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The reason why some AC Milan fans hate Paolo Maldini | Oh My Goal

Soccer Stories - Oh My Goal

Soccer Stories - Oh My Goal

Published on 9 months ago


Paolo Maldini was an AC Milan LEGEND. But the fans of AC Milan never loved Paolo Maldini the same way they loved Kaka or Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Why did the AC Milan fans hate Paolo Maldini?

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Comments :

Mamur Ahmed

Mamur Ahmed . 5 days ago

Well Liverpool fans did burn gerrards jersey when was almost going leave Liverpool for Chelsea πŸ‘€

Scott Lane

Scott Lane . 2 weeks ago

Not gonna lie but it sounds like the ac milan fans are just retarded because Maldini defended his team, club and everyone that has a part in the club. Its the fans that are the problem

Angel Martinez

Angel Martinez . 2 weeks ago

I want his hair

Greg Thackray

Greg Thackray . 3 weeks ago

Wow...This is some bad, bad, bad misinformation at best. Disrespectful as fuck at worst. 3 generations of Maldini's have now been part of that great club. Even legends can have disagreements with fans or Ultras sometimes! They are so passionate over there. Learn some discernment ffs or change the title. It may get people clicking but they may find the content ridiculous.

Paolo bindini

Paolo bindini . 3 weeks ago

Paolo has won 5 champion's league, I do not remember how many serie A titles, he was the best defender in the azzurri national team. The ac Milan supporters did not deserved a great captain like Paolo!!!!!

Tanget Aier

Tanget Aier . 3 weeks ago

When you win- Everyone likes you When you lose- Italians

Mohammad Nehal

Mohammad Nehal . 3 weeks ago

Italian people are just *** πŸ˜‚


AKASH BARASKAR . 4 weeks ago

Milan didn't deserve a player like Maldini !! He is simply the greatest defender to play the game πŸ™ŒπŸ»

John Fitzgerald

John Fitzgerald . 4 weeks ago

I don't think he gives a shit what the fans say this guy is a legend

Rob Tyman

Rob Tyman . 4 weeks ago

If only Milan fans had been more appreciative of him, and more grateful for the years they were so successful - instead of 'demanding' it like it was their right. Milan will probably never have a defender like Maldini again, and it's difficult to see Milan reaching a CL final any time soon, if at all. The club's fans need to learn to respect the great players who once played for their club, and gave their all like Maldini did. He's probably the single most decorated club player in the last 40 years. Even more so than Ronaldo.

Dante Tass

Dante Tass . 4 weeks ago

They don't hate him they just wanted him to retire because he was 41. He won us multiple champions leagues

Something Something Something

Something Something Something . 1 month ago


DC Blitz

DC Blitz . 1 month ago

Milan was 3 nil up thanks to a maldini goal went that make it 1 nil with one goal u tit

Sadete Shala

Sadete Shala . 1 month ago

Im allways a Ac Milandini fan

omar oura

omar oura . 1 month ago

you no nothing about this incident btw!!!!!

Julius Ramone

Julius Ramone . 1 month ago

Who could hate him?

Carlos Elizalde

Carlos Elizalde . 1 month ago

Maldini is the best!!! FORZA #MILAN

Alal Madarchod

Alal Madarchod . 1 month ago

Feel bad for him

Conor Mills

Conor Mills . 1 month ago

Most bullshite video made

Shaa prosperous1

Shaa prosperous1 . 1 month ago

He kept it real

James W

James W . 1 month ago

Maldini is the 🐐

Rifaldo Palaska

Rifaldo Palaska . 1 month ago

So basically milan ultras are just piece of shits

Nancy Saju

Nancy Saju . 1 month ago

Wtf ?

demsy ciu

demsy ciu . 1 month ago

The ultras forget that Maldini is the team's captain. Not the Ultras'. So of course he would be at his mates' side, if there is someone criticizes them. He is their leader.

Oliver Crowley

Oliver Crowley . 1 month ago

These clowns hate their greatest ever player for rightfully calling them out on their bullshit

Masood Gh

Masood Gh . 1 month ago

Ironically the same thing is happening for Messi in Barcelona since 2017


angels77100 . 1 month ago

This is bullshit. Maldini may have had a few ups n' downs with the Ultras over the years, but they truely loved and respected him as a captain. player, leader and person. And they still do. Take down this pathetic fake news item a.s.a.p.

Arko Kibria

Arko Kibria . 1 month ago

Seriously!!! Fans hate Maldini who never left the club and stand for his teammates. I am glad I am not a Milan fan. He will be the part of all time great 11 who played football ever.

Dominic Johnson

Dominic Johnson . 1 month ago

2005: Milan fans criticised their best ever player: Milan went into decline and can’t even qualify for the champions league. 2020: Barcelona disrespect their greatest ever player: *Mr Bean be like: if you know what I mean...*


imthtguy33x . 1 month ago

Why are all soccer videos so dramatic????

Jamil Akhtar

Jamil Akhtar . 1 month ago

he was the greatest left back or defender him and baresci were the best ever

Denis 1

Denis 1 . 1 month ago

I am a milan fan and i Tell you your dumb


LikaLiku . 1 month ago

Maldini is pure legend, this video is stupid and so disinform


LikaLiku . 1 month ago

That ultras is stupid, I was a loyal Milan fans, and i respect maldini as Club legend. Maldini could not be hate only because one champions trophy failure because maldini already gave the clubs many trophies. This is just bullshit

Alan West

Alan West . 1 month ago

that ultra sign that you quoted sounds like something from Shakespeare. Can't imagine too many drunk English fans coming up with something like that


MGA . 1 month ago

Some Madrid fans booed Casillas...what a shame...

Valdo Morais

Valdo Morais . 2 months ago

Can you imagine Real Madrid booing Cristiano Ronaldo? Oh wait

Γ†ngel X

Γ†ngel X . 2 months ago

What a bunch of bulshit. Unsubscribe

Big Brain

Big Brain . 2 months ago

Pique speaks his mind out like Maldini but cules dont hate him .....you only appreciate things you don't have them now they are not even in European competitions

TheMighty Soldier

TheMighty Soldier . 2 months ago

Tatti lol

Terence Chia

Terence Chia . 2 months ago

Milan fans are idiot. We love to have him anytime at United

Jimbo Rosso

Jimbo Rosso . 2 months ago

This is outrageous! madness!!! SAINT PAOLO MALDINI FOR EVER!

Aviation Swiss Og

Aviation Swiss Og . 2 months ago

Like wth who would hate Milan I am not a Milan fan but I lov him his so good and if Maldini never joined ac Milan wouldnt be as good as they used to be

Alexandru Badic

Alexandru Badic . 2 months ago

He s looking like roy keane


Nemo . 2 months ago

Would love to have a leader like Maldini at Chelsea even if he punches me in the face. Chelsea fans are just as disrespectful and on the fence as Milan fans back then. We need an Equaliser

Yakobus Angga

Yakobus Angga . 2 months ago

I belive they are not "the fans" they are just THE BETTORS


splash . 2 months ago

Only a few idiots dont like him. But most love him! Probably the best defender of all time

Sr Aphia

Sr Aphia . 2 months ago

fake fans ac Milan

bruh bruh

bruh bruh . 2 months ago

absolutely fake

Tuska Maxi

Tuska Maxi . 2 months ago

Probably the world best ever defender to the supporters that don't like what he said get over it

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