Best Twitch Moments

Best Twitch Moments

Published on 7 months ago

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⭐Apex Legends is a new Battle Royale game with mechanics similar to Titanfall 2 and Overwatch. Apex Legends is the same concept of games like Fortnite and PUBG in which you need to be the last team remaining. Apex Legends has plenty of customization options from skins to guns to characters in the game. Apex Legends is the new, best Battle Royale game. Enjoy all our Apex Legends Gameplay you see on the official Best Apex Legends Moments YouTube Channel!

⭐Streamers Featured in this video⭐
⭐Shroud - Apex Legends
⭐Ninja - Apex Legends
⭐TimTheTatMan – Apex Legends
⭐DrDisRespect – Apex Legends
⭐DrLupo – Apex Legends
⭐XQC – Apex Legends
⭐MoonMoon – Apex Legends
⭐DrDisRespect - Apex Legends
⭐Dizzy - Apex Legends

Comments :

Best Twitch Moments

Best Twitch Moments . 7 months ago

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Mitchtuber Mitchtuber

Mitchtuber Mitchtuber . 1 day ago

this dude even show hes second screen on purpose ...:p he has 3 on is above the monitor he plays on and guess why he looks there oh esp ...why he hit every shotuuuuummmm let me gues

Tammy Boutique

Tammy Boutique . 5 months ago

use hack and lose.. hahaha.. use peace keeper and r99 for fight hacker

eFex Gaming

eFex Gaming . 6 months ago

Just like doc,viss and krafty they all hack

eFex Gaming

eFex Gaming . 6 months ago

So funny how you guys lock on on team enemies and call a guy that kills you hax seriously thats so hipocrit losers


Ma . 7 months ago

Like this and I will cringe for u

Antifaschist Mit Humor

Antifaschist Mit Humor . 7 months ago

7:25 shot shotgun, missed shot, and goes like -BULLET WENT RIGHT THROUGH BLBLBLBLBL-

Pedro soliano

Pedro soliano . 7 months ago

lol wtf 5:16

Twitch Daily Clips

Twitch Daily Clips . 7 months ago

Dam Hackers lol

St Longrange

St Longrange . 7 months ago

Trash game

Mithun Dias

Mithun Dias . 7 months ago

Are these men or children from kindergarten!

Alpha Foxtrot

Alpha Foxtrot . 7 months ago

rip twisted fire starter

Takshal Shah

Takshal Shah . 7 months ago

Here’s the thing, Doc says Shroud is cocky but he has the right to be Shroud is really good. Doc can’t hit his shots half the time 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

Edward McCarthy

Edward McCarthy . 7 months ago

Nobody: Kingrichard: HeS HaCkIng! hEs HacKiNg!

hotdog voodoo

hotdog voodoo . 7 months ago

4:51 karma is a bitch indeed


DR. RESPECTFUL . 7 months ago

People playing in sea and asia server *insert james franco meme "Huh, first time??"

swxrvy _

swxrvy _ . 7 months ago

First hacker in apex that has been spotted


perigosu . 7 months ago

moonmoon_ow missed that shot... he even watched at half speed on his stream and admitted he missed... fake news! Also when lirik was playing smack my bitch up I literally thought he was gonna smack a bitch... but he just ran away "/

Daniel athey

Daniel athey . 7 months ago

Don’t watch kingrichard but does he accuse every person of cheating that may of just hit some good shots?

Nasty Boy Kyle

Nasty Boy Kyle . 7 months ago

7:27 No they did not go right through her. You just missed. Tired of seeing clips from this lame ass balding old man.

SS Productions

SS Productions . 7 months ago

King Richard dies* "he's cheating! he's cheating!"


Jean . 7 months ago

What’s the song when you see all legend in red


plee227 . 7 months ago

Lol hackers are already spread their aids in this game and they can't control it. This game was good.. for a week.

Callum Dunstan

Callum Dunstan . 7 months ago

The constant subscribe popping up made me unsubscribe....

JR Patilan Gaming

JR Patilan Gaming . 7 months ago

other game developer companies will try to make cheats of other companies game so they can destroy it from within but ive seen shroud melt even cheaters


BlackHedrak . 7 months ago

2:38 SICK MOVE!!

The Great Eldian Empire

The Great Eldian Empire . 7 months ago

clearly they got a good gaming chair.

Siddarth Joji

Siddarth Joji . 7 months ago

Please don't call cheaters hackers. It's a disgrace to the hacking community.

Stix2001 HD

Stix2001 HD . 7 months ago

Shroud can beat any hacker if he tried. Just like in pubg.


isco . 7 months ago

Best channel for apex

L3FTG4M3 x

L3FTG4M3 x . 7 months ago

2 yes

Joey Mejia

Joey Mejia . 7 months ago


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