Calicoe "Nobody"


  • Release Date: 26 Sep 2015
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I'm addicted to this life style
I'm repentin' for it right now
Even though I know I'ma do it again
Am I wrong for livin' for right now
Even though I know I ain't livin' again?
So who the fuck is watchin' over me?
Man, who the fuck is watchin' over me?!
Nobody, nobody

[Verse 1]
As a kid I wasn't lied to
Shit, I knew how the bills was paid
Now here I stand, a grown man
And it felt like it'd never come
But in all actuality it'll never end
Until a nigga dead and gone, set in stone
My grandpop still takin' care of muh'fuckas and he a bed of bones
Shit, we probably could leave it before the feds is on
But then the money, power and pussy come, that's what led us on
The wrong shit… just like my man
Got a couple bitches in regular rotation that he roam with
Just told me he couldn't wait for that iPhone 6
Tryin' to keep up with the Joneses, and he homeless
Shit, a nigga out here livin' house to house
But his pockets flat, they need mouth to mouth
Will God forgive me with the sins I committed?
For whatever I did, I'm repentin'


[Verse 2]
Rattle snakes, nigga
I can hear 'em hissin', I can here 'em shakin'
You gotta weatherize your friends for the insulation
Why hit the club now? I'm gettin' fixed for greatness
And that's why lately I ain't been showin' no participation
A nigga say he love me, it's right back at you
Niggas don't really like me but act like they do
Won't betray me in front of me, behind my back they do
Couple niggas got love for me and hate the fact they do
With all this weight, feel like I'm workin' out
They used to get 'em through the airport, but they searchin' now
Look at all the lives that the task force is hurtin' now
Came up with a plan to stop a nigga, I'ma work it out
Cuz can't be out here livin' house to house
See he ain't thinkin' of preparin' for when they lock him out
Will God forgive me for the sins I'm committin'?
For whatever I did, I'm repentin'