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Nutritionists Reveal Which Foods Affect Your Acne



Published on 2 months ago

"Acne is not your fault, you didn't do anything wrong to have it."

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Comments :


LAURa . 3 days ago

i still wanna eat dairy like I dnt eat it for year and my calcium leves suffered because of that and also can be healthy and fill you instead of going for other foods


ANNEXFREEDOM . 1 week ago

Literally maybe like 4 days ago i found out why i breakout on my chin and its because of sodium. I found out because i was eating cup noodle soups everyday than i started breaking out like crazy on my chin and cheeks


HOPE WORLD . 2 weeks ago

The introduction🥺🥺

Willow Will

Willow Will . 2 weeks ago

I never had acne :3 You can hate me :3 !

Queen Afshan

Queen Afshan . 2 weeks ago

Whenever i eat rice and meat i got acne 😑

Kiwi 123

Kiwi 123 . 2 weeks ago

Delilah is just too sweet omg

glossn yoongs

glossn yoongs . 2 weeks ago

Having acne made me SO insecure,I didn't want to leave the house when i had major breakouts, I couldn't talk to even my friends in the eye,because I felt like they would stare at my pimple(s).But now I learned that you should not hate yourself because of having acne. "Imperfections make us perfect." Cheesy but I know the feeling.we're human.It's normal.love yourself (again, this doesn't necessarily mean u should love your acne, mean that you shouldnt hate yourself for having it)

Txuf Txuf

Txuf Txuf . 2 weeks ago

Most of my friends eats fastfoods and junk foods every single day and their skin are looking like acne hasn’t been visited them ever since. Unlike me avoiding those stuff but still acne are still popping like crazy! Okay, that’s just great.

Shagun mohta

Shagun mohta . 3 weeks ago

When u have none of these still have bad acne

myka ayc ́·ᴗ·`

myka ayc ́·ᴗ·` . 3 weeks ago

damn such bad editing

Michelle Belle

Michelle Belle . 4 weeks ago

I’m SO HAPPY they mentioned eating vitamin A vs using retinol.


BrookeVoltattorni . 4 weeks ago

I’m vegan but I still have acne probally because I pick my skin but like when I wasn’t vegan or vegetarian I I had bad skin and when I was vegetarian I had acne but it still wasn’t amazing and a year since I’ve been vegan and eating healthy and drinking water and having a good skincare routine I have way better skin 😁 some breakouts here and there but it’s better now


Be1smaht . 4 weeks ago

Dr. Pimple popper, Dr. Daya all have said that this is a lie. Eat whatever you want. It doesn’t affect your skin.


Be1smaht . 4 weeks ago


Kanna Dumb

Kanna Dumb . 4 weeks ago

In conclusion Buzzfeed needs to fire the editor of this

Aimee Ramirez

Aimee Ramirez . 4 weeks ago

I hear that certain foods can make acne worse BUT I’m going to live this life eating what I like even if it’s acne prone foods. Just add fruits veggies more water to your diet! And good facial care oils serums cleanser. I do need more sleep though:/

Helena x

Helena x . 4 weeks ago

please just cut out sugar and don't eat too much dairy and you'll see easily results

Tyler San!

Tyler San! . 4 weeks ago

they basically telling us to be vegetarians or stop living No disrespect or hate towards vegetarians

luna li

luna li . 4 weeks ago

as someone who went from bad skin to decent skin my tips: 1) exfoliate at least twice a week 2) moisturize & wash your face at least twice a day (with mild cleanser) 3) drink a lot of water & unsweetened tea 4) use aloe vera when u did pick on ur skin or have a break out 5) get at least 8 hours of sleep 6) remove makeup WELL. always double cleanse after wearing makeup and remove that stuff properly. i recommend removing ur makeup with micellar water in the first step and to then use a foam or gel cleanser after and wash your face with that. 7) dont touch ur skin with ur hands, dont put dirty stuff on ur skin the food u eat can def affect ur akne. for me foods that break me out are usually very high in sodium so like sunflower seeds or instant ramen. but its not like i break out every time i eat those things. i just try to not eat too much of them thats it. i still “break out” like one or two days prior to my periods but they are not pimples anymore, instead i “break out” in whiteheads now. thats at least better than pimples imo.

