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Kelly Clarkson - Love So Soft [Official Video]

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson

Published on 2 years ago

MEANING OF LIFE available now: https://Atlantic.lnk.to/MeaningoflifeID

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Comments :

thanh nam nguyen

thanh nam nguyen . 4 hours ago


Maryssa Lynne Medley

Maryssa Lynne Medley . 2 days ago

I just adore her. Proud fellow Texan <3

REALisation :

REALisation : . 5 days ago

REALisation: was she pregnant or just gained weight?

Alfonzo Rafael

Alfonzo Rafael . 7 days ago

Love u girl, since your audition at American Idol. Nothing more to say

Odari Bowman

Odari Bowman . 1 week ago

That whistle register though she killed that

Tricky Bobby

Tricky Bobby . 2 weeks ago

Quite possibly the worst song of 2017

Marcel H

Marcel H . 2 weeks ago

Once of the best Singer in the world😘❤ i love this song🙌🏾

Queen Jen Jen

Queen Jen Jen . 2 weeks ago

man she is such a beauty,her voice is toooooooo!

Sandra Lange

Sandra Lange . 2 weeks ago

Heard this Song on World of Dance. Would have never thought it's from Kelly :O

Wày Too Fètch

Wày Too Fètch . 2 weeks ago

Bop ❤️

Cynthia Carlos

Cynthia Carlos . 2 weeks ago

She always leaves me with goose bumps


SiaLoverforlife . 2 weeks ago

2020 anyone???

Ruby Lake

Ruby Lake . 3 weeks ago

Who's starting 2020 with this bop?

Music 2018

Music 2018 . 3 weeks ago

Yay! It's 2020! A decade is gone but lets not forget that it brought us this badass sassy song;)


J GAMESYT . 3 weeks ago


bradley schmidlkofer

bradley schmidlkofer . 3 weeks ago

You are the best!!!😙😙

bradley schmidlkofer

bradley schmidlkofer . 3 weeks ago

You are sooooooooooooooooooooo good

Ging Ging

Ging Ging . 4 weeks ago

I keep on repeating this song .. cant help it .. i love all her songs .. 💕💕💕


THE KINDA SAFE SPACE . 4 weeks ago

This song has aged well It deserved more

Mihai Parvu

Mihai Parvu . 4 weeks ago

Justice for Love So Soft and #justiceformeaningoflife ❤️

blangeman official

blangeman official . 4 weeks ago

This Song is EVERYTHING. Pop yet Soulful. BOP. Queen Kelly 😎❤

Sophie Chang

Sophie Chang . 4 weeks ago

Just realized this music video was released on my bday!!

Fenix Crisp-Williams

Fenix Crisp-Williams . 4 weeks ago

Anyone still listening December 2019??

Nabil Seffari

Nabil Seffari . 1 month ago

December 2019...🤗


TexaSims . 1 month ago

Omg play it at 1.5x speed!!!


Candis . 1 month ago

THIS SONG IS FIRE!!! IDK why Kelly is acting like she is afraid to dance in this video. Girl can move. Walk Away was another FIRE song and she was gettin' her groove on in that music video. Get back to that girl! Move them hips!!!


Hestia . 1 month ago


Risa Laughter

Risa Laughter . 1 month ago

I'm glad theirs still strong belt singers....Kelly C. has one of the best voices...

Russell Acree

Russell Acree . 1 month ago

Is that a Cadillac?

Tom Campofelice

Tom Campofelice . 1 month ago

This song sucks and she is fat.

Benjamin Peña

Benjamin Peña . 1 month ago

I came back here because of an episode from Grey's Anatomy... And I DON'T regret💕💕💕💕💕

Jean Y. Rodriguez

Jean Y. Rodriguez . 1 month ago

It is an amazing song. I love you Kelly ❤

Sjhhbfhi H

Sjhhbfhi H . 1 month ago

Is someone going to talk about how beautiful she looks in the yellow dress she looks absolutely stunning she is so gorgeous

big stream

big stream . 1 month ago

1:55 - 2:08 that bit is so weird for me😣


SpaceManMonster . 1 month ago

I she trying to sing dubstep?....


OouHunny . 2 months ago

You are amazing!

Priscilla Chavez

Priscilla Chavez . 2 months ago

OMG Kelly!!! No words girl! AMAZING....

Levi Lisbon

Levi Lisbon . 2 months ago

1.15x speed is just divine

Rick H

Rick H . 2 months ago

No matter what it is....what she's doing....she's just enjoying it and sending out positivity.......THAT IS A TRUE DIVA. .. ...thank you Kelly for sharing your talent

Nikki Mayes

Nikki Mayes . 2 months ago

Sang Kelly!!

Chiqq’n Nuqqet

Chiqq’n Nuqqet . 2 months ago

who was the creative director of this music video? the visuals the concept absolutely breathtaking

Azmi Ihsan

Azmi Ihsan . 2 months ago

Giuseppe 😍

Abel Eyob

Abel Eyob . 2 months ago

One of the most Underrated music of all time 🙌


DoDieDcay . 2 months ago

Right here, right now. Love this song ❤


r0bz1985 . 2 months ago

She looks like Khloe Kardashian in the white hat scenes (when khloe was fat)


r0bz1985 . 2 months ago

she looks SO fat in the white dress/ hot air balloon scenes. they should have cut it or changed her outfit. She looks like a stuffed sausage


r0bz1985 . 2 months ago

I like this would like it more if kelly wasent so fat


Justmejayla . 2 months ago

This is literally amazing I love this song!

James Johnson

James Johnson . 2 months ago

I fell in love with this song when it first came out, and I’m even more in love with it now.

Kris Van Houten

Kris Van Houten . 2 months ago

my jam!

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