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All time greatest AC Milan XI | Oh My Goal

Oh My Goal

Oh My Goal

Published on 8 months ago


AC Milan are a legendary team who have seen many football legends pass through their doors. Including Kaká, Ronaldinho and even Zlatan Ibrahimović. Oh My Goal has created a team made up of the best players in AC Milan's history position by position. This team is quite simply incredible and could take on any of the current big clubs. Here is the all time greatest AC Milan XI by Oh My Goal.


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Comments :

Erick Cantona

Erick Cantona . 2 days ago

Frank Rijkaard for Seedoorf and Sebastiano Rossi for Nelson Dida...

juan martin

juan martin . 7 days ago

Weah would start for Shevchenko anyday.

Khamarulaila C

Khamarulaila C . 2 weeks ago

Where is rijkaard?????

Tiziano Sandro

Tiziano Sandro . 3 weeks ago


khizer kr7

khizer kr7 . 1 month ago

Frank rijkard

Ayusman Pradhan

Ayusman Pradhan . 2 months ago

Are you kidding me, where is George weah

Feliz Creations

Feliz Creations . 3 months ago

U missed beckham

Angus Wang

Angus Wang . 3 months ago


Joe White

Joe White . 4 months ago

If you're not going to have anyone talking it may as well just be a picture.

Muhd Faiz

Muhd Faiz . 4 months ago

where is beckham

Rohan Evans

Rohan Evans . 4 months ago

should do as monaco

function 1

function 1 . 4 months ago

especially, maldini is greatest of all time milan player

Alok Day

Alok Day . 4 months ago

what is the background song name 2:16 please replay me

Muzamil Afridi

Muzamil Afridi . 4 months ago

My I won world Cup

Cameron Fateri

Cameron Fateri . 5 months ago

I would have put Rijkaard instead of seedorf

Jack Mellor

Jack Mellor . 5 months ago

Can you do a Inter Milan all time team. Personally I would go with. Walter Zenga GK Javier Zanetti RB Guseppe Bergomi CB Giuseppe Baresi CB Christian Chivu LB Deigo Simeone DM Esterban Cambiasso LM Dejan Stankovic RM Wesley Sneijder AM Giuseppe Meazza ST Sandro Mazzola ST Subs Julio Cesar GK Ivan Cordoba DF Giacinto Frachetti DF Youri Djorkaeff MF Alvaro Recoba SS Ronaldo ST Christian Vieri ST

abdurehman irfan

abdurehman irfan . 5 months ago

Where the hell are Beckham and robhino


hari . 5 months ago

Where is inzaghi

PikachU_ GaminG

PikachU_ GaminG . 6 months ago

Sorry for me being stupid but where I zlatan ibrahimovic

Josiah H

Josiah H . 6 months ago

Gunnar Nordahl over Shevchenko

Rudis Ventura

Rudis Ventura . 7 months ago

All time Netherlands soccer team with subs


L C . 7 months ago

U know it’s good when Ronaldinho and Ronaldo are benched


TPA Og . 8 months ago

Xi of Real Madrid’s all -time greatest team ever

cycho man

cycho man . 8 months ago

Wtf all time Milan xi?

Kala Rani S

Kala Rani S . 8 months ago

Can you make a video on the best 11 of psg

remsanga chhangte

remsanga chhangte . 8 months ago

Sub is better 🤣🤣

Soumi Datta

Soumi Datta . 8 months ago

All time greatest Argentina 11

Mosabbir Dewan

Mosabbir Dewan . 8 months ago

Best Benfica team if they kept all their good players???

Lol Lolakopoulos

Lol Lolakopoulos . 8 months ago

The best XI who have won the world cup

Cr 7

Cr 7 . 8 months ago

Bro ronaldinho GOAT

adebah_s20 Q

adebah_s20 Q . 8 months ago

All time greatest Real Madrid XI please


XKZ SHAZ . 8 months ago

Best ever AC MILAN and inter Milan 11

Sajjad Kamil

Sajjad Kamil . 8 months ago

Can you please make a video about why dont Ac Milan qualify for the Champions League anymore and why is sacking the manager the only option these years at Ac Milan

Sajjad Kamil

Sajjad Kamil . 8 months ago

Forza Milan


iiNxghtmxre_ii . 8 months ago

You better be glad that Zlatan doesn’t watch your videos😂😂

Mohamed Mahmoud

Mohamed Mahmoud . 8 months ago

Whare is the god zlatan!! He should be in the main xi!! You are going to be cursed oh my goal!

Radoica Kijanovic

Radoica Kijanovic . 8 months ago

OMG didn't choose Zlatan. Zlatan didn't choose OMG. OMG=Oh My Goal

jyotsna kardak

jyotsna kardak . 8 months ago

Best Xl players with no weak foot vs with weak foot

Vexson Jack

Vexson Jack . 8 months ago


Copper - Daily item shop videos

Copper - Daily item shop videos . 8 months ago

Real Madrid all time team

Shovezo Medeo

Shovezo Medeo . 8 months ago

Asia's best ever XI

Daniel Birkedal

Daniel Birkedal . 8 months ago

All time inter milan XI

Shreyas Thakurdesai

Shreyas Thakurdesai . 8 months ago

Gilardino should also be on the team

Alan 10-C

Alan 10-C . 8 months ago


Damian Peiris

Damian Peiris . 8 months ago


Sloak Sarkar

Sloak Sarkar . 8 months ago

All time greatest Manchester United Team........please 😁

Lim Sok Nee

Lim Sok Nee . 8 months ago

Recommended video : All time greatest Liverpool XI


razucc15 . 8 months ago

Ronaldo and Ronaldinho substitutes?? Whatta whack lineup.

Saish Sail

Saish Sail . 8 months ago

Best XI of most loyal players.

Arfarshoaib Shoaib

Arfarshoaib Shoaib . 8 months ago

The best premier league xi

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