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Published on 4 months ago

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What I'm Wearing:
Floral blouse -
Pearl Earrings -
Hot Air Balloon Necklace -
Bracelets -
Rings -
Lipstick -


Tassel Bag -
Ribbon Hat -
Straw Hat -
Kayu Bag -
Faithful Swim Suit -
Ted Baker Pink Dress -
Ted Baker White / Purple Flower Dress -
Pink shoes styled with Ted Baker Dresses -
Prada Basket Bag -
White Lace V Neck Dress -
Beige Linen Dress -
Paisley Dress -
Straw Bag worn with Paisley Dress -
Pink Ruffle Dress -
Pink Bag worn with Ruffle Dress -
White Shirt Dress -
Pink Stripe Dress -
Raffia Headband -
Pink Pleated Jumpsuit -
ASOS Basket Bag -
Trench Coat -

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Comments :

Jackie Wagner

Jackie Wagner . 2 weeks ago

Love the white shirt dress!


Cleopatra TROPHY WIFE . 3 months ago


Katerina Plotnikova

Katerina Plotnikova . 3 months ago

Wow! Everything looks sooooooo stylish and beautiful. To stop traffic, for sure 😍💯👒

Tropical Goddess

Tropical Goddess . 3 months ago

I dont care for the white jean's with the blouse. I would have chosen beige or red to show off the blouse.


mxelii . 4 months ago


Lina Kan

Lina Kan . 4 months ago

Are you still wearing the invisilign? I want to get them as well, so I was wondering what it looks like!


IVANA HANUS . 4 months ago

I love the pink dress

Ivonna Sercuchowa

Ivonna Sercuchowa . 4 months ago

Im watching you while you talking and thinking: she is so sute. Then you put the big straw hat and your reaction hahahaha. Great haul as always!!

Dez Fernandez

Dez Fernandez . 4 months ago

Thank you Josie for supporting Philippine bags and weavers!

Aster Nguyen

Aster Nguyen . 4 months ago

Dear Josie, I havent bought Mango for a while, I normally wear XS but I am not sure if they are doing bigger cut on dress recently . Which size do you get darling ?

autumn lynch

autumn lynch . 4 months ago

Such great ideas. i would not have thought of. Must check out many of your ideas and shops.

Victoria Hill

Victoria Hill . 4 months ago

Josie, I think you're so fabulous, beautiful, stylish and so sweet!!

Olivia Cicely

Olivia Cicely . 4 months ago

So many lovely things Josie! That hat 😂 x

Thi Swe

Thi Swe . 4 months ago

My other half's 50th birthday in 2 weeks so I have a solid reason to buy a new dress for myself. Which one?? Decision, decision.. Probably pleated cami jumpsuit ❤️

Amelie de Bazouges

Amelie de Bazouges . 4 months ago

All the clothes are classy, the swimsuit is elegant. Very posh. Love it! You gave me plenty of ideas for this season. Thanks so much.

Yuchen Wang

Yuchen Wang . 4 months ago

Love your video, always being so inspiring! 😊

Simone Wagner

Simone Wagner . 4 months ago

I'm sure it's called "straw ring for your head". Thanks for throwing light on this mystery! 😂❤️ I will translate this into German! 😊


ingrid . 4 months ago

Love you Josie, but please is your purpose in life to keep buying, buying, acquiring, acquiring, doing hauls???? I hope you have children soon! Hugs from CA


godschildabraham . 4 months ago

Hi Josie, hope that you are well. You always choose such amazing pieces, I just love the detailed way you described them there are 3 pieces that I will be purchasing. I especially love your sense of humour and how you can make fun of yourself. You are amazing darling, such a great sense of style love you!Xx

Valerie 715

Valerie 715 . 4 months ago

I especially like the Royal Ascot dress!

Deep Water Happy

Deep Water Happy . 4 months ago

That first bag - ooo la la! So much fun!!! Love the fringe and the bamboo handle - so summer cute!

vv H

vv H . 4 months ago

You really have changed my style (and my mum’s) and I love it 😂😘

Cristina Rodriguez

Cristina Rodriguez . 4 months ago

what happened to your hands?

