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Apex Legends Tips & Tricks - The Ultimate Guide

Force Gaming

Force Gaming

Published on 10 months ago

All of the BEST Tips and Tricks for Apex Legends. Having a blast with this game, hope this video helps!

Weapon Guide


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Comments :

Nj 15

Nj 15 . 2 weeks ago

All I can say is play and play and play you’ll get better I’ll pick up trucks and develop ur own play style

Michael Anthony

Michael Anthony . 3 weeks ago

Makes me happy that you got this much hate 💩 video


DexterIbanezctmlml . 1 month ago

suscribed bby. i want become pro.

CJ bagay

CJ bagay . 1 month ago

People using lag switch 🤬🤬

Logical Tree

Logical Tree . 1 month ago

I knew ALOT of these but some where still useful. Thank you. You get a sub.

Kevin Mayberry

Kevin Mayberry . 1 month ago

Annnnnnd...SUBSCRIBED. That is all.


CerealSerial . 2 months ago

The title should've been: Apex Legends Beginner Guide


ThatGuyNorm . 2 months ago

Wow. The most obvious video I have ever watched!

Carlos Aguila

Carlos Aguila . 2 months ago

How does meters and numbers in sight works?


EL1T3 MVP . 2 months ago



RaZzz . 3 months ago

Just named like 50 things I already do. I searched pro guide this is not a pro guide


Ghoul . 3 months ago

Says he’s sick of people telling him to shoot, when he tells us to jump

Samo Gledam

Samo Gledam . 4 months ago

Im sick of people who make guides about game that just came out Which was 6 months ago This was more heads up video than tips and tricks video

Ephraim Allen

Ephraim Allen . 4 months ago

0:11 that was the sickest spiderman Ive seen so far

Mee plays

Mee plays . 4 months ago

2:02 why is lifeline using WATTSON’S PASSIVE ABILITY!?

Green Mike

Green Mike . 4 months ago

Thanks man!

Masahiro Mamoru

Masahiro Mamoru . 4 months ago

Came here looking on how to backslide on the ps4 but came back with a few helpful ones and you just got a new sub today. and thats me.

Zimaku Maozan

Zimaku Maozan . 4 months ago

Here's a tip. Kicking is better and more accurate than punching because kicking does have more of a better auto lock on the player than punching that sometimes does not connect. Also this is just basic tips that people already said before you did.

Arctic R34IC

Arctic R34IC . 4 months ago

This only good for starters

Skies Noteable

Skies Noteable . 4 months ago

This is basic I learned all this before the seasons came out

sweaty banana man 103

sweaty banana man 103 . 4 months ago

Didn't get an get the loot spiders name right there called loot tiks

Gideon Cristina

Gideon Cristina . 4 months ago

But how do you us the jackpack

mr biscuit

mr biscuit . 5 months ago

He helped me, i searched other ppls vids too but they didnt help, but his video did ty bro


OUTLAWS_ FAN . 5 months ago

If u guys need some good aiming tips just go to iddqd video on aiming

Adrian Delvalle

Adrian Delvalle . 5 months ago

wow this tutorial deservse a dislike

james vinluan

james vinluan . 5 months ago

6:04 what is that in the last bottom left slot of your inventory?

Ahmed Mufeez

Ahmed Mufeez . 5 months ago

Why you are insulting others do. what you want to why are you trash talking

de Jay

de Jay . 5 months ago

I hate the voice telling me how far the ring is or some shit when I'm trying listen for foot steps

Br4ve H3art

Br4ve H3art . 5 months ago

Why do is still watch these im fuking rank 100, they dont help as much as when i was rank 20

amber denney

amber denney . 5 months ago

Guess what. Its JULY 2!!!

Albay Ricardo

Albay Ricardo . 5 months ago

The only valuable trick in this video was peeking over walls

RiSe sacrety

RiSe sacrety . 5 months ago

“...or just have a pro carry you.” -Rival X Trevor 2019

FFerocityy Plays

FFerocityy Plays . 5 months ago

I knew everything 😅

Original Wafflez

Original Wafflez . 5 months ago

Why does he remind me of jacksepticeye?

paid iNStaGrAm CoMeDiAN #375

paid iNStaGrAm CoMeDiAN #375 . 6 months ago

Shit talking actual pro titanfall players like frothy making videos about apex that is part of the titanfall universe, is very disgusting. Just my opinion


parthdaarcanine . 6 months ago

mr beast voice

Kokok tor

Kokok tor . 6 months ago

some how i've already heard what this guy said .

R4W fresh

R4W fresh . 6 months ago

I know every fuckin tip from over "useless" tips and trick videos


wildkoala . 6 months ago

the fuck is this, this is on the website


wigga21 . 6 months ago

Here's a pro tip: If u want to move faster while healing slide then start to use your healable then jump then slide again (jump crouch) and repeat the process, this will take time to practice but it will come in handy


newarmysoldier . 6 months ago

remember mario backpack kid? this is him now 0:23

fuck shit

fuck shit . 6 months ago

Knew the majority of these, but it's the first tip video where I didn't know everything in the video. Nice


Emoji&MojiGames55 . 6 months ago

The dislikes are from people that gotten aboard on the failure train.


XxswagproxX . 6 months ago

Missed octane

Gareth Simpson

Gareth Simpson . 6 months ago

Humans always think they are the best, I'm 100% the worse same level of retardation as Hitler and pol pot, although I've never killed thousands of earthlings, as they say on my planet, winning!


LightningVoltGaming//LVG . 6 months ago

You forgot to say that the arc star won't explode unless it sticks or lands on something/someone

To close to toast 84

To close to toast 84 . 6 months ago

No shit

TJ Matthews

TJ Matthews . 6 months ago

Good video, this is pretty good for rookies especially


badgerbane . 6 months ago

Fine, here’s an actual tip. While playing as mirage in a firefight (if you get the sense the enemy squad is at least halfway decent), run out into the middle of nowhere then abruptly stop moving for a couple seconds. If they are ‘good’ at the game they will assume it’s a mirage and ignore you. That’s when you turn around and shoot them in the back of the face.

kewani campbell

kewani campbell . 6 months ago

you didn't told us you could revive your self shit bag. you can do this when you have a golden revive shield

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