Best technique to use henna & indigo powder for natural brown color in hair without chemicals.
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Jawed Habib Hair Expert

Jawed Habib Hair Expert . 12 months ago

Use natural henna powder & Natural Indigo powder for the process. If you are allergic to any of these please avoid. For more information write to us on [email protected]

drfaheem khan

drfaheem khan . 2 weeks ago

Would you please tell me the other name of indigo in urdu here no any one know about indigo so please guide me

K P Verma

K P Verma . 3 weeks ago

Daily. bal nhi dhona chahiye


taranpreetkaurarora . 4 weeks ago

It doesnot work...i tried it....sir show it on hairs before and after result

Jyoti Bante

Jyoti Bante . 1 month ago

Brown shade chahiye

Nimara tahir

Nimara tahir . 2 months ago

Where the leaves of indigo powder?

Elizabeth Hernandez

Elizabeth Hernandez . 2 months ago


D Rakesh

D Rakesh . 2 months ago

Abe haldi use kiye toh baal jarh jate hy

Dimpal Jadhav

Dimpal Jadhav . 3 months ago

Sir indigo Matlab ???

Anjali Singh

Anjali Singh . 4 months ago

Wo jo aap bataye the heena indigo powder haldi aur mustard oil me mila kar lagane se baal kaale ya burgandy ho jayenge...per aisa to kuch hua bhi nahi, aur fir humne shampoo bhi nahi kiya fir bhi😣

Asad Imran

Asad Imran . 4 months ago

Sir my beard is white and can I use indigo powder and mustard together to get beard black or can you give me better solutions among this which looks natural?

Becky Lopez

Becky Lopez . 4 months ago

What do I do in my case since I have bleached ends :( will someone please advise 💖 Thank you!

Laila Sophie

Laila Sophie . 4 months ago

What a waist of time you are a joke lying it people 🥵

Sam Gal1982

Sam Gal1982 . 5 months ago

Pls tell me white hairs pe bhi black hoga ???? Pls tell


SUJATA GUPTA . 5 months ago

Sir I use this technique and got nice black colour. Thank u so much

Najmunnisa Shariff

Najmunnisa Shariff . 6 months ago

Hum ne bio organic indigo powder use Kia Lekin usse kuch bhi colour nahi aya

rishu sharma

rishu sharma . 7 months ago

Ur over acting is to 😠😠😠😠

Kaynat Khan

Kaynat Khan . 8 months ago

Etni bakwaz tips hoti hai total time west sab try ki but no work

Shamsa Ali

Shamsa Ali . 8 months ago

Indego powder kahan melta h

Stuti Srivastava

Stuti Srivastava . 9 months ago

Why does he sound like Anu Malik here?

gulfam arby

gulfam arby . 10 months ago

Sir mere Bal bahut jaldi sfed ho gye h mujhe kya karna chahiye unhe rokne ke liye

basheer ahmed

basheer ahmed . 10 months ago

Henna and indigo both are same or different please explain me

Pooja Gehani

Pooja Gehani . 11 months ago

Heenaveda indigo powder is good or not?

Uditanshu arya

Uditanshu arya . 11 months ago

Kya indigo powder or clothes par lagane wala neel powder same hote hai kya usko bhi balo par istamal kar sakte hai tum bahut acha Samjahate ho javed help me out


SHIVA . 11 months ago

Sir.. I wanted to ask ke agar color ke baad shampoo nahi karenge to aisa to nahi ke hair color kapdon me lagega... Aur kya ye same technique se him beard bhi color kar sakte hain? How to be sure of hair or beard color not going on cloths without shampooing it & just washing it with water

Shail Yadav

Shail Yadav . 12 months ago

Hi sir nice videos please upload video for oily scalp and dry thin hair .please help sir.

Anupam Khemariya

Anupam Khemariya . 12 months ago

एक वीडियो में जावेद साहब बोलते हैं कि गरीब लोग जो beggers हैं,उनके बाल कितने घने हैं,वो बहुत कम गंजे होते हैं।वो तो कई कई दिन बाल नहीं धोते।फिर भी घने बाल क्यों हैं उनके।तब ये साहब कहते हैं वो लोग sweet potato खाते हैं इसलिए उनके बाल लंबे हैं। याने कुछ भी बोलना। भिखारी ही नहीं,धार्मिक बाबा लोग जो साधना में लीन हैं,कई दिन बाल नहीं धोते उनके भी बड़े घने बाल होते हैं यहाँ तक की जटाएं तक बन जाती हैं बाल न धोने से,पर वो गंजे तो नहीं हुए। तो फिर ये स्वच्छता का पाठ क्यों??

Manpreet Mannu

Manpreet Mannu . 12 months ago

Sir @javedhabib Can we apply shampoo the next day after applying henna?

Kajal Chandna

Kajal Chandna . 12 months ago

indigo henna lagane ke baad use Kre ya saath mae laga sakte hai

Nazma Ansari

Nazma Ansari . 12 months ago

Sir dono ko sath mila kr lga skte h kiya?

Komal Komalsharma

Komal Komalsharma . 12 months ago

Thanks for dis information u r rockstar.u r just mind blowing🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Anju Kalra

Anju Kalra . 12 months ago

Indigo powder Kaha se milega

sanjay jain

sanjay jain . 12 months ago

Can we use mehendi or indigo if we are already using loreal colour for grey hair??

megan t

megan t . 12 months ago

Kya koi batayega ki grey hair black kaise ke to 2. Wash me hi color nikl jata...atlist one month to rahe...plz sir guide me...i m confused...lagaye kya..?

nausheen fatima

nausheen fatima . 12 months ago

Sach m swaksh bharat swaksh hair.👍👍

swati jha

swati jha . 12 months ago


arpita panda

arpita panda . 12 months ago

Can I use this technique for myself ?I am 16

Zuby Noor

Zuby Noor . 12 months ago

Sir apki tricks kam nhi krti..indigo powder use kiya pr black nhi hue hair

Aditya suthar

Aditya suthar . 12 months ago

Can u make video on how to treat “seborrheic dermatitis”

Tania Sharma

Tania Sharma . 12 months ago

Sir,Konsa indigo powder achcha hoga?

Rishu Rai

Rishu Rai . 12 months ago

Bhut acha sir 😊😊sir plz btaiye oily hair conditioner use hota h ki nhi?


Nishat . 12 months ago

Javed sir I am your new subscriber and I am so inspired by your videos thanks for sharing such important tips. Can you please tell me where i will get this Indigo powder and which brand. Thanks again sir.

Poonam Jaisinghani

Poonam Jaisinghani . 12 months ago

Great sir

Dimple Pal

Dimple Pal . 12 months ago

Sir meri age 24 h Mai indigo use kr Sakti hu mere already hair white h...mujhe dar lgta h khi or jyad white na ho jaye

kirti malik

kirti malik . 12 months ago

Thanx sir

Shivani Swami

Shivani Swami . 12 months ago

nice sir

Sakshi Sharma

Sakshi Sharma . 12 months ago

Thanks sir Kon si brand ka le

Maha Laxmi

Maha Laxmi . 12 months ago

Swaksh Bharat swaksh hair... Nice sir

Bhawani Shankar Naik

Bhawani Shankar Naik . 12 months ago

You said the right thing. Swachh bharat, swachh hair. Thank you Sir. 🙂

Gaurav Gaur

Gaurav Gaur . 12 months ago

Sir HAIR LINE REGROW kaise kare

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