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Also at least 3 of every 10 comments askes why the leader changed so here's why:

Seunhee is the oldest member of clc meaning she has responsibility to look after everyone both inside and outside the dorm. She probably became the leader because she is the oldest but being a leader also means the be the center on tv shows and variety and stuff. Seunghee said she had trouble expressing her emotion because she felt burdend so the leader changed.


Hi everyone, first of I want to thank all of you who likes this guide and brought it to so many views ♥♥
And second of all: I made a set of mistakes in this video such as confusing lead vocalists and full names etc. Rl sorry for that I really tried my best on this but because it took me weeks to make I eventually didn't notice the mistakes anymore even though I rewatched it a good amount of times T___T. If you notice any more mistakes pls comment under this so I can edit them in this comment

Mistakes made:

ELKIE'S (english) full name is: Elkie chong (not Elkie Choi)
Yujin is not a lead vocal but a sub vocal
Sorn is also a sub-vocalist
Eunbin is a sub-rapper

PS: Also if i'm not an English native so please exuse my English if you see any mistakes :)


There are not a lot of CLC guides\ FVM'S on youtube T_T
Soo sad they really deserve more videos and fans 💕

So I guess I''ll make the vids then ;0

---------------------Some random personal opinion on CLC--------------

Clc 's comeback is nearing.....

I'm really exited but a bit scared for the group. CLC hasen't attracted as much attention as they deserve (from the local nor from international). And the way CUBE is managing this group isn't helping.

I live in a country in Europe and I only know one person that knows CLC. I really want to support CLC's new comeback but I can only do so much....

CHESHIRE... let's support clc with all we've got!!

Also: just a random shoutout to #Chesiresubs. For a foreigner, the English subs really help a lot :)

--------------------DISCLAMER---------------- Pls do not reupload

I do not own any of the pictures, the fancams, videos nor the songs. credit to the owners. I simply made this edit to honor ^CLC^