Published on 2 months ago

Today I challenged my boy SoaR Jonny to a 1v1 in Apex Legends! This is some of the most fun I've ever had playing this game! Leave a like and a comment, thanks for watching.


• They say This Pro is one of the Best, So I Called him out to a 1v1! - PS4 Apex Legends

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Comments :


staycation . 2 months ago

INTENSE 🤩 gonna be live on t w i t c h soon!:) link in description

Gustav Gabriel

Gustav Gabriel . 4 days ago

Pls do a 1 vs 1 against pufferfish667 or Zeus

Derek Rodriguez

Derek Rodriguez . 2 weeks ago



JP . 2 weeks ago

The good ol "Hold up I didn't have aim assist" excuse to save face😂

Third Eye Genesis

Third Eye Genesis . 2 weeks ago

Stay, you may not consider yourself Pro, but you definitely are in ours eyes bro!

Halloween Valentine

Halloween Valentine . 2 weeks ago

Just now found out you can use a keyboard on ps4


Inferno . 2 weeks ago

1v1 Zylbrad

Corey Sells

Corey Sells . 3 weeks ago

Challenge NRG ACEU..

TinkLe Gaming

TinkLe Gaming . 3 weeks ago

ahhh jeez that was some intense battles ... remind me of my game last night!

Justin Cruz

Justin Cruz . 3 weeks ago

itemp plays

Justin Cruz

Justin Cruz . 3 weeks ago

ipem plays

Nathan Jon

Nathan Jon . 3 weeks ago

Is not better than NRG dizzy and NRG aceu

Danny Rincon

Danny Rincon . 3 weeks ago

Soar kobi plz

starset imagination

starset imagination . 3 weeks ago

1v1 dizzy!

Asif Anwar

Asif Anwar . 3 weeks ago

Let's play 1 vs 1 with me

CallMeWash YT

CallMeWash YT . 4 weeks ago

1v1 Zylbrad🍪

JayceJPC _7

JayceJPC _7 . 1 month ago

Zeus 1v1 him


IbraXIV-_- . 1 month ago

1v1s don't matter when it comes to your skill because in 1v1s it's all about playing aggressive and you can get the weapons you want. Two important skills in apex is being flexible with weapons and knowing when to go aggressive and when not to

*_Angelo G. Pradella_*

*_Angelo G. Pradella_* . 1 month ago

Btw, thanks for making that old video on the best console settings it changed my whole apex career which turned is turning an actual e-sport career ♥️

*_Angelo G. Pradella_*

*_Angelo G. Pradella_* . 1 month ago

1v1 Thegoldenboy! He has THE BEST AIM among all the pros on console, and he will for sure accept a 1v1

big sam

big sam . 1 month ago

the moment Jonny turned on aim was settled


Hellions . 1 month ago

Soar is be best

THiRSTY hyena

THiRSTY hyena . 1 month ago

Staycation do you play on ps4 or PC

David Groves

David Groves . 1 month ago

BacKoFFmyJanKz I would pay 10000 to watch you 1v1 jankz

Wael Mak

Wael Mak . 1 month ago

Today daltoosh removed all of u three in ranked 😂


TheClubnet . 1 month ago

I’m done with these streamers man what a bunch of fucking cunts

Joan Valdez

Joan Valdez . 1 month ago

Where's the intro music?!

Landon Hancock

Landon Hancock . 1 month ago

I play on ps4

Landon Hancock

Landon Hancock . 1 month ago

Can we 1v1

Mc Dippin Sauce

Mc Dippin Sauce . 1 month ago

Pk w 2X bruiser > digi threat

Callan Otis

Callan Otis . 1 month ago

When you realize tollis is on xbox no 1v1 ):

Hunter Pope

Hunter Pope . 1 month ago

I’m so glad u call him one of the best, and not the best in the world like everyone else!

Dave SlickDick

Dave SlickDick . 1 month ago

I watch the first three minutes and neither of you got no skill at all just cheesing OP guns and using overrated legends and thinking you’re a good player


MrMatt . 1 month ago

Hits 116 on him close range and decided to heal his shields? 😂


Jackbutt35 . 1 month ago

1v1 Zylbrad!

Rachna Srivastava

Rachna Srivastava . 1 month ago


Art Woody

Art Woody . 1 month ago

Hey bro, you should play one on one with zylbrad 💯

oh 1

oh 1 . 1 month ago

I love watching a 1v1 with the most easy to control guns being used peacekeeper does about 120 dmg from a full charge and r99 does 300 dmg with 27 bullets in t he clip also stay your recoil control is terrible you need to practice more and also if you still can't control the recoil still change your sensitivity and deadlines cause if your controllers old it will start drifting not sending hate just giving out tips


TempleRxse . 1 month ago

no one: staycation: 5:11 5:14 5:32 5:43


NAME . 1 month ago


Chief khizA

Chief khizA . 1 month ago

That's me on the thumbnail as pathfinder ❤

Noah Turner

Noah Turner . 1 month ago

I wanna see more of these with other streamers/YouTubers


nancymarie07 . 1 month ago

1vs1 SoAr Kobi

TheycallmeMonty xx

TheycallmeMonty xx . 1 month ago

Call Aceu for 1 vs 1


Spodeczek . 1 month ago

Pro ? , i dont sey


AlexDynamicFilms . 1 month ago

Soar kobi

Mira The Mischievous

Mira The Mischievous . 1 month ago

Still to this day I don't got a knife for my wraith. And knowing my garbage rng my first heirloom will be a lifeline heirloom


XYLO GAMER 100 . 1 month ago

Who wants zeus vs staycation


SplitMindMusic . 1 month ago

lol poor jonny had the same bug as me when the game just decided to turn the aim assist off. It took me several hours and a lot of deaths to realize what was going on 😄

yeet Jackson

yeet Jackson . 1 month ago

Puffer fish is the best

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