmucke

Miguel Schmucke . 5 years ago

They also had a player called Rui Costa that was good, maybe not this year but at some point I think before Kaka they had him. Also if not mistaken they had Rivaldo

Balazs Eszes

Balazs Eszes . 5 years ago

he was not Jakob Stam , he was Jaap Stam. Good vid otherwise mate :) (Y)

david harsevoort

david harsevoort . 5 years ago



Cake7Eater . 6 years ago

when the video start there is a good song !!!can you tell me what is this song,please?

Xamse Abdisamed

Xamse Abdisamed . 6 years ago


Xamse Abdisamed

Xamse Abdisamed . 6 years ago

Marco van basten

Xamse Abdisamed

Xamse Abdisamed . 6 years ago



Sandxrr . 6 years ago


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