Life Sucks - School.


  • Release Date: 10 Des 2016
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Life Sucks - School is a video about School, the school system, school dances / prom, suffering, depression, and suicide. Just kidding, but not really. School is bad. School is hell. School is prison. School makes me depressed. School makes me cry. School makes me wanna die. I hate school. What more can I say? I say it in the video anyways.

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Sincerely wish y'all were my classmates, would've actually been happy to go to school:
Anon, KOOSMOOSE, bbomg02 (Your fav loser), Ryan Dugan, SkyyeFall, DanTheComedicMan, Louis Hoang Nguyen, Ryan Ward, David Supernor, Dick Magician, Nathan Jacobs, Luis Rosario, Simone Andersen, Alek Hauge, Comrade_Slav, Royal Apocalyptic, Thatsslyf, Henry Wiggins, Pluvio, Thnyan, Kendra Bordner, Morbid Sanity, Daniel Lundgren, V Chive, Michael Yanez, Kyah Project. ♥

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♥ Mike - Thinking
♥ Jeremy Soule - Skyrim Atmospheres (modified)
♥ Carpenter Brut - Roller Mobster (modified)

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♥ MamaMax.
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