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Overwatch Double Barrier NERFED! Will Dive return?

Blame The Controller - Overwatch

Blame The Controller - Overwatch

Published on 3 months ago

Overwatch Double Barrier nerfed and lots of balance changes could make it possible for Dive comp to return to overwatch

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Blame The Controller - Overwatch

Blame The Controller - Overwatch . 3 months ago

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spasibushki . 3 months ago

For tracer there is still much larger spray at 13m than 10m, this buff is not a big deal

Salad V

Salad V . 3 months ago

I think they should introduce the team synergies system that was talked about in a previous Respawn, but with both positive and negative results. Give some buffs for heroes that don't tend to be played together for whatever reason, while give negatives to the meta combos - for example, the goats comp problem could be solved by reducing area healing by X% when there are 3 healers and 2 of them are lucio and brig, while the current double shield can be solved by something like reducing barrier shield hp when orisa and sigma are together. Then just add a new similar anti-synergy when new heroes are added that strengthen the problem again - like, another area healer for goats or another main tank for double barrier.


RAUL BEZERRA . 3 months ago

Doomfist is dead

Raรญ Leite

Raรญ Leite . 3 months ago

God damn!! I was the chosen one. No way ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Simply - King

Simply - King . 3 months ago

That is pretty good.


nemisans13 . 3 months ago

Moves to 2-2-2. Leaves reaper and cree buffed to sh!t for goats ๐Ÿคฃ


nemisans13 . 3 months ago

Can't deflect his rock. Get nerfed then ๐Ÿคฃ

D'Andre Rankin

D'Andre Rankin . 3 months ago

You sound a little sad today. You okay btc?

Connor North

Connor North . 3 months ago

Yo BTC, this might be a little bit of a throwback to the past, but I was trying to play your Kingdom of the Skies 2 minecraft map. Where'd the textures go? I love your new stuff but I'll never forget the old :P


Inri . 3 months ago

These changes are amazing, I love that they finally change shit fast rather than wait a year to change dumb crap like double shield

Rodrigo Mineiro

Rodrigo Mineiro . 3 months ago

that death in the beginning

Derpy Dog

Derpy Dog . 3 months ago

So I sold my Xbox this year and bought a PS4, with 2 gold guns from sweating overwatch on the one s and also play the game on PS4. My question is can I transfer my progress via account linking even though I do not play on my Xbox account anymore because Iโ€™m really frustrated by this and Iโ€™m so confused. I want blizzard to hear this problem and fix it because itโ€™s a great idea

FlameSp33y AMV

FlameSp33y AMV . 3 months ago

The more updates this game gets the worse it gets. Blizzard hasn't cared about this game since 2017, they should have focused on pve.

Bryce Kjellberg

Bryce Kjellberg . 3 months ago


Chris Jones

Chris Jones . 3 months ago

Dive isnt back. People are just tired of double sheild

Colin Stables

Colin Stables . 3 months ago

The more dps is buffed the more shields will be needed

Do_U_Like_Potatoes Calamity

Do_U_Like_Potatoes Calamity . 3 months ago

Just dont mind me. Ima just kill myself at the start of the video with my pulsebomb

Aggie Paiger

Aggie Paiger . 3 months ago

I feel like for me... Symm has always been a strategy based/defense based character and not just straight DPS. As a Symm main, I utilize her to get my team to the most beneficial spot on the map for the objective. I think people that just use Symm to DPS aren't using her entire kit to the utmost ability for the team. I'm not too worried about her nerfs really. Even lowering the shield from 5k to 4k... I think dropping the time that the shield is up is more detrimental than the life of the shield. The other nerfs don't affect the strategies and plays that my team and I use.


Pablo . 3 months ago

yep, they really ruined sigma with that one second for the barrier. it's very annoying when you try to protect your team, for example, from dva's ultimate and the barrier is not responding


Mollof . 3 months ago

This exact meta happend for a little when Orisa was released

Darkly Tranquil

Darkly Tranquil . 3 months ago

We just got through with Doomfists running amok, now we're going to have to deal with Tracer's running riot as well. Sad times for support mains.

Andrew Sanchez

Andrew Sanchez . 3 months ago

โ€œPatch wonโ€™t affect competitive OWโ€œ *Not at the professional level, because OWL just finished... OWWC: thee highest of competitive level that trumps OWL because Koreans are stacked that will be held at blizzcon Nov1?


Raynnie . 3 months ago

Liking this chill music in the background.