Haneef Amusat

Haneef Amusat . 4 weeks ago

Roses are Red Violets are blue Junk food is healthy And Good for you 1:23

xoxo xoxo

xoxo xoxo . 4 weeks ago

None of these people are dermatologists i.e. people qualified to talk about acne. All bunk. Either you are genetically disposed or not - fried and greasy food or dairy can trigger in some people, but the only way to get rid of acne is to either grow out of it as an adult or, if that doesn't work, accutane. I took in my mid-late 20s. Miracle drug.

natural history

natural history . 4 weeks ago

The music is very cheerful and i can't find it anywhere 😔 can you help me please!!

Jenna Kris

Jenna Kris . 4 weeks ago



yoylos3p . 4 weeks ago

I drink lots of water, exercise, use good skin care, good diet, no fast food, no dairy, and I still breakout and have black heads. All these is good but won’t improve your skin at all.


Lalala . 4 weeks ago

My friend literally eats anything that can trigger acne and yet her skin is always clear and smooth

Madison Parker

Madison Parker . 4 weeks ago

She said orange foods contained retinol, but retinol is the animal form of Vitamin A and is only found in animal products. The plant form of Vitamin A is Beta-carotene.


TheSnowFoxParty . 4 weeks ago

My hormonal imbalance and foods is the worse for my acne uhhh


Jozadak . 1 month ago

There are alot of sound and editing mistakes in this

Gie Gie

Gie Gie . 1 month ago

I'm eating a chocolate cake that I baked whiles watching this... ☹️


Rosie . 1 month ago

I did not like the editing on this video at all buzzfeed is getting SLOPPY

pink macaron

pink macaron . 1 month ago

When the woman with the red top was talking I was looking at her arms

The Wimpee's

The Wimpee's . 1 month ago

Doing keto and low carb/sugar was the ONLY thing that helped my acne. I tried literally everything else and it did the trick.

Pallavi Dass

Pallavi Dass . 1 month ago

so basically everything can cause acne, thanks

Janik B

Janik B . 1 month ago

Can we get one thing straight: junk food does not DIRECTLY cause acne. It is still widely debated. Heck, there are so many basic skin information we have yet to know about. There are different factors that come into play with acne.


MrsLadyPerez . 1 month ago

Jokes on them, Dairy gives me acne.


NaksPizza . 1 month ago

Khloe Kardashian got her nutritionist license? 0:25

Amanda Caribbean baby

Amanda Caribbean baby . 1 month ago

Gurrrrl lol. Um everyone is different. So there are some folks who have the worst acne and those foods have NOTHING to do with it.

Lunchbox friend

Lunchbox friend . 1 month ago

I wish there was no such a B...ch called StreSs😒😣

Khei Cee

Khei Cee . 1 month ago

Is that popcorn in the thumbnail??? THAT'S MY FAVORITE SNACK no freaking wonder I always get breakouts after eating them HAHAHA 😭😭 But food is love, so.

Punita Iyengar

Punita Iyengar . 1 month ago

I dunno, foods don’t seem to have a difference in my acne. It’s always hormonal only... and I have very oily skin, so...yeah. :(

Eric Martin

Eric Martin . 1 month ago

Have you tried to stop eating carbohydrates completely? Or eat carbohydrates but extremely small amounts?

Joe Shimwell

Joe Shimwell . 1 month ago

so basically no dermatologists at all, obviously not legit, even I know that there is very limited link between diet and skin apart from alcohol and sugar.

Gabriela Pedroso

Gabriela Pedroso . 1 month ago

This video needs better editing.

Deepanshu Rautela

Deepanshu Rautela . 1 month ago

This video is so gender biased . No male representation at all.

Hitman 4Hire

Hitman 4Hire . 1 month ago

I just been fvcking stressed out


ECEM AKAL . 1 month ago

I dont understand "the scientists''. Once they say the food doesnt affect acne, pimples its generic and then they'r like no it does. Like what am I supposed to do. I am just gonna take my Roaccutane and move on with my life

Ayanna Marielle

Ayanna Marielle . 1 month ago

Its crazy cause im 29 and i never had teenage acne now im an adult and i have horrible acne

Bella HR

Bella HR . 1 month ago

Is basically I can’t eat 😂

Priyanka Rajana

Priyanka Rajana . 1 month ago

1.20 did she jus say junk foods help and brighten up skin?!?! Or I heard it wrong? I replayed it many time 🤔

Halo 〈3

Halo 〈3 . 1 month ago

Dr. EITCHES reminds me of Claire Danes!! Like when she smiles, Sounds and looks. Are u related????

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