All About My Piercings!! -Chantel Jeffries

Chantel Jeffries

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Hey guys!!! I will show you guys my piercings and talk about my experiences with each one. Make sure to subscribe & comment your suggestions below. Hope this is helpful!

P.s. Oliver is my 8 month old bengal kitty and he's half angel & half devil. I also snapchat him being cute/ attacking me a lot so if you want to see that then add me--- Chanteltaleen

Choker- @katiedeanjewlery
Chains & Cartilage hoop- @lacedbytanaya
Star of David earring- VTLBT
Diamond cuff Earrings- Topshop
Gold horseshoe- Spenser's

& a special mix made by the one and only Daniel D'artiste you can find more of his stuff here !

Where's CeeJay?
INSTAGRAM: @Chanteljeffries
SNAPCHAT: Chanteltaleen
VINE: @ChantelJeffries