Sneak Thief

Sneak Thief . 3 months ago

I like that their idea of balance is making it to where Sigma has to have another barrier tank on his team to get any value.

Chainsaw Massacre

Chainsaw Massacre . 3 months ago

*Story of my life:* Bought a Hog golden hook --> Hog got nerfed to the ground, started playing DVA lot Bought a DVA golden gun --> Hog's back in the meta, guess I'm not gotta be using the new golden weapon for now... Bought a Torb golden hammer --> they released Sigma, with whom I fell in love with, should've known better before wasting those points... FINALLY bought golden Sigma ballz --> Sigma got nerfed to the ground MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOP, PLEASE!

Koschi Ogoshi

Koschi Ogoshi . 3 months ago

I'm fine with most of the changes, except for the 1 sec CD on sigma which makes him useless as a main tank, basically so you can ONLY play him in double barrier, and then the doomfist 1.4 sec charge time which just makes him feel clunky, not as mobile, and gives the enemies way too much time to react if you're using the ability to either get away or to secure a kill

desktop gaming

desktop gaming . 3 months ago

There overwatch goes again nerfing a character out of existence poor sigma

Biggest toe Snatcher

Biggest toe Snatcher . 3 months ago

Yeah because we totally need more tracer smurf accounts. Thanks Jeff.

Roasted pizza

Roasted pizza . 3 months ago

I think sigma 1 sec barrier cd is not good at all I hope they will change it

Rdd KEuns

Rdd KEuns . 3 months ago

Doomfist was the counter soo nurf the counter? Blizzard is nuts. Doomfist has such a high skill cap. Trying to relearn all of the rollout again is kill me. Don't use doomfist if you don't want to get fucked left to right


Midgez . 3 months ago

are illidan genji and tyrande symmertra only for blizcon or will they release them like they did for the sombra blizcon skin

Madden 2k The Show

Madden 2k The Show . 3 months ago

I cant wait to see whats played in world cup. Hopefully not double barrier


Marchening . 3 months ago

9:18; were not talking about that..


hdk2477 . 3 months ago

what song is playing in the background :3? its so soothing.


BuCUE . 3 months ago

I forgot that the Sigma nerf was in the patch, and actually blamed my controller.


Sal . 3 months ago

Whatโ€™s up guys im CBT


Airin . 3 months ago

The 0.2s isnt unnoticeable. Play at higher ranks and you'll know that it matters


DeXidious . 3 months ago

Just make all the characters viable, Then balance it.

Wolf Shadowcaster

Wolf Shadowcaster . 3 months ago

7:01 Iโ€™ve played on that map countless times, and have been over there a lot, and I never knew that spawn exit was there.

Stryker 808

Stryker 808 . 3 months ago

Wow I love Winston and he got even better


ajhcraft . 3 months ago

Why? Why does Doomfist keep getting nerfed? He's my favourite hero to play and now all I'm gonna hear is " get off Doomfist he's trash " because he is now


Lion . 3 months ago

how is everyone flaming about sigma nerf? him replacing the shield in your face everytime when you try to kill him was the stupidest thing that happend in the game ever. it feels even worse than being punched by doom across the map

Michael Furness

Michael Furness . 3 months ago

Iโ€™d like to see a meka that is like the bikes from tron. It can do a dash and drop down a shield where it ran


FatCat . 3 months ago

how come you have like 3000 lvl in ow and you are still cainda bad at the game

Mattis Grotegerd

Mattis Grotegerd . 3 months ago

DB: Gets eliminated by banlist. Dive: Returns with banlist Perfectly balanced, as everything should be.

Sohail Rahman

Sohail Rahman . 3 months ago

Although I loved old sigma before he got the one second cooldown on his deployment, I kind of feel like itโ€™s fair. Heโ€™s a strong character whoโ€™s hard to individually 1v1 due to him being able to constantly pull and throw his shield while still being able to shoot massive damage. Orisa and Winston have to dance in their shield since itโ€™s stationary but that is why they have weapons to compensate whereas Rine can hold his shield ASAP, but it takes away him being able to do damage. Sigma fits in between rine and Orisa but his damage is much too high for him to be able to pull and throw a shield as often as he could. But thatโ€™s just my take; in the end, the big problem is Orisa. :/

keff japlan

keff japlan . 3 months ago

Reaper can be used in dive comp(the e is good there)

schroobidido thanos

schroobidido thanos . 3 months ago


Henrick Bartolo

Henrick Bartolo . 3 months ago

9:18 oh boi

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