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Apex Legends Best Gun Sights



Published on 9 months ago

The best gun sights in Apex Legends will be completely dependent on your personal preference, but there seems to be more of a universal agreement in some areas like the 1x Digital Threat and the 1x and 2x HCOG for your non-sniper guns, but also some snipers like the Scout can use other HCOGs. Again, your personal preference will weigh out any decision, but if you're newer to Apex Legends and want to see how and what others consider more standard then hopefully this gun sights list can help!

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Comments :

aare pelaa

aare pelaa . 4 weeks ago

Holoow is my favourite because i dont line the dot in the h-gog its too big

Aman Abid

Aman Abid . 2 months ago

1x-2x is best on the WingMan

Roan Bascoe

Roan Bascoe . 2 months ago

This current season I’ve really been feeling the 2x bruiser especially with the R99, shotguns and pistols I love digital threat, I’ll switch out the bruiser for the DT on the R99 if I have a sniper/longer ranged weapon as my secondary. I like the 4x-8x scope on snipers, 2-4 if I don’t come across the 4-8, don’t really like the 6x scope...guess I like options...but to me the 2x seems the most versatile, I could use it on mostly all weapons.

Lipika Biswas

Lipika Biswas . 3 months ago

R99 with digital threat and peacekeepers with digital threat

Denis Andrade

Denis Andrade . 4 months ago

r 99 and prowler with hacog


HazardousNotion . 4 months ago

As a console player. I like 1X hcog. It’s so balanced and the only other sight I use is the 1-2 holo. And that’s very rare.

Khaos Official

Khaos Official . 4 months ago

I wish everyone agrees the worst sight is the ranger sight, I mean, its good for snipers, but not everyone will be keeping it. The ads with this sight seems slower


BlackBeast . 5 months ago

Holo is good only for spitfire

Savage Potato

Savage Potato . 5 months ago

I think I am the only person on the planet who doesn’t like the digital threat lol I stick to my standard h cog classic all day literally on everything ! Snipers I’ll go with the mid h or 2 4 variable

Pamcake King

Pamcake King . 5 months ago

The HCog is the superior optic

Ryan Cantrell

Ryan Cantrell . 5 months ago

I feel like the thermal sniper should be 3x-6x. I think itd be a hellofresh a lot better.

Józef Stalin

Józef Stalin . 5 months ago

idk why but i prefer holo instead of red dot


Tazatron101 . 6 months ago

The 1x and 1x-2x is amazing on shotguns

armless alligator 22

armless alligator 22 . 6 months ago

My top 4 favorite sights #1(my favorite):2x bruiser #2:digital threat #3:1x-2x variable #4:classic HCog

Micah Lee

Micah Lee . 7 months ago

the gold wingman has never had a 1x holo on it. It was originally the 1-2x holo, but that got changed to a digital threat.

Elias Mienshao

Elias Mienshao . 8 months ago

1x hcog red dot is my favorite, particularly for guns with higher recoil. Since the sights are so clean, I'll put this on the Wingman, Prowler, and HAVOC, so I can focus entirely on recoil control and bring out the best these guns can offer. For the R-301, Hemlock, and Spitfire, I will suggest the 2x HCOG Bruiser, or 2-4x Holo. With a good barrel stabilizer, it really brings out their distance-accuracy potential. I believe the 1x Holo sight to be the worst in the game. The circle is distracting and unclean, and the aim point isn't as bold as the 1x hcog. It gets lost in the muzzle flash, and that's why I only use it as a last resort.

Deion Moore

Deion Moore . 8 months ago

holo is the best scope in the game. yall trippin

Mr Jaayy

Mr Jaayy . 8 months ago

When i have a sniper scope, acog, my sensitibity goes slower. Do you guys know how to fix that? Nice video man!

Alan Cabral

Alan Cabral . 8 months ago

Nice vid.

Alexis Alvarez

Alexis Alvarez . 9 months ago

This needs more views, no one talks about the sights, I really needed this information, thank man.

Alex P

Alex P . 9 months ago

Love you jhow

Race Poole

Race Poole . 9 months ago

Yeah that was the perfect list and exactly how I had it in my head.


Xatik . 9 months ago

1x digital threat - what a pain for colourblind players like me :) - "make your enemies invisable"! The colourblind mode is so bad in this game, - probably the worst I've met in 20 years of gaming (excluding games that do not have it at all).

Absolute Idiot

Absolute Idiot . 9 months ago

Every holo sight is garbage

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