Songs for July- Indie/ Folk- A Laid Back Summer Playlist, 2018

Mr. Foxx Frequency

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**All song titles, times, and recording artist names listed in the description below. Just click on the "Show More" tab **

0:00- Noah Kahan- “Come Down”
2:58- Logan Vath- “Guard”
7:07- Michael Witt- “Late Rose”
11:46- Max Subar- “Mr. Fate”
15:50- Canyon City- “3 Hours”
20:09- Aaron Strumpel-"Coming After You”
24:40- Sandtimer- “Loner”
28:07- Matthew Barber- “Hanging on the Line”
32:04- David Stone- “On Her Mind” (Acoustic)
35:52- Henry Jamison- "The Jacket" (Quartet Version)
39:52- The Rabbitts- “Wild”
44:35- Fuvk- “Silence”
48:10- Luke Parker- “Home” https://lukeparker.bandcamp...
52:01- Logan Vath- “I've Been Told”
56:40- Josiah Mark- “Like A Lightning Strike”
1:01:24- The Tallest Man on Earth- “Forever Is a Very Long Time”
1:06:10- Tyler Childers- “Follow You To Virgie” https://tylerchilders.bandc...
1:09:23- Wintersleep- “Weighty Ghost”

First photo shown by Patrick Hendry :
Second photo by Simon Migaj:
Third photo by Samuel Thompson:
Last photo by Cristofer Jeschke :

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