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Published on 10 months ago

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What should your Apex Legends sensitivity be? What about the response curve? FOV? Well today I am showing you the best controller settings for Apex Legends. These settings are for both PS4 and Xbox One and should work great. Many of the settings on Apex Legends are personal preference but some make huge differences like the "response curve" setting. If you give these settings a go let me know what you think of them in the comments!


Thanks for watching!


Comments :

Kuro Kenji

Kuro Kenji . 1 month ago

What about the evolved layout. I don’t see much people talking about that I feel it may be more efficient if you get used to it then puncher cause you can not only crouch and slide while aiming but you can also jump. Just your tactical ability is on x which may take some getting use too. I feel it may be the best unless of course you have a scuff in which case you keep it on default and customize. Also in order to bunny hop you have to put crouch on hold problem I see with this is at least for me it’s harder to aim while holding down crouch to slide vs just tapping it and aiming freely. Plus now that they removed bhop healing I feel it’s more worth it to keep it on toggle for better aim. Again unless you have a scuff then you can do it all. Scuff meta...

khadija alboinin

khadija alboinin . 3 months ago

is these settings good for pc?

RKR Gaming

RKR Gaming . 3 months ago

*Are you still using the same settings?*


Aanonymous88 . 3 months ago

So it does not work on PS4 or Slim then?

CJ The Reactor

CJ The Reactor . 3 months ago

Nobody: Bangalore: Ultimate Accelerant here Lifeline: I need it!

Nadheer Ahmed

Nadheer Ahmed . 3 months ago

OMG that sooooo nice

Fallen —

Fallen — . 3 months ago

Rich I improved big time all thanks to you my friend :))


J.Ithegamer . 4 months ago

Hey ate you using a 4k capture card I see your video is clean with no lag or frame rate drops

Nicholas Gonzales

Nicholas Gonzales . 4 months ago

What fov would you suggest for a 52” tv?


Ishimwe . 4 months ago

Thanks man ur the best

JustRichard T

JustRichard T . 4 months ago

Do you still use claw?

ty max

ty max . 5 months ago

Do you not ever used advanced look controls? Looks like it wasnt a thing then?

Neon Scorpion

Neon Scorpion . 5 months ago

I just found apex legends has incredibly indeaoth sensitivity controls at the very bottom of the control screen. Let's you tune every single aspect of sensitivity. I spent 3 hours yesterday and made my perfect sensitivity, it's actually a blend between steady and fine, but custom deadzones that feel more comfortable. :)


TheEpicLLC . 5 months ago

Reload when you get and extended mag


EVOLVE . 6 months ago

I would have dropped my car package on that mirage for stealing my gold helmet. That helmet is more useful on Lifeline than Mirage


- DEMONDIROS - . 6 months ago

I play on 8 sensitivity(insane)

Aek Kea

Aek Kea . 6 months ago

What about l2 r2 deadzones

Aek Kea

Aek Kea . 6 months ago

My settings dontl like yours

Jon Perez

Jon Perez . 6 months ago

I wish xbox was this easy :(


washdolly1 . 6 months ago

'great teamwork' *steal all the kills, steals your loot, laughs when you don't get the elim*


DGMUSICisGOOD . 7 months ago

you are using a gamepad, right? not a mouse on ps4?


ClapClapClap . 7 months ago

This makes me worse at the fucking game


Rexaurdaapeking . 7 months ago

Anyone notice him calling lifeline flatline?

Curse Gaming

Curse Gaming . 7 months ago

ronaldinho football player

Kerr Jay

Kerr Jay . 7 months ago

Damn you are so good.


StrangeLettuce . 7 months ago

My setting were not really different but with some adjustments I have noticed that I have improved a lot I have being winning tonnes more yesterday won at least 10 time in a space of 2 hours

Kevin Reuber

Kevin Reuber . 7 months ago

you dont stream on Twitch do you?


Sushi_king24 . 7 months ago

Today I won with 12 kills then I watch you and for me it was hard but I see for you it’s so easy lol

sad beanbag

sad beanbag . 8 months ago

Got a 2 kills with the mozambitch lol


Aj . 8 months ago

_Go Krazy_

leland townsend

leland townsend . 8 months ago

when you said there will be a time stamp an add showed up

Paul Santua

Paul Santua . 8 months ago

Rich,what kind of headphones you use and your controller

John Chapman

John Chapman . 8 months ago

"whenever I drop ammo I try and top it off." You totally tried to pick it up off reflex 😂

Patrick akaaka

Patrick akaaka . 8 months ago

Omg sry door 😂 I changed my settings to like yours and its amazing. From 2 kills to 5 or more a match. Thanks !

Beta Test

Beta Test . 8 months ago

Came on here to copy ur settings cue why not I have the same as u

Isaac Wright

Isaac Wright . 8 months ago

Aw we have the exact same settings :’)


Naxe . 8 months ago

Put these settings on and instantly got 2 games with 4 kills


Mundi . 8 months ago

Do u have a regular Dualshock 4 controller?

slim shock

slim shock . 8 months ago

Love your vids mate 🤙🤙🤙

alex reid

alex reid . 8 months ago

itemp you should do a updated settings vid, and check out the advanced camera settings (I think its called) in the controller menu, gives you more to tinker with.

Longrod VonHugendong

Longrod VonHugendong . 8 months ago

Why carry 6 medkits when youre lifeline? lol

- xGoD iOS -

- xGoD iOS - . 8 months ago

15:56 how did you do that? I’m new to Apex, so i don’t know everything!


SAEVA_ GUTS . 8 months ago



SAEVA_ GUTS . 8 months ago



CJ . 8 months ago

This guy is the human Pathfinder. He’s so nice. He’s so entertaining and skilled. His item management isn’t great so that only shows that he’s really a human being and not actually a robot. 🤖

•Phillip 4u•

•Phillip 4u• . 8 months ago

Do you play with a controller that has paddles if so. What’s the name of the controller and what do you set the paddles to?


nintendude1994 . 8 months ago

Just switched to this and won the 1st game lol

Suicidal Duck

Suicidal Duck . 8 months ago

Wow I’ve been doing much better since I started watching u

N.A. Bunce

N.A. Bunce . 9 months ago

Thanks for the video! Just some feedback, I almost clicked away when I realized how long the video was with no index of clickable timecode markers. Glad I stayed, but maybe in the future it will be helpful to retain viewers by being clear the actual tutorial is within the first 4 minutes. If you disagree completely ignore this comment - keep up the good work!

Ashis limbu

Ashis limbu . 9 months ago

you're funny man "great team work amigo" :D

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