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Castle Super Beast Clips: Getting The Hang Of Apex Legends



Published on 8 months ago

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Comments :

Christopher Johnson

Christopher Johnson . 4 months ago

The first 4 minutes of this clip has not aged well

Astoflo The sucker

Astoflo The sucker . 5 months ago

Ya know, I think this proves something, battle royals live fast and die young


McreeO'Clock . 6 months ago

2 months later and still no update for the Mozambique...

Vanilla Knight

Vanilla Knight . 8 months ago

I can crash the game by looting something that doesn't exist in someone's lootbox on PC. I ping to say "I need an extended mag" and then one appears at the bottom of a dead players deathbox. "game logic error"

Dren x

Dren x . 8 months ago

I wonder how long those Redbull cases last?

brandon Peters

brandon Peters . 8 months ago

Biowares best writer is already gone, a man who wrote ME1+2 KotOR 1 the Bane trilogy and the balder's gate games left like 4 or 5 months ago.

Kris Ikaruga

Kris Ikaruga . 8 months ago

Why does poor Woolie look so sad? I don't like seeing him sad ;-;


Mr.X . 8 months ago

I keep thinking Pat has an earring


redsohc . 8 months ago

Pat as usual you are full of shit. Btw, it was Brozime's video you are describing and the masterworks have random attibutes. Just so happen this one has the grenades explode at 20 secs. Still bad but RNG right? Get fuckedx

Eric Coldfire

Eric Coldfire . 8 months ago

"Bioware is fucking dead, this is depressing to Pat." Big mood.

Derek Nelson

Derek Nelson . 8 months ago

Pat saying mirage sucks is hilariously wrong

We Know Basketball

We Know Basketball . 8 months ago

i never drop on xbox. PS4 will be PS4

Please Respond

Please Respond . 8 months ago

GOD NO, PAT STOP! DO NOT TALK ABOUT MOZAMBIQUE. I do not want Crazy Talk to make it suddenly amazingly good or something. Please, no.


Zoliqa . 8 months ago

Im pretty much suck at this game but i still play it


jorgamund07 . 8 months ago

Caustic doesn't suck, he's just annoyingly situational (and partially countered by enemy Caustics). In close range, he's arguably better defense than Gibraltar. If you drop Gibraltar's shield over a downed ally in a close range fight, the enemy will just run in and shotgun your face. The dome is a big glowing through-walls indicator of where you're likely to be hiding. But if you drop a gas trap on them, activate it, and THEN ress them, the enemy can't see you in the gas and usually doesn't want to run in. The downside is that it takes significantly longer for a trap to activate than the shield to deploy. The gas threat vision passive seems either bugged or delayed. And the damage on the gas is pathetically weak, ranging from 1-6 per tick, and it's easy to escape or avoid... but it'll get you a surprising number of kills if you survive the initial burst in a fight. His ultimate charges very quickly, and is amazing in end-game building fights. I usually stock up and play him as Grenade Man, with a mid-range SMG for zoning and a shotgun for up-close gas fights. If you like Gibraltar but using his shield just keeps feeling bad, give Caustic a try.


Malcolm . 8 months ago

Pat using CRAZY TALK for good.

Ty Wilson

Ty Wilson . 8 months ago

Woolie is hilariously optimistic about Bioware's future.

Bomdom Rogers

Bomdom Rogers . 8 months ago

Boy I wish Woolie could get the hang of watching Hunter X Hunter!


Zantetsu13 . 8 months ago

Ill tell you guys this as a castle superbeast exclusive perk: If you are playing on ps4, I de-activated the option on the settings to share data with EA and I havent seen any more crashes. Told some friends and they didn't see crashes anymore either. And Pat you are wrong, yet agan.


coraert . 8 months ago

Poor Apex Legends, releasing at just the wrong time

Leo Lee

Leo Lee . 8 months ago

How many fucking crates of redbull do you have? I count 5 already in the shot.


E1V1A . 8 months ago

"Apex is an ok game". But why are you still playing so much of it?...

Joseph G

Joseph G . 8 months ago

Got a digital highlight gold scope on the first time I played as a sniper. Honestly, that made the sniper drop TRIVIALIZED.

Michael Hand

Michael Hand . 8 months ago

Yo, hebomai though; big tetris streamer, just recently got GM in TGM3, is now streaming Tetris 99 and it's great.

Dread Not

Dread Not . 8 months ago

Apex is good enough for me to want to go back to Titanfall 2, and apparently I'm not alone. Matches come quicker lately and there's a noticeable return in skill.