Preti Chaturvedi

Preti Chaturvedi . 4 months ago

Good job Josie. Thanks for putting this together!


Alisiano1 . 4 months ago

Hi Josie, Can you please tell us who makes the white dress on the front of the rail and also the jacket on the back of the rail. The links as well would be great! Thank you!


rdb3552 . 4 months ago

I am in Texas so please consider the weather here for a affordable fashion ❤️💜💗

Fati Raes

Fati Raes . 4 months ago

Très beau 🌹

Georgina Russell

Georgina Russell . 4 months ago

Loved everything especially the summer coat at the end.

tommy rower

tommy rower . 4 months ago

Firstly josie thank you for being so transparent with this video, secondly thank you for all your amazing picks, in looking for an outfit for my sons graduation and knew I would get inspiration from you. I subscribed to you channel when you had 10k and loved you then but I haven’t watched your videos for a while as I felt you had gone all designer on us, but I will be resubscribing. I’m a 52 yr old woman , so you do cover all ages too thank you xxx

ลักขณา จันทร์เงิน

ลักขณา จันทร์เงิน . 4 months ago

WOW OMG!!!!! cannot believe YOU actually DELETED MY COMMENT about encouraging you to be MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PERSON by buying LESS POLYESTER CLOTHES!!!!!!

Laura Munro

Laura Munro . 4 months ago

Josie love the trench it's very stylish x

Rebekah Divakaran

Rebekah Divakaran . 4 months ago

Net-a-porter "sustainable"- aka made in a filipino sweat shop with no aircon and no machines where they are paid pittance. lol.

Catherine Holler

Catherine Holler . 4 months ago

I love the pink floral dress and pink bucket bag

Candy Holladay

Candy Holladay . 4 months ago

the ginormous hat. . . Josie I LOVE it! So funny how you said you look like a scarecrow - I have a large head though, so perhaps I'll go snag that fringy one for fall hayrides! Fun video.

Irene Clark

Irene Clark . 4 months ago

Beautiful selections the blouse you are wearing is a beautiful print👌

Madison Herries

Madison Herries . 4 months ago

Love everything !

Humaira S

Humaira S . 4 months ago

Gorgeous!!! I am into white dresses now because of you 😘😘

binnis threading

binnis threading . 4 months ago

Thank you for another great vlog. I adore your sense of goofy humour. That hat made me laugh 😂 you’re honesty shines and you’re clearly not afraid to laugh at yourself which makes you stand out amongst others in your line of work. I really enjoyed this video. Thank you 💐

Paul and Cindy Brown

Paul and Cindy Brown . 4 months ago

You are very sweet, I can say this because I am old enough to be your mother.😊

Lindsey Lee

Lindsey Lee . 4 months ago

wartime evacuee lolll I love how you precisely point out what an outfit looks like!

Deanna Troy

Deanna Troy . 4 months ago

I kind of liked the fringed hat... Maybe you could iron it flatter?


TheEnglishCafe . 4 months ago

Beautiful, Josie! What about the bag at 9:30? Can't find it in the shopping links.

fike keenan

fike keenan . 4 months ago

Love everything❤️❤️❤️

Alix B

Alix B . 4 months ago

Josie you are my absolute favourite fashion blogger. Thanks so much for this lovely video! I must buy the white shirt dress for work 😘 oh and the scarecrow hat 🤣 haven’t seen another alternative but that moment was funny ☺️☺️ much love from Germany xoxo Alix

Michelle Waldock

Michelle Waldock . 4 months ago

Love the fringe hat 😍👍 great video hun x

Amanda Panda

Amanda Panda . 4 months ago

Lovely video. During the try ons it would be great if you turned all the way around so that the back of the swim suit, dress, outfit is shown.

Lizzie Pavlakou

Lizzie Pavlakou . 4 months ago

Loved the summer trench coat .

Deep Kaur

Deep Kaur . 4 months ago

Omg the fringe style hat is obnoxiously awesome 💕🌸💕

Hannah Tran

Hannah Tran . 4 months ago

The scarecrow hat is comically big!

Ashley G

Ashley G . 4 months ago

Loving those earrings! 😍

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