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Here I breakdown and compare the Apex Legends Weapon Attachments. We take a closer look and dive into the barrel stabilizers, shotgun bolts, magazine upgrades, standard stocks, sniper stocks, and weapon hop-ups. We aim to find out more on what the attachments are, what they do, and how good they are with each rarity. This is my first edited video and I know it has some work to be done on audio and other places, but I hope you all like what we had to cover and I know my editing will only get better as we make more videos.

Twitch - https://twitch.tv/dreadnaught_heroes
Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/wadepenfold
Magazine Upgrades Spreadsheet - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1b5jOKp8lTvWLvPnaH6mKh60dueXYKLL7tUjqoMrnDCo/edit?usp=sharing

What are the Attachments? What do they do?
1:20 Barrel Stabilizer
2:06 Shotgun Bolts
2:36 Magazine Upgrades
3:26 Optics
4:45 Stocks
5:51 Hop-ups
Weapon Comparison/Testing Segment -
7:32 Barrel Stabilizer
8:56 Shotgun Bolt
11:10 Magazine Upgrades
12:25 Stocks
13:56 Hop-Ups

Comments :

Aur Gasmic

Aur Gasmic . 1 month ago

Hold on, no the Havoc CANNOT have access to both the Turbo and the Selectfire hop-up at the same time, you have to drop one for the other.

Tyler Cates

Tyler Cates . 2 months ago

Should do an updated version of this 👍🏻

Tyler Cates

Tyler Cates . 2 months ago

Should do an updated version of this 👍🏻

Bob Chen

Bob Chen . 2 months ago

top notch

1 3

1 3 . 4 months ago

Thanks to you for sharing this video with us , it's very informative and help us to be better and better in the game , Good luck🙂👍

Subscribe for some random videos

Subscribe for some random videos . 8 months ago

that like dislike ratio is evident Impressed my bruddha


NuroK . 8 months ago

TL;DW Dread my old friend?

the walrus and the hedgehog

the walrus and the hedgehog . 8 months ago

Great review


Makzilla . 9 months ago

Your videos have always been spot on, keep um coming!

Sebastian G.

Sebastian G. . 9 months ago

quality content.

Cristian López

Cristian López . 9 months ago

How on earth have you done 95 dmg with a Kraber shot? 0:39 Isn't it supposed to be 125 body, 250 head (pre-helmet mitigation) so not even with purple legendary helmet (50% headshot reduction) could end up being 95, and combat text wasn't yellow so it was a body shot. The only reason I can find is that the guy just had 95 hp and no armor, but... still fishy. Good video btw! I just got stuck thinking about that 95 dmg shot! sorry about being offtopic! :D


Patrick . 9 months ago

Great job, Dread! Easiest sub ever.


Krageesh . 9 months ago

8:15 is what you're looking for


Adamke_ . 9 months ago

It's actually called a selectfire receiver, but not tryna be too picky

Joel Stob

Joel Stob . 9 months ago

This is AMAZING. Great great job.

Kid at Hart

Kid at Hart . 9 months ago

Big dick knowledge


ネサプリアタ . 9 months ago

Where the fuck I am?


KerplunkTM . 9 months ago

wait what is this channel and how many years ago i subscribed to it?


Reeku777 . 9 months ago

Just wow. So worth the wait. Brilliant video, this actually cleared some stuff up for me with the attachments. So thank you and I would like to see more!

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