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Apex Legends Ultimate New Player Guide - Everything you need to know!

Blame The Controller - Overwatch

Blame The Controller - Overwatch

Published on 10 months ago

Apex Legends quick start guide for the hero Legends, Abilities, Weapons, Gear, Items, Map, and more! Everything you need to know!
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Comments :

Blame The Controller - Overwatch

Blame The Controller - Overwatch . 10 months ago

Later today I have a Brand NEW Hero concept for Overwatch coming, make sure to check it out!

Bl00dy lollypop5

Bl00dy lollypop5 . 2 months ago

That's very helpful, thank you! 😂 I went onto the tutorial but I dont remember much, I didnt get any kills in all of the three matches I played, and I didnt know what to press which battered my confidence, and in turn worsened my plays, but thanks it really helps people like me 😂

Yo it’s Tessa Brooks

Yo it’s Tessa Brooks . 2 months ago

Since fortnite is gone

PunchMyKitty / TripleR

PunchMyKitty / TripleR . 2 months ago

Thank you so much for this vid! Please, post more tutorials!!! I'm just starting, this is much needed for brand new players! 🙏🤗❣️ So helpful!!!

trevor good

trevor good . 2 months ago

Thank you :)

Savage J

Savage J . 3 months ago

If only this is how they taught at school


wack . 3 months ago

Who's here bc of the fortnite mechs


Marlon . 4 months ago

Good quick guide

Verito Sapito

Verito Sapito . 5 months ago

This is so good it was so helpful thank you

Wants you go black You don’t go back

Wants you go black You don’t go back . 5 months ago

8:17 skip random bullshit


PROxKINGx007 . 5 months ago

Lol I literally subbed before watching the vid, because ur name is awesome


GET ME 500 SUBSCRIBERS 4 NO REASON . 6 months ago

I'm just gonna go play my The Division 2 instead 😒

Anthony Latour

Anthony Latour . 6 months ago

Thaaaaank youuuu!

bi0zombie 6

bi0zombie 6 . 7 months ago

good one bro,

Cmdr Riotz

Cmdr Riotz . 7 months ago

13:43 it's completely useless when you have people leaving immediately after they die. I can't tell you how many times(playing with randos), my teammates have been killed, left, and I got to a respawn point safely. Do you think a penalty system should be added in Apex?

HoodedSkullCrusher Alston

HoodedSkullCrusher Alston . 8 months ago

All The Important Parts Of The Video: All Abilities Explained - 1:00 Map And All Locations - 7:00 Landing And Looting - 8:30 Ammo And Guns - 9:23 Other Loot And Quality - 9:51 Different Type Of Equipment - 10:15 Your Inventory And How To Upgrade it - 10:23 Consumables / Attachments And Throwables- 10:45 The Ping System - 11:51 Mastering Movement - 12:30 The Area / Zone - 12:53 The 'KnockDown' Phase - 13:11 Dying And Respawning - 13:33 Strategy - 13:50 Thank Me Later :)

Shivendra Khare

Shivendra Khare . 8 months ago

Thanks for the video bro.. I downloaded the game but needed help about the game.. your video is great 😀


Mark . 9 months ago

I approve of this game

ghoul corbs

ghoul corbs . 9 months ago

lol, it's already been a month, I'm gonna start playing Apex more than Fort probably, it seems really fun


0Retreat . 9 months ago

i call this fartnite xD


0Retreat . 9 months ago

rn i am downloading apex legends aaa hurry up

Αγγελος Βιταλης

Αγγελος Βιταλης . 9 months ago

This video was sooooo useful... thank you so much bro 🙏

Noble Society

Noble Society . 9 months ago

Stay active and post more content. It takes time but its def worth it bro


Albert3218 . 9 months ago

I just downloaded apex and this helped me so much

Mr Beast

Mr Beast . 9 months ago

Got to love that YouTube channel name like if agree lol

Golden Garbage

Golden Garbage . 9 months ago

U can’t even play without paying for Xbox live and ppl still call these games “free to play”?

Rizky Syazuli

Rizky Syazuli . 9 months ago

Great guide. Thx!


Destiny . 9 months ago

I started playing Apex and I was so confused and kept on dying. I felt bad for my teammates.


czrczrczr . 9 months ago

It’s cod lol


czrczrczr . 9 months ago

This game is wack

GingerJeter 23

GingerJeter 23 . 9 months ago

Can you tell us how to do this stuff

Reony Tonneyck

Reony Tonneyck . 9 months ago

I really appreciated this video! I played one match and decided to prepare myself a little more 😂


1021lantae . 9 months ago

I can’t get one kill can someone help

Rob Axl

Rob Axl . 9 months ago

Excellent information and I love how you stress using the "ping"system..its one of the first things you should master ...that and open that map a.s.a.p

Huge Anus

Huge Anus . 9 months ago

Ok but how do you use the passive aggressive and ultimate

Misty Beige

Misty Beige . 9 months ago

Thx this really helps! I just wish they would put in like an AI mode to help you get used to playing, I feel so guilty when I have no clue what to do in a match with real players

Aksel Hørnes

Aksel Hørnes . 9 months ago

No more Apex Content, please.

Nora Wallberg

Nora Wallberg . 10 months ago

Is it good to have 14 fps in apex legends?

d d

d d . 10 months ago

GG fortnite is officially popular only for *save the world* now. Not for the battle royale


Jeff . 10 months ago

Every character in every game has to be a frizzy haired sassy mulado chick now.


ĐIŒ . 10 months ago

Thx for the guide man literally downloading Apex now

Rob Tarin

Rob Tarin . 10 months ago



Hadzoni . 10 months ago

ty, i appriciate you

A. B

A. B . 10 months ago

Drop PSN id Apex players.

A. B

A. B . 10 months ago

Very helpful video! Complete beginner guide. Subscribed.


Saintbenz . 10 months ago

I need people to play with on PS4 add me or drop your PSN I’ll add you

Brennan Moy

Brennan Moy . 10 months ago

Very helpful!

Prismatic Sans

Prismatic Sans . 10 months ago

Best starter guide I've found for this game. Thanks for the assist

isfand yar

isfand yar . 10 months ago

my engineer degree is less complex than this game

isfand yar

isfand yar . 10 months ago

anyone remember good old days when just you grab an ak47 and dies by sniper shot

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