Ziprass . 8 months ago

4:42 what game was Woolie referencing?

Dan Heron

Dan Heron . 8 months ago

look at these kids, getting excited over their Battle Royale game! :3


kmoney890 . 8 months ago


Wyatt Harper

Wyatt Harper . 8 months ago

I had hoped they'd see the story about Fallout 76 banning a player for "having too much ammo"


00NOR . 8 months ago

Pat saying that Bioware is dead in 2 years with that much certainty is just asking [Crazy Talk] to activate


Jaku . 8 months ago

Oh god next up is the uncomfortable Catherine conversation isn't it

Mitch Gosser

Mitch Gosser . 8 months ago

Woolie's Hope and Optimism: RESTORED

Spencer Smith

Spencer Smith . 8 months ago

Something I've been noticing on PC is that everyone knows the strat of waiting until the end to drop, and everyone who wants to do quickplay matches drops on the supply ship, so the first drop zone ends up being vacant in most of the matches I drop into with my buddies. It's a really weird shift in the dynamic, but it makes total sense! We've consistently been making the top four squads by dropping early and winding up by ourselves.


Hypocrite . 8 months ago

If you arent dropping hotzone, you are actively chickening out of the easiest fight of your life in a match. because either no one drops or you have an equal chance to dunk on some gods cause they might not get any loot.

Henry Boo

Henry Boo . 8 months ago

No love for the Naruto run?


Mezworld . 8 months ago

so, Respawn becomes EA's new favourite, and Bioware gets to ride in papa EA's car to the quarry out in the country...

Bradley Dixon

Bradley Dixon . 8 months ago

Why does their audio have such harsh blowouts so often? Isn't their mic setup/equipment very good?


gogetta159 . 8 months ago

Yo I'm surprised Pat isn't feeling Mirage, maybe its just not his play style but he is surprisingly good. I under estimated it at first but in a Battle Royale your first instinct is to shoot anything that moves, which includes his decoys. Now maybe better players wont but the amount of times I've sent a mirage decoy up ahead and someone shoots it is astonishingly high. Really would recommend giving him a try if you haven't.

A Dreamer

A Dreamer . 8 months ago

Ape Sex Leg Ends


Animedingo . 8 months ago

Are these out of order?


Sugewin . 8 months ago

Welp. Bioware's probably fucked.

Yayo Zavala

Yayo Zavala . 8 months ago

Could someone explain me WHATS GOING ON WITH ALL THOSE REDBULL CANS?! Old timers gonna have some heart problems soon


Bamith . 8 months ago

Bioware has said the next Dragon Age is in the works, I figure that game is what will determine Bioware's fate one way or another. If anything that could be Bioware's Dead Space 3 and be the true marker (lel) for their end.

Ho Chi Mints

Ho Chi Mints . 8 months ago

We are now at the final stage of Woolie's grief - Acceptance

Segata Jonshiro

Segata Jonshiro . 8 months ago

Crazy Talk killed fortnite

Chris Hill

Chris Hill . 8 months ago

Can we just get this out? Pat's Stand was hit with an Arrow and is now [Crazy Talk Requim] Always be watching what Pat says.

Pathfinder Savant

Pathfinder Savant . 8 months ago

So this is the power of Crazy Talk Requiem? Not bad, not bad a tall.


「AROUND THE WORLD」 . 8 months ago

Can't wait for that frogger royale.


N00BSYBORG . 8 months ago

I'm glad so many people are enjoying Apex Legends. I'm terrible at it but it's fun and renews my faith in Titanfall 3 not only happening but doing gangbusters.


SomeknowmeasXeno . 8 months ago

I played Fortnite on and off for about a month with mates last year. It was alright, only fun with friends but the game was plagued by jank and I felt like my ability to shoot and move was really being hindered by said jank. And that's not even going into how annoying the build mechanic was to me, especially with me being an exclusively console gamer. Apex came out, listened to you guys talk about it and then decided to download it myself a few days later because my PS+ had run out and I wanted to play with mates. 5 days in and I am fucking addicted. I couldn't care less for Battle Royale before but Apex just gets me. Do I have problems with it? Yeah, I dislike that wall running was taken out and only being given to the upcoming March character according to leaks and I'd like more modes like solo play of 4 team squads, but those are nitpicks compared to how just great the game feels. One of the few multiplayer experiences I've wholeheartedly enjoyed in years and something I play even without my mates online.

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