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ASOS 2019 Swimsuit Try-On + Vacation Haul
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Hey Yall! So I’m heading to Barbados soon for vacation and decided to order a bunch of swimsuits and bikinis from ASOS and a few more things for my trip. Here’s a little ASOS Swimsuit Try-On and Vacation Haul. Details can be found below.

What I’m Wearing
Hunza G Green Crinkle Swimsuit:
Mango Linen Shorts:
Brinker & Eliza Necklace:

Black Crinkle Bikini Top:
Black Crinkle Bikini Bottom:
Brown Crinkle Bikini Top:
Brown Crinkle Bikini Bottom:
Orange One Piece Bathing Suit:
Yellow One Piece Bathing Suit:
Purple V Neck Bodysuit Satin Top:
Chartreuse Coverup:
Square Sunglasses:
Beige One Shoulder Dress:
$48 Adidas Colorful Sneakers:
Black Off The Shoulder Mini Dress:







Comments :

Marie Williams

Marie Williams . 4 weeks ago

7:12 - 7:26. Screaming about spider. Lol. I would definitely have to take a BP pill too.😄

Emily Lee

Emily Lee . 2 months ago

What is your size?

Bae Lee

Bae Lee . 2 months ago

How tall are you?

Iris Steward

Iris Steward . 3 months ago

I love your videos. You are very personable and relatable.


Gloreebee1 . 3 months ago

Those crinkle swimsuits will be a hit in BIM and if any guys are watching and plan to be there, trust that they're gonna be looking for ya . This video reminds me that I need to start sorting and packing damn self 😬

CURRENTLY Kherington

CURRENTLY Kherington . 3 months ago

O B S E S S E D WITH YOU! Love wearing one-pieces as body suits! ASOS has the best swimsuits + when they have a sale you are G O L D E N !

Anita Proctor

Anita Proctor . 3 months ago

Love the black dress nice haul😃


cocoabutterdiaries . 3 months ago

Cover-ups as dresses is where it’s at! I get so many of my summer dresses from the swim section! Even did an entire blog post about it😁


mec4688 . 3 months ago

Ugh jealous! Say 👋🏻 to Bad Gyal Riri for me 🤩

Beverly Singleton

Beverly Singleton . 3 months ago

Great haul and " I can afford it”. Too funny! There's another Sista' on here that does & can afford it too but is getting discouraged by haters and I said to myself, she needs to take a page out of Monroe's book! Anywho thx for sharing

Dope Librarian

Dope Librarian . 3 months ago

Oh...the absolute belly laugh I got from “But I can afford it.” Blessed my soul.

Erika Plackowski

Erika Plackowski . 3 months ago

I love you! And I screamed when I saw your face about the spider. 😂😂😂😂

Amourex de la vie Muah

Amourex de la vie Muah . 3 months ago

You are so sassy and I love it! All the pieces are a hi. I can’t wait for the Barbados vlogs. 💋

Carrie Hubbard

Carrie Hubbard . 3 months ago

I Luv how Colorful the Swimsuits are So ReFreshing🍒🍋🍍🍉🍇🍐!

Desired c

Desired c . 3 months ago

body 100%

The StyleSynonym

The StyleSynonym . 3 months ago

"I don't care! I can afford it!" YES!

Denise Oates

Denise Oates . 3 months ago

You and my baby sister and the whole spider thing. She once almost jump out my car while I was driving 50 mph. I had to grab her (not messing up my car : ] ). sigh! Great bathing suits (and you wear them well) and we should all remember that phrase "don't know the correct pronunciation but I can afford it" followed by now what you got to say about that look. Love it! Really like what you had in that Asos bag but could not wear not one of those, got to have extra support (your friend Rose probably gets it). There no Asos in our area. Well have fun and be safe on this trip because every day I turn on the news it something else going on in an island vaca area. Going to hit the pool tomorrow with an associate. It going to be weird (scary) being that naked in public again.

Desriee Beckford

Desriee Beckford . 3 months ago

Nice haul and I really like the black dress. I also like the purple long sleeve body suit.

Everything Kash

Everything Kash . 3 months ago

Love the Black Crinkle Set 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Johanna James

Johanna James . 3 months ago

Love how your personality comes through on camera. I’m definitely getting the one pieces swim suits!


Prosperity . 3 months ago

I got the notification and said, “yessss!” Heading to ASOS to buy that pink top! Thank you!

Bri Peterson

Bri Peterson . 3 months ago

Never thought about swimwear feeling like a hug. You’re right ! Ha ha. Could you do a video of style ideas with swim wear ? On vacay, i try wearing my swim as a top but sometimes struggle with versatility. Would love to see all the looks you could create with swimwear.

Love Vil

Love Vil . 3 months ago

Love your content as always. Can't wait to see your vacation vlogs

Laura Coefield

Laura Coefield . 3 months ago

The crinkle bathing suits are 🔥

mickey M

mickey M . 3 months ago

Thank you! Needed suggestions for vacay

Pearline Jones

Pearline Jones . 3 months ago

Hi Monroe "spider" I would have been on top of the desk. Will keep my eyes out for you😊


EyEyElla . 3 months ago

Love your content!!!!

Anne Alessandri

Anne Alessandri . 3 months ago

"This is not how you pronounce it, I don't care I can afford it"😆 Love all the swimwear and especially love the off the shoulder mini black dress.

Angela Morehead

Angela Morehead . 3 months ago

Thanks MS!!! I am leaving for vacation in a few weeks and need swimsuits!! Girl you had me screaming with laughter with your spider reaction and the “I can afford it” comment! Keep the videos coming and keep keeping it real!! You have become my favorite vlogger and you are a Sistah Gurl!!!

Heavy on the Chai

Heavy on the Chai . 3 months ago

Whoa, "I don't care, I can afford it!" 🙊 well dang 🤑😶

Sharon Palloo

Sharon Palloo . 3 months ago

Soooooooo gooooooood 👍


FashionSteeleNYC . 3 months ago

Hi Loves, Here's a look at my 2019 ASOS Vacation + Swimsuit Try-On Haul. Hope you enjoy. Don't forget to LIKE + SUBSCRIBE! x Monroe

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