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Apex Legends Best Guns Guide



Published on 10 months ago

Apex Legends Tips & Tricks: https://majapahit.net/watch/3cgNYGwNBY8
Apex Legends best guns is a kind of a hot topic right now. Today's video is about the best weapons in Apex Legends based on the stat charts. I also take into consideration handling and attachments. This guide is designed to help you get more wins by carrying the best gear.
Stat chart credit:

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Comments :


ColdCheetos . 1 month ago

anyone in 2003?

fornite Slayer

fornite Slayer . 3 months ago

I hate devotion


BukANicca . 4 months ago

Carbine melts!

Jan Špiřík

Jan Špiřík . 5 months ago

And where are energy guns?...

Christian Penilla

Christian Penilla . 5 months ago

Wingman is like communism. It's not for everyone


LUCA DIKKEN . 5 months ago

this video is exactly my top 5

Joshua Malbrue

Joshua Malbrue . 6 months ago

Stupid that games make people more money then actual WORK

Keyur Modh

Keyur Modh . 6 months ago

R99 has the highest recoil dude

Benjamin the king Of Asgard

Benjamin the king Of Asgard . 6 months ago

R 99

Brawl CHAMP!!

Brawl CHAMP!! . 6 months ago

When u said the best weapon i guess before u even said the gun its the best gun


ImDaRedBear . 7 months ago

RIP: Spitfire


MiSt . 7 months ago

Drift0r: "The R-99 is the best smg in apex" Me: "Ever heard of the selectfire prowler?"

Larry M

Larry M . 7 months ago

I bought stuff off the store. The game is well worth it. I like the format.

RyzenKurt Ritchie

RyzenKurt Ritchie . 8 months ago

thats why i like light ammos

RyzenKurt Ritchie

RyzenKurt Ritchie . 8 months ago

i just alway passby when i saw a peace keeper, now i will always use it

Zach Werner

Zach Werner . 8 months ago

I was gonna dislike until he put my boy M600 Spitfire at the top

Catalan Don

Catalan Don . 8 months ago

Spitfire holds up to 60 rounds with extendo

Bruno Panzero Schechter

Bruno Panzero Schechter . 8 months ago

I was lucky, got the Spitfire airplane-style skin as one of my first legendaries!

- xGoD iOS -

- xGoD iOS - . 8 months ago

I like all the battle royale games (PUBG PC/Mobile, Fortnite, and Apex Legends.. but i don’t enjoy them too much as you guys.. because the screen is broken (all black from mid) i’m really sad for that xD (i play on PS4) Can anyone help me by subscribing me? I’ll appreciate that! Please whoever sees this comment just DO IT! Thanks! Love you all!

deformed clown

deformed clown . 8 months ago

For the ps4, the r99 seems like it's hopping like a bunny. Or is that just cause I get crap attachments

David Garcia

David Garcia . 8 months ago

No triple take?? I’m hurt

Tablut Elsharion

Tablut Elsharion . 8 months ago

Every time I find a gun... it’s either a single shot or burst... but burst are good... but not the single shot... those single shots I miss all my shots... the burst is good


ujqw . 8 months ago

Everyone apart from me and my team: gets best guns at the start of the game Me and my team: alternators, Mozambique and the rest of the garbage guns at the start of the gamr

Ronny Tejada

Ronny Tejada . 9 months ago

What is DPS?


Kachucho1 . 9 months ago

Where are my Pathfinder mains at?

Romerooo P

Romerooo P . 9 months ago

Any ps4 gamers ??? Name ? Thx I’m playing now

Dalton Leblanc

Dalton Leblanc . 9 months ago

The R-301 is my favorite gun in the game by far . I like the spitfire too

Dalton Leblanc

Dalton Leblanc . 9 months ago

I love the r99 but he said low recoil I find it has bad recoil Every time.i shoot it it shoots up pretty hard

Chanser Yang

Chanser Yang . 9 months ago

I got wingman legendary skin

Subscribe for some random videos

Subscribe for some random videos . 9 months ago

I don't know why people don't mention the Triple Take. That thing can act both as a sniper at long ranges and a shotgun at short ranges. It's a beast and my go-to gun.

Nos16_13 Wanted

Nos16_13 Wanted . 9 months ago

I have figured out that the R-301 with a level 3 extended mag is my favorite gun, that’s all I need is the extended mag for that gun and I’m set! The gun feels good to shoot and just takes enemies Shields down so fast!

Brandyn Lewis

Brandyn Lewis . 9 months ago

Spitfire gang?

Liam Raimundo

Liam Raimundo . 9 months ago

Guys we all know the Mozambique is the best gun

Fortnite Gamer

Fortnite Gamer . 9 months ago

Don’t let anybody call you stupid

Me 420

Me 420 . 9 months ago

Flatline fans? 😂

Noble Society

Noble Society . 9 months ago

Hey bro keep the grind up, it takes time to grow but its worth it 100 percent


FlamingMonkey0 . 9 months ago

triple take is pretty fun

nabil ahmed

nabil ahmed . 9 months ago

If the scout isn't on this...

motion ;

motion ; . 9 months ago

r-301 is the best gun in apex change my mind

Kevin Haaa

Kevin Haaa . 9 months ago

I remember your black ops 2 videos good to see you’re still doing good

Isaac Isxxc

Isaac Isxxc . 9 months ago

ev8 is fricking garbage

Operation Clan

Operation Clan . 9 months ago

Can you double weapon?


Pops . 9 months ago

All I need right now is a quick reload perk then I'll be happy until then 🖕🏼 for not having a quick reload perk.

Ironman9000 Campa

Ironman9000 Campa . 9 months ago

I enjoy the triple take

Poods not poops

Poods not poops . 9 months ago

I really like the Alternator, it’s just soooo good at close range because it’s hip fire is op

Noah Lipian

Noah Lipian . 9 months ago

Where’s the bloodhound squad at!!!!!!

Blue Bowser

Blue Bowser . 9 months ago

In my opinion the spitfire and peacekeeper are the go to guns. Flatline is also a great gun in medium range fights, but you cant shoot long range with that terrible recoil. The flatline in my opinion is just the poor mans spitfire until you can replace it with a spitfire.

Alvar Ljungfjär

Alvar Ljungfjär . 9 months ago

I find spitfire's fire rate making the gun worst than R-99 and Carbine. At the same time I find R-99 accuracy really bad, the spread is too much, which makes Carbine the best weapon in the game imo. Also, is it just me who thinks that iron sights are the best sight for weapons who aren't snipers?


whyamialive03 . 9 months ago

Am I the only one who calls the EVA "Unit 01" GeT iN tHe gOd DaMn SHotGun, ShiNjI!!!

Derby Mods

Derby Mods . 9 months ago

I suck at Apex but I keep playing because my xbox gamertag is Apex Derby (has been for 3-4 years)

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