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WEEKLY VLOG 11: ASOS Fails & Mug Organising!



Published on 1 year ago

⭐️A weekly vlog where nothing fits me from ASOS and I sort mugs!
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I’m Em a UK based parenting blogger and YouTuber. With two small children. Chatting about the things I love, the places we go and the crap I buy! Married to Stephen who hates being on camera. I also live with Lucy the worlds worst guard dog and Anna the murdering guinea pig.

Comments :

Mia Clive

Mia Clive . 1 year ago

I’m from Birmingham I’m 17 and have never considered being a mom I found you through Louise and love you both Xx


jaystrees . 1 year ago

Southern California, 49, non-Mom. I enjoy all of your content and have fallen in love with your children and pup.

Violet R

Violet R . 1 year ago

HI Emma, I'm 22 (nearly 23) and from Cheddar, not a parent.

Erin Sharp

Erin Sharp . 1 year ago

market research: 22, Manchester, Mum to a 4-week old (but I watched you prior to being preggo!) x

Amanda Oldfield

Amanda Oldfield . 1 year ago

Love your videos Emma, I'm from london, I'm 30 and I'm a non mum related x

Mef Wolsey

Mef Wolsey . 1 year ago

Don't listen to the mean comments! Love ya bab! I'm from South Wales and a mum of two girls aged 7 and 5 x

Jade Connor

Jade Connor . 1 year ago

28, from Devon and i am a mum, i love your videos all of them. Your fab Bab! Xxx

Amy Cosgrove

Amy Cosgrove . 1 year ago

Hi 😁 I'm Amy from East Sussex and I'm 25. I'm not a Mum, but I am a childminder so I feel like I have 10 children 😂

Lauren Kathrynn

Lauren Kathrynn . 1 year ago

Hiya Emma! I’m 21, from Rotherham in Yorkshire, not Mum related just adore your humour and your videos😘

Beckie Livingstone

Beckie Livingstone . 1 year ago

Im 23 and a mum of 3! I have a 6 year old boy and 2 girls who are 2 and 1 ☺ im from Manchester xx


Dreitrestrois . 1 year ago

Hello! Im 23 not a mum and live in the west mids too xxx

Ivy Church

Ivy Church . 1 year ago

Hi Emma! I'm 23 from North Carolina, USA. I am not a mom but want to be one day so I enjoy mom related content!


Daz . 1 year ago

hi,emma im also a brummy mummy with seven kiddies ,two grandchildren and im 39 soon love the vlogs have me in stitches .really need to get my own account love sam x

Katie Winzer

Katie Winzer . 1 year ago

20 from Coventry, No plans on having any sproggs anytime soon but love all of your videos none-the-less!

Katherine Forrest

Katherine Forrest . 1 year ago

Also, I really can’t wait for your mug storage tour when the garage is finished. I want to be able to see all your mugs on display, in one place, all at once, to see the real scope of your collection. Lololol. I bought my first new mug in years at Target this week. I haven’t bought mugs in so long, then this one caught my eye and I just had to buy. I thought of you when it happened! Haha.

Katherine Forrest

Katherine Forrest . 1 year ago

I’m almost 30! I live in Orlando, FL! And I have no kids and never been married. I started following you because of Louise and just fell in love with your humor and personality. Love watching your hauls and vlogs and get a kick out of all the Disney talk ‘cause of where I’m from.

Jessica Watson

Jessica Watson . 1 year ago

22 yr old Non mum related person here, from Stoke but, live in Cov now.

Jessica Watson

Jessica Watson . 1 year ago

Cool dress

Marcela Almazán

Marcela Almazán . 1 year ago

Hello Emma! I’m 33 and I’m from Mexico!!! I am a mom but my daughter lives with her father in another city (long story) I love all about your videos, you are so relatable! Thank you for what you do, keep it up!! ❤️

ian perry

ian perry . 1 year ago

I'm 52 a mom my daughter 31 love your videos x

Jessica Francis

Jessica Francis . 1 year ago

Hiya I’m Jess, I’m 19 (20 in 6 weeks 😨) I live in Nottingham and Cat-Mum to 2 year old kitty 🐱 This comment section is like the beginning of the weakest link.


sabrina-mae . 1 year ago

Hey ,I'm 22 , have no kids And from Nottingham ❤

Carly Bean

Carly Bean . 1 year ago

Hello. ❤️ I am 26, from Mississippi, and non-Mom related.

zoe Williams

zoe Williams . 1 year ago

I’m 30 and live in West Midlands (Herefordshire) and a mum to three❤️

Monica Stefani

Monica Stefani . 