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APEX Legends - Hidden Story

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Fandom Games

Published on 11 months ago

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APEX Legends - Hidden Story

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Comments :

Jessica Beck

Jessica Beck . 1 day ago

What about Octane and Wottson?

Monsterqueen 341

Monsterqueen 341 . 2 days ago

Pathfinder is my favorite

Guillermo Jr Marron

Guillermo Jr Marron . 3 days ago

Is that a movie??

Advent TuB

Advent TuB . 7 days ago

They and their is plural. I was so confused when you were talking about bloodhound. Like are you talking about a race of people are there multiple bloodhounds like TF?


7h3crush3r . 1 week ago

Ok boomer

r_i_l_e_y_t_o_w_l_ e

r_i_l_e_y_t_o_w_l_ e . 2 weeks ago


Robert Panek

Robert Panek . 2 weeks ago

I think Bloodhound is a hunter. Who joined the Apex Legend games.

samual williamson

samual williamson . 2 weeks ago

I (hate) people who have British accents


B. KOUL . 2 weeks ago

In the background of pathfinder and him looking in the glass there’s crypto as what is seems he is very young

ROBYN Graham

ROBYN Graham . 2 weeks ago

I like caustic he seems nice

Epex OP

Epex OP . 2 weeks ago

I was thinking what couples i could get from apex... Lets see... Mirage-Wraith Caustic- Bangalore Lifeline-crypto Gibraltar-... idk blodhound!??!

Raven Pro 26

Raven Pro 26 . 3 weeks ago

Path is fav

Sale Lamositele

Sale Lamositele . 3 weeks ago

Pathfinder: Watch out or I’ll grapple you! Literally

Sale Lamositele

Sale Lamositele . 3 weeks ago


Stevie Langford

Stevie Langford . 3 weeks ago

Mine is bloodhound


karteykallday . 4 weeks ago

You should add that pathfinder is related to Ethan from cod

Nick Smiley

Nick Smiley . 4 weeks ago

Gibraltar keeps people safe yet he has a fricking airstrike

Gab The Otherkin

Gab The Otherkin . 4 weeks ago

Bloodhound is non binary!!

Saleema Ahmed

Saleema Ahmed . 4 weeks ago

Jailbroke does my favorite girl

insomnia fate

insomnia fate . 4 weeks ago

Please make a part 2 for the new characters they added

john rheamsjr123

john rheamsjr123 . 4 weeks ago




Bloodhound is a they??

Jaiden Lee

Jaiden Lee . 1 month ago

I wont fail Pathfinder, He will find his owner and I will help him with it!

Horny Bois

Horny Bois . 1 month ago

The only backstory in apex legend is the milita and apex war to free the frontier


Nakdown . 1 month ago

my favorite hero whraith lvl 101 but 1.000.000 damage and 5000 kill

Alfie Briscoe

Alfie Briscoe . 1 month ago

Btw mararges mum has dementia


SALTY_ LOARD_1107 . 1 month ago

Got to put out respect for ma boi caustic


Sakemi191005x . 1 month ago

Informative. Seriously. That question. Would you like to update about newer characters and their stories?

Tia G

Tia G . 1 month ago

I like Bangalore

rachel the potato

rachel the potato . 1 month ago

I wish the shield was a bit stronger because the shield easily gets ruined (life lines shield while helping knocked teammates )

Cool Swag

Cool Swag . 1 month ago

The question remains, where does Gibraltar’s and Bangalore’s artillery come?


DANISH MUQRI BIN RAIS - . 1 month ago

Hmm...a robot doing push up ha?

A fruge

A fruge . 1 month ago

Bloodhound or Mirage are my go to legends

Jon Roberts

Jon Roberts . 2 months ago

Bloodhound and pathfinder


Dabi . 2 months ago

Ah my boy pathfinder is a true best friend.

Ninja Jitter

Ninja Jitter . 2 months ago


Jes S

Jes S . 2 months ago

Bloodhound goes by they/them, NOT he/him.

Derrick Wren

Derrick Wren . 2 months ago

you tried sooo hard to stick to the whole "gender neutral" thing they tried to set up for bloodhound and then you said him one time and just kept rolling with it lolol

Native_Beats _2016

Native_Beats _2016 . 2 months ago

Question: Does the game, in universe, have some sort of regeneration tech? Like the Hyperion respawn stations?

Random Patotoe creature of the Internet

Random Patotoe creature of the Internet . 2 months ago

Here's what i don't get Pathfinder dosen't breathe so how dose the nox gas effect him lol

Ashley Osborn

Ashley Osborn . 2 months ago


gta player kid Senack

gta player kid Senack . 2 months ago

I like the first girl I think her abletble to have a voese wern her of incoming danger is pretty cool

Freshjoe 76

Freshjoe 76 . 2 months ago



chickenwang . 2 months ago

My main is crypto he is super helpful and l love his story

Pez D Spencer

Pez D Spencer . 2 months ago

Bloodhounds real name is Jotunn and he blames pathfinder for the death of his brother Artur (same name as his bird)

Francisco Rios

Francisco Rios . 2 months ago


Henry Wiggins

Henry Wiggins . 2 months ago

Lifeline, Bangalore, and bloodhood are my top three

Alpha Barrie

Alpha Barrie . 3 months ago

Wraith ofcourse

steven scott

steven scott . 3 months ago

i like wraith and i found out that her and bloodhound are both from the same place as bangalor wraith and blood hound bith have the "gen 10" mark on them

zari shah

zari shah . 3 months ago

The old guy in this character with the beard is an upcoming legend aswell

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