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iTemp Plays

Published on 10 months ago

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In today's Apex Legends gameplay I find the LEGENDARY R301! This gun is already a top 3 gun in the game, especially when you find the legendary gold variant right at the start. This gun comes with a strange 3/4x sight, and gold extended, barrel stabiliser and stock attachments. I also picked up a legendary Mastiff towards the end of the game meaning I had 2 legendary guns in the same game. I hope you guys enjoy the Apex Legends gameplay!

Music used:
Run - Ross Bugden:


Thanks for watching!


Comments :


Ali-A . 10 months ago


Redi K

Redi K . 1 week ago

was that a pathfinder crouching behind those things on the right at 23:26?

Mr X

Mr X . 2 weeks ago

19:00 you hear that beat?


RetroBass . 2 weeks ago

This was such an impressive game

Kath’ahrk the Mind Flayer

Kath’ahrk the Mind Flayer . 3 weeks ago

Is it just me or are altered controllers just pay to win?

Achira Mongkhonsappaya No.37

Achira Mongkhonsappaya No.37 . 3 weeks ago

This is my first clip in 2020 (Thailand)

Aeddon Chapman

Aeddon Chapman . 2 months ago

2019 anyone? Almost a year later this gameplay is still riveting.

Monty On

Monty On . 2 months ago

“I need this win” “I need the sub!” 😂

Michai Jenkins

Michai Jenkins . 2 months ago

When the music occur

It's Me David

It's Me David . 2 months ago

miss the old map


Kash.K . 2 months ago

The day you stop making videos is the day I stop playing apex


RedNasty7 . 2 months ago

You’re looting in all your videos just make me so mad....

scott Supersize6381

scott Supersize6381 . 3 months ago

Boy. Nice to see Kong’s canyon!! It’s nice to see early apex iTemps days!! Your awesome. Weather it’s Apex or COD. Please don’t stop. You are an excellent content creator!!!!

Choun James

Choun James . 3 months ago


Kenzo Yuiop

Kenzo Yuiop . 3 months ago

every gold assault rifle should get 1x2 holo instead of 2x4 either that or just allow gold weapons to change sights

Amartya Arumugam

Amartya Arumugam . 3 months ago

The old bridges

Chuck Gaming

Chuck Gaming . 3 months ago


Silvija Ivandic

Silvija Ivandic . 3 months ago

Can you do q & a about apex

Kobe Samons

Kobe Samons . 4 months ago

What's your settings

Ammar Iftikhar

Ammar Iftikhar . 4 months ago

The end game of Apex is way more tense than fortnite ✌️

Richard Lopez

Richard Lopez . 4 months ago

My heart was outta my body

Richard Lopez

Richard Lopez . 4 months ago


Alex C

Alex C . 4 months ago

Never leave your team mates. Dick move.

TOSOM . 09

TOSOM . 09 . 4 months ago

I wish that I can play one game with you

RezP Leeroyyer

RezP Leeroyyer . 4 months ago

0:04 Aipex Legends of course😁

Karan Arora

Karan Arora . 4 months ago

idk probably the best video so for just cause of the suspense, you don't see it much often in streams it's like kill kill kill, the wait had me bro, cheers

Karan Arora

Karan Arora . 4 months ago

loved the suspense

Emily Colwell

Emily Colwell . 4 months ago

thx bro

Алесандр Лердович

Алесандр Лердович . 4 months ago

I hold my breath in Last minute, so cool.

Tommy Nguyen

Tommy Nguyen . 4 months ago

God. That final was so tense

dilo dill

dilo dill . 4 months ago

You are a god goddammit

General John Gaming

General John Gaming . 4 months ago

Thx for showing me how to use the ultimate accelerant because I just bring it I didn’t know how to use it

Andy Bailey

Andy Bailey . 4 months ago


Andy Bailey

Andy Bailey . 4 months ago

I didn't realize the difference in some British accents until he started talking after hearing u talk.

Giovanni Camara

Giovanni Camara . 4 months ago

How do you type in Apex ? Apex is the best

nell thompson

nell thompson . 4 months ago

19 Is your 2nd highest Kill Game?! That's brazy bro. You're a BEAST! I seriously expect you to get 15+ Kills every game. But Heck yes bro I really don't watch your Streams but I love your YouTube videos.!

Kaelin Banner

Kaelin Banner . 4 months ago

When you git the r-99 there was a gold sheild

Isaac Berber

Isaac Berber . 4 months ago

Big clutch

Dylan Spade

Dylan Spade . 4 months ago

5:58 what??????? That’s not how it works

Arc Of Fire

Arc Of Fire . 4 months ago

Absolutely amazing. In a time when I was losing hope to get better it was nice to see this. I most definitely learned some new strategies here. And to share the love I'll subscribe as I'm new-ish on youtube for making content and want to get to 100. Thanks for the vid!

It'sUrBoi Romeo

It'sUrBoi Romeo . 5 months ago

can i be friends with u on ps4 please i am good at this game trust

Joey Venegas

Joey Venegas . 5 months ago



lobsterninja1 . 5 months ago

Do I dare say this is the Bob Ross of Apex?


vSwayzy . 5 months ago

How did you type that on apex?

Donovan Michael

Donovan Michael . 5 months ago


Zero Amity

Zero Amity . 5 months ago

You are the most pro-noob i have ever seen. No idea how to use a sight, carries ammo for guns you don’t have, carries equipment for guns you don’t have, you don’t pay attention to your health, you complain about the purple backpack when you have a bunch of loot for no reason. But then you drop 19 kills.

Mason Wice

Mason Wice . 5 months ago

hey man, love your vids!!! i watch you play all the time to maybe gain some insight on some good tactics and looting procedures. honestly you deserve a lot more than 500,000 subs!!! wish you the best man!!

Hayden Agnew

Hayden Agnew . 5 months ago

it's a 2x-4x scope...

Zak owen Redman

Zak owen Redman . 5 months ago



!がんこ . 5 months ago

15:08 How do you do?

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