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Today's video is a little special and it's about the AC Milan legend Arrigo Sacchi. In today's video, I've analyzed the coach that changed the fate of AC Milan and created a team that changed the shape of Italian football. In this video, I've analyzed AC Milan's playing style and their quick vertical passing and pressing.
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Comments :

De Esse

De Esse . 2 days ago

in todays offside rules some of those wouldnt be offsides

Shane Duffy

Shane Duffy . 4 days ago

Seems like klopp admired his tactics aswell

Real Madrid

Real Madrid . 5 days ago

If you really see this year's Bayern played quite similar to this too, with muller always playing high to stay close to attackers and the defenders keeping a high line( althou6they didn't use the offside trap that much)

Maha Kadrun

Maha Kadrun . 3 weeks ago

VAR will be most beloved thing to sacchi

Hamzaoui Reviews

Hamzaoui Reviews . 2 months ago

3:11 it's not a offside hhhhh

Roz Sa

Roz Sa . 2 months ago

03:12. This isn't actually offside. But in those days, the rule of interfering with play didn't exist.

Vitor Sena

Vitor Sena . 4 months ago

Best Coach No-Player of the Time

nicholas gakuu

nicholas gakuu . 4 months ago

capello milan destroyed the dream team

the fighter doc

the fighter doc . 5 months ago

Great video I think Atlanta nowadays is similar in attacking


SSEnrich . 5 months ago

I did not know so much about football around 1990, but I noticed this. Watching Milan defence back then was a pleasure. There was an extra dimension to it.


Yigit . 6 months ago

3:10 I am sorry. That wasn't offside, wtf ? Has there been a different offside rule ? Edit: So was the following play.

Bryan Lee Yen Fei

Bryan Lee Yen Fei . 6 months ago

You fail to mention that the only reason why his offside trap was successful was that because back in those days if one person is offside, it will be called whether or not he's interfering with play.

sinan kayalar

sinan kayalar . 6 months ago

There is no offside now.

Proud Indian

Proud Indian . 6 months ago

U can have any tactics but one also needs great players Sachchi had eye for top talent

Ettore Morabito

Ettore Morabito . 7 months ago

You can say whatever you want!Guardiola mourigno Pochettino etc. Only Sacchi changed the soccer way of playing!A shoe seller!

zikri waie

zikri waie . 7 months ago

high defensive line - very tight pressing - fast transition from defensive to offensive - all out attack - attack through the middle - flexible squad formation: aka as Jurgen Klopp's "Gegenpressing"

Reuben Papang

Reuben Papang . 7 months ago

This is attacking possession football at its best, not tiki taka/sarriball aka park the ball

The Grinch

The Grinch . 8 months ago

Su much adds in one video


featherinthewind333 . 8 months ago

Sacchis Milan is the greatest club team of all time


micger . 8 months ago

Why can't arrigo coach milan again??

Elias Esser

Elias Esser . 9 months ago

Now I understand why Klopp asked for time when he took over Liverpool. It takes time to form a team which is thinking, playing and breathing like a unit. I see 90 % Liverpool here. I hope Sacchi knows about his influence on Klopp and one day they drink a cup of cafe together.

Closed Door

Closed Door . 9 months ago

It's effective if you have godly defenders because its hard to beat them by one on one. But I remember watching maradona beat this strategy at one time, he just dribble the ball in straight line lol.

Ali Maher

Ali Maher . 9 months ago

So it's just a primitive Klopp's Liverpool.


A Y . 10 months ago

One of ur best vids

Pedro Alvarado

Pedro Alvarado . 10 months ago

For me, the Milan AC will destroy the best ages of Barca Team witn Pep. Ac Milan is the best team of all times

Adam Adam

Adam Adam . 10 months ago

Nereden nereye Atalanta 5 Milan 0 Ben Barcelona'nın falan elek olduğu maçlarla büyüdüm.

Rui Luz

Rui Luz . 11 months ago

He could still be coaching today, but he left the ideas for others to explore further, a genius.


Cornholio . 11 months ago

This is when Gegenpressing was born.

Man in blue

Man in blue . 11 months ago

Sacchi ball!Absolutely magnificent football :)))))

Noor Mohammed

Noor Mohammed . 11 months ago

If you notice, Liverpool with Klopp plays exactly the same! so I wont be amazed if they dominate the scene for the next years


Kradisasht . 11 months ago

wontt work with modern offside rules

Augustine Twumasi

Augustine Twumasi . 1 year ago

He is a genius.

D Rossonero

D Rossonero . 1 year ago

Best team in football history with mo discussion, hands down.

wasi gupito budiarto

wasi gupito budiarto . 1 year ago

Team Instruction : Width : Narrow Tempo : high Defensive line : high. Use offside trap Cross : float cross Passing : direct Team shape : fluid, play narrower Attack : look for underlap, work ball into box Closing down : often Creative freedom : be more disciplined Freedom movement : roam to position Build up : explore the middle, play out of defense Tackling : get stuck inn Time wasting : never

mich Z

mich Z . 1 year ago

3:15 is not offside !

Alberto Boccali

Alberto Boccali . 2 years ago

Italians do it better...anything

Lazuar Prana Akbary

Lazuar Prana Akbary . 2 years ago

best team ever followed by brazil 2006

Mengcheng Zhu

Mengcheng Zhu . 2 years ago

Your video is hypnotizingly great.

Nawaz Khan

Nawaz Khan . 2 years ago

i think in today's modern football you can see cleary sarri also plays with same tactics

mata air

mata air . 2 years ago

can messi destroy this tactic??? i remember watch messi solo goals vs getafe and real madrid 🤔🤔🤔

Pasquale Corbisiero

Pasquale Corbisiero . 2 years ago

il peggiore

Alessandro Martina

Alessandro Martina . 2 years ago

Sacchi changed the football not only the Italian one. It is pretty much acknowledged by every expert are a liar and a nationalist if you refuse to accept it, I am sorry but it is very disrespectful

Andrea Carraretto

Andrea Carraretto . 2 years ago

Great contents 🔥🔥

branko brankovic

branko brankovic . 2 years ago

Stella Rossa-AC Milan 88-89 Epic three games....

Ezborn Wann

Ezborn Wann . 2 years ago

Lol so many dumb fucks commenting about the players he's having but they don't appreciate about his tactics, if it's only players to make a difference then anyone can be a coach and have Messi and Ronaldo in his team and think about winning

Big Baz

Big Baz . 2 years ago

Good coach, but it helps a bit when you have Van Basten, Gullit, Rijkard, Baresi and Maldini in your side. Think they'd been successful no matter what system they played. Players win football matches more than tactics!


kleb441 . 2 years ago

There are 3 masters: Rinus Michels, Johan Crujiff and Arrigo Sacchi...the others are just a copypaste

дем кен

дем кен . 2 years ago

wait with baresi, gullit, costacurta, maldini, van basten & so on, maybe the strongest european team ever not bad life for sacchi...

Alvian D

Alvian D . 2 years ago

He and zeman was my favourite serie a tactician

Triple Rock

Triple Rock . 2 years ago

This is the BEST Milan era that won many many titles! ❤

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