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Dudek, Shevchenko and Ancelotti on Istanbul miracle



Published on 6 years ago


Jerzy Dudek, Andriy Shevchenko and Carlo Ancelotti recall the classic 2005 UEFA Champions League final as Liverpool recovered from 3-0 down in Istanbul.

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ĂĽPĚŘ ĐÎŽŽÝ . 1 week ago

Barça Milan Liverpool Manchester United ♡

Pawan Sorout

Pawan Sorout . 2 weeks ago

I ain't kidding but this Milan was on other level

Ronald Nie Kumam

Ronald Nie Kumam . 3 weeks ago

Już nikt nie przegląda tego? Co tam zrobił Dudek w drugiej poowie i dogrywce, to masakra jakaś. Karne to Legenda...

Elia Marrucci

Elia Marrucci . 3 weeks ago

Dudek couldn't move towards the opponent that way. The goalkeeper can only move on the line. He was lucky not to be awarded with a yellow card for doing it during the shootout.


maki . 1 month ago

3:11 :D


maxmzd . 2 months ago

Who is here after watching John Green read his essay?

uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas

uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas . 2 months ago

Porca puttana eva 😔

Alex K

Alex K . 2 months ago

2:31 that expression:) who is the boss

Arminiusz Mazowszanin

Arminiusz Mazowszanin . 2 months ago

2:25 that dudek save was psychologically damaging to Milan - i think they lost faith they can really win it that night.

Risshen Raj

Risshen Raj . 2 months ago

Who is here after the bt sport poll crowing this game as the most iconic champions league moment ever

Abang Adien

Abang Adien . 2 months ago

maybe Liverpool is not the best team in the world, but we love football more for what Liverpool did through the history. Istanbul 2005, Anfield 2019

Jody Siels

Jody Siels . 2 months ago

the most amazing moment of the football history, better than 7:1

Rue Hakeem

Rue Hakeem . 3 months ago

im here after john greens podcast about Dudek.


therealoinjman . 3 months ago

One of the greatest suprise along with belgrade vs marseille in 91


Jonas ANDREASSEN . 3 months ago

Liverpools ever biggest moment. Period

Russ Izmaylov

Russ Izmaylov . 3 months ago

Anthropocene Reviewed brought me here.

Denis Baranov

Denis Baranov . 4 months ago

John Geeen's podacst The Anthropocene Reviewed brought me here. Thank you, John.


demotherapy . 4 months ago

The Anthropocene Reviewed anyone?

Mbanik Mbaku

Mbanik Mbaku . 5 months ago

Dudek looks like the a beardless Jan Oblak

Pay Attention

Pay Attention . 5 months ago


Choen Lee

Choen Lee . 5 months ago

Watching the highlights again, this was clearly Dudek's Cup. Not Gerrard's.

angela diotti

angela diotti . 5 months ago

Ac Milan the most ridiculous team evet

justin case

justin case . 5 months ago

Miracle ? That's was a nightmare😱😭


darodaredevil . 5 months ago

I saw it on TV when I was kid, man what an awesome memories

Ammad Ali

Ammad Ali . 5 months ago

Best CL final ever.

sam rusoff

sam rusoff . 5 months ago

Hi, fellow Anthropocene Reviewed listeners :D

Olwen Puralena

Olwen Puralena . 5 months ago

Anyone here from the Antropocene Reviewed?! Only John Green could tell a story so well that I looked up a match for a sport I don't care about where two teams I don't root for are playing and yet he has gotten me so pumped up I end up nearly in tears by the end of the clip!


Eazoon . 5 months ago

Anyone here after the Anthropacene Reviewed?

Ernesto Vaffan-Kulo 93

Ernesto Vaffan-Kulo 93 . 5 months ago

Best save I've ever seen. This double save was just at the end of it. It's incredible. Better than Banks for sure, since it led to the Victory while Banks led to nothing but one less goal for Brazil. After that double save it was a mistake to let Shevchenko take a PK bc Dudek had a mental edged on him. This was the best finale I remember, way better than 1999 : a lot more goals, more suspense, more goalkeeping, more drama, extra-time, some more drama again and finally the PKs ...

Kabelo Maragelo

Kabelo Maragelo . 5 months ago

Dudek's penalty saves were dodgy.

James Gordon

James Gordon . 5 months ago

No one talks about how Gerrard blatantly dived for that penalty lol

Standly UA

Standly UA . 5 months ago

2:00 🇺🇦Ukrainian National Football Team Head Coach. I think not everyone knows that

Bug Bo

Bug Bo . 5 months ago

Hamann the greatest midfielder in that team. I don't know why he wasn't in the first player.

Wallis Marcobius

Wallis Marcobius . 5 months ago

Best champions league final EVER

lucky luke

lucky luke . 5 months ago


Ben Cab

Ben Cab . 5 months ago

2:20 This is a miracle

Antonio Beneventano

Antonio Beneventano . 5 months ago

Sheva dà Sheva toglie dà....la champions del 2003 toglie....la champions del 2005: non dico che fu il peggiore in campo ma poco ci mancò gol sbagliato da ZERO metri e una mozzarella di rigore

isaac kraho

isaac kraho . 5 months ago

My favorite ac Milan 11 of all time. Thought I'm a blue

Cengiz Acar

Cengiz Acar . 5 months ago

Turkey 2020 olimpiyat arena

Oleh D.

Oleh D. . 5 months ago

I think the real winners here are the fans of great football. What a team Milan had back then... they dont make them like that anymore.

Del Brown

Del Brown . 5 months ago

This is the only case EVER that Columbo hasn't solved.


100Dob . 5 months ago

"You'll never walk alone", that magical night, those words came true!


CASA CORONA . 5 months ago

I cry.

Rachmat Hidayat

Rachmat Hidayat . 5 months ago

The best match ever

Dzo Ni

Dzo Ni . 5 months ago

Dida was payed for liverpools win

Wenyu Jin

Wenyu Jin . 5 months ago

Smicer's goal is a clearly offside and should be ruled out, Baros completely blocked Dida's vision. Disgrace!

Tanay Deb

Tanay Deb . 5 months ago

🇮🇳we love💘 to watch💕 Europe football🇮🇳 সব খেলার 👍সেরা বাঙালির🤩 তুমি ফুটবল 🇮🇳Siliguri💕Suryanagar,💞West Bengal💘 India🇮🇳

StrivingLad 87

StrivingLad 87 . 5 months ago

Just turn off the console!

Zouzou l'ancien

Zouzou l'ancien . 5 months ago

J'en suis encore dégouté

Maulanafajar Septhian

Maulanafajar Septhian . 5 months ago

Never forget this match

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