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7 Greatest Goalkeepers of All Time| HITC Sevens

HITC Sevens

HITC Sevens

Published on 3 years ago


From Iker Casillas to Lev Yashin, HITC Sevens count down our seven greatest goalkeepers of all time.

Honourable mentions go to Ricardo Zamora, Amadeo Carrizo, Edwin Van Der Sar, Sepp Maier, Gyula Grosics, Rinat Dasayev, Peter Shilton, Frantisek Planicka, Walter Zenga, Jose Luis Chilavert, Gilmar, Neville Southall, Bert Trautmann, Michel Preud’homme, Gianpiero Combi, Pat Jennings, Ubaldo Fillol, Jorge Camps, Frank Swift and current stars Manuel Neuer and David De Gea.

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Comments :

Rekha Sharma

Rekha Sharma . 2 days ago

Where's van der sar.


UPTIMUS PRIME . 3 days ago



ALMY . 6 days ago

Buffon Nr 1 No question

Adhiraj Mantan

Adhiraj Mantan . 7 days ago

Buffon over iker no way

Adarsh Adhu

Adarsh Adhu . 1 week ago

Iker casillas is the all time best

Katties Dickson

Katties Dickson . 2 weeks ago

Goalkeeper is the best

Rithvikiscool 64

Rithvikiscool 64 . 2 weeks ago

Neuer ?

José Fernando Villanueva Hidalgo

José Fernando Villanueva Hidalgo . 3 weeks ago


David L.

David L. . 3 weeks ago

sorry but you have no fucking clue about goalkeepers. The best goalkeeper ever is definitely Manuell Neuer. I am a goalkeeper myself and this guy changed the game.

Djiguiba Kamara

Djiguiba Kamara . 4 weeks ago

BS,have you ever heard about Thomas Nkono from Cameroun "Africa " one of the best goalkeeper ever the world had seen....!

Badly made Content

Badly made Content . 1 month ago

Bert Trautmann Was Better Than Gordon Banks

Nihal Nikku

Nihal Nikku . 1 month ago

Where is p cech

No Name

No Name . 1 month ago

Oliver kahn is the only gk , who won golden ball in world cup. He also won golden gloves in 2002 world cup. Without kahn nobody achieved this reward still now . He is the best gk of all time. King Kahn

Robert chiriac

Robert chiriac . 1 month ago

Helmuth Duckadam nr1

Carlos Alberto Valderrama

Carlos Alberto Valderrama . 1 month ago

Aldo Simoncini is the best in the history 😊

Craig Jackson

Craig Jackson . 1 month ago

your mum

Harvey Blachford

Harvey Blachford . 1 month ago

No bert trautmann

Gonçalo Cruzeiro

Gonçalo Cruzeiro . 1 month ago

Gordon banks?!

Mrinmoy Bhattacharya

Mrinmoy Bhattacharya . 2 months ago



Stefano . 2 months ago

How is Banks above Buffon? I could understand Schmeichel being above Buffon .... but there is no way Banks was even close to Buffon.

Rishav Giri

Rishav Giri . 2 months ago

Neuer > Kahn with all due respect

Lovre Marovic

Lovre Marovic . 2 months ago

Mine top 7 would be 1. Yashin 2. Zoff 3. Banks 4. Buffon 5. Schmeichel 6. Cassillas 7. Neuer

avigail turgeman

avigail turgeman . 2 months ago

Where's petr cech?

Aman Bereket

Aman Bereket . 2 months ago

Buffon is clearly the greatest goal keeper of all time. He was ranked between 1-3 for 15 years. None of them are close to that level of record.

marjan Hokmellahi kharvani

marjan Hokmellahi kharvani . 2 months ago

whell buffon is still playing after 3 years

NoNameBoys 1904

NoNameBoys 1904 . 2 months ago

Manuel neuer ???


سیاوش . 2 months ago

César Luis Menotti said of him, Manuell Neuer is the best goalkeeper in football history. Sir Alex Ferguson also said: I've never seen a goalkeeper as good as him. I think they are both right.

Aren Safarian

Aren Safarian . 2 months ago

Where is neuer?

Kiran Limbu

Kiran Limbu . 2 months ago

Where is Higuita??????...

Eoin O'Callaghan

Eoin O'Callaghan . 2 months ago

Arsenal only paid £40,000 for Pat Jennings who wins my vote for greatest keeper ever. Why is he so so underated.

Clive Wilson

Clive Wilson . 2 months ago

Petr cech should have a mention on here

Clive Wilson

Clive Wilson . 2 months ago

Iker casillas should be no1

Osazeme Enodolomwanyi

Osazeme Enodolomwanyi . 2 months ago

5:06 ...isn't that Lincoln from 24?

Steffen Samlal

Steffen Samlal . 2 months ago

My favorite goalie of all time is Taffarel

Helmut Heimlichson

Helmut Heimlichson . 3 months ago

No Petr Cech even in the honorable mentions? Are you serious?

yousuf ali

yousuf ali . 3 months ago

Péter chez

Andrea M

Andrea M . 3 months ago

You need to add Zamora , and take off Casillas

Randy Santana

Randy Santana . 3 months ago

Where is van der Sar? Dislike!

Malcolm Gill

Malcolm Gill . 3 months ago

Big pat Jennings best of the lot


Veritas . 3 months ago

Shmiechel shouldn’t be there, he was a handball goalkeeper. Agile, good shot stopper but has nothing on the other guys.

Laure Malleval

Laure Malleval . 3 months ago

Barthez changed football with feet game. A genious!

Sebast1en R1ba

Sebast1en R1ba . 3 months ago

He didn’t even put Čech as a honorable mention he should rewatch 2012 ucl final

Dylan Greaney

Dylan Greaney . 3 months ago

Peter shilton 💯


aDiZzZ208 . 3 months ago

what about nuer, gilmar, van der sar they should have come instead of zoff, kahn and casillas or schmeicel

Harrison Mancer

Harrison Mancer . 3 months ago

Peter chech

mizo pa

mizo pa . 3 months ago

I would say Petr Cech😇

Soumyajit Dey

Soumyajit Dey . 3 months ago

Don't know man , I've not been watching football since 50s , I was not born then , I am a guy of this decade , for me Buffon is the best , then comes Casillas and Neuer.

all by RS

all by RS . 4 months ago

I guess u showed keepers after Manuel Neuer

Adam Abdelghany

Adam Abdelghany . 4 months ago

He protecc He attacc But most importantly, the spider is blacc

Grigori Rasputin

Grigori Rasputin . 4 months ago

Buffon above Casillas? Mmm i don’t think so.

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