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All Time Greatest AC Milan XI

Football Chronicles

Football Chronicles

Published on 5 years ago


Witness my selection of the very best AC Milan squad from the very beginning. Thank you to Heilrj03's video of "The Best XI in World Cup History" for inspiring me to make this one. Enjoy.

Music: Hans Zimmer - S.T.A.Y. (Madis Remix) Interstellar Theme

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ERKAN ELVERDİ . 2 days ago

My top 11: Rossi - Maldini, Baresi, Nesta, Savicevic - Boban, Riijkard, Gullit, Kakà - Shevchenko, Van Basten

Rosario Durante

Rosario Durante . 4 days ago

7:57 you noticed than the cameraman moves away to don't get caught the Coronavirus? Do you noticed?😁

สันทวุธ วงษ์สกุล

สันทวุธ วงษ์สกุล . 5 days ago


Martina Binelli

Martina Binelli . 5 days ago

The best squad ever of alla time

engkol dua

engkol dua . 6 days ago

i would prefer george weah than marco van basten


Ilmanu . 6 days ago

Milan is better than Madrid. Real has really robbed few champions league. Milan had more trophies in general compared to Madrid, not sure now how it is but Madrid stole few in UEFA, can't forget this offsides goals against Bayern lmao

luly grem

luly grem . 1 week ago

4-2-3-1 S.Rossi Cafu Nesta Baresi Maldini Rijkaard Seedorf Savicevic Gullit Kakà Van Basten

Taufiq Milan

Taufiq Milan . 1 week ago

great milan with Shevchenko, Pirlo, Kaka and Maldini Paolo, Donaruma


INDRA SENAEN . 1 week ago

Respect from Juventini

Prinz Tiyo

Prinz Tiyo . 1 week ago

I'd rather have Giovanni Galli than Sebastiano Rossi.

Alvi Mohammad Saad

Alvi Mohammad Saad . 1 week ago

Maldini was the best player in milan, one of the perfect and solid defenders in the history of football, in my opinion


. 1 week ago


Marcin Beniak

Marcin Beniak . 2 weeks ago

This is the best 11 Dida Maldini Costacurta Baresi Cafu Rijkaard Pirlo Gullit Kaka Shevchenko V.Basten

Davide Bargo

Davide Bargo . 2 weeks ago


Rances Morales

Rances Morales . 2 weeks ago

Y cafu?


carpenati . 2 weeks ago

il vero fuoriclasse e stato berlusconi

Tommy C

Tommy C . 2 weeks ago

Dida Cafu Desailly Baresi Maldini Riikard Gullit Kaka Seedorf Van Baten Shevchenko

Paradise Gaming

Paradise Gaming . 2 weeks ago

i wasn’t born to see their greatness but i still dream of AC Milan becoming the top team once again.. i love watching old school football Kaka is my favorite player of all time (,:

Electric Playa

Electric Playa . 2 weeks ago

Interstellar theme remix

Pedro Bombadino

Pedro Bombadino . 2 weeks ago

Wheres BOBAN ?!!! We will never forget 97/98


r0b41n . 2 weeks ago

LOL No Gunnar Nordahl? What a joke.

Dub Destroy

Dub Destroy . 2 weeks ago

Cafu, Savicevic

yunas saxer

yunas saxer . 3 weeks ago

great man!

andrea nardo

andrea nardo . 3 weeks ago

Where are Gullit and Donadoni? You put Costacurta as right back, he never played right back! Tassotti played right back.


乃丨匚乂ADI . 3 weeks ago

All these tackles looks like foul


RAHKAKAKKU2201 . 3 weeks ago


Malommere Napolitane

Malommere Napolitane . 4 weeks ago


Ale Larocca

Ale Larocca . 4 weeks ago


Guerras Mundiais

Guerras Mundiais . 4 weeks ago

Meu Milan. De 2001 pra cá. Que eu vi jogar... Embora tenha visto o trio holandês e o Baresi também. Mas só século 21. Dida Cafú Nesta Maldini Serginho Gatuso Pirlo Kaká Shevchenko Crespo Inzaghi

Guerras Mundiais

Guerras Mundiais . 4 weeks ago

Sem o Pirlo. Uma dor de cotovelo aí pq ele foi pra Juventus?


luciobezzi . 4 weeks ago

Da non milanista. Ho visto giocare il milan di Gullit e poi ho smesso di guardare il calcio


EL BATMAN FOREVER . 1 month ago


Boris 39

Boris 39 . 1 month ago

Wait. Where are gattuso and inzaghi. They played more games than some players in video. PS for me they must be in best eleven.

Freedom X

Freedom X . 1 month ago

Crazyy mann. 900 caps just for one club. Forza maldini

Bayuadhi Wicaksono

Bayuadhi Wicaksono . 1 month ago

Cafu and Pirlo ... Ooohh c'moonn


W H . 1 month ago

How can a club went from something like this to the current Milan team? Barely even know who's playing for Milan nowadays

Shahzad Hashmi

Shahzad Hashmi . 1 month ago

Pirlo, Dobadoni, Anceloti ...???


t3n9 . 1 month ago

I was expecting Pirlo over Riijkaard or Seedorf.. and I don't see Costacurta as a right back, he spends most of his career elsewhere


Tommy91 . 1 month ago

Il mio Milan (quelli che ho potuto vedere):  Donnarumma  Maldini Nesta Thiago Silva Cafu Pirlo Seedorf Rui Costa Kaka Sheva Weah con un Inzaghi che scalpita in panchina

jason haynes

jason haynes . 1 month ago

Cudicini Cafu Costacurta Baresi P Maldini Pirlo Rivera Gullit Seedorf Van Basten Nordahl

Salvo Nieddu

Salvo Nieddu . 1 month ago

Gullit, Pirlo, Baggio, Savicevic, Whea, Tassoti, Ancellotti, Donadoni, Albertini, Desailly, Inzaghi, Gattuso, Ibrahimovic, Rui Costa, Ronaldinho, Bierhoff, Papin, Serginho, Stam, Massaro, Boban, ma non dimentichiamo i meno recenti come Altafini, Prati, Schiaffino, Liedholm, Nordhal, Cesare Maldini, Cudicini, Anquiletti, Lodetti, Trapattoni, Schnellinger questi gli artefici delle prime due coppe dei campioni e 10 scudetti

Amit Chatterjee

Amit Chatterjee . 1 month ago

Where is rudd gullit???

arindam barthakur

arindam barthakur . 1 month ago

Sad to see d demise of an Italian giant.Hope Milan reclaim their lost glory

Ahmad Fadzli

Ahmad Fadzli . 1 month ago

Superb bro.. I like this..

Michael Plays

Michael Plays . 1 month ago

Baggio in his prime with juve was great and probably one of the best Italian players ever

andi padli

andi padli . 1 month ago

MY BEST MILAN EVER Coach : Arrigo Sacchi GK Donnarumma CB Nesta Baresi Maldini CM Gullit Pirlo Rivera Kaka ST Basten Nordhal Shevchenko

Emmanuel C.

Emmanuel C. . 1 month ago

La meilleure équipe de Milan est celle de 1969 (Rivera, Schnellinger, Pratti...). Ils étaient hyper forts : éliminer le celtic en quart et MU de Charlton et best en demi était de réels exploits et ont écrasé l'ajax (débutant, il est vrai), en finale. Ils ont aussi gagné la coupe des coupes en 73 contre Leeds et ont été finalistes en 74

Hector Cardenas

Hector Cardenas . 2 months ago

Mi AC Milan! Un histórico mundial.

Mr. Teo

Mr. Teo . 2 months ago

Il Milan sta tornando!!!

all counties

all counties . 2 months ago

What about papin ..I'm utd I grew up watching the Milan legends .best football biggest football club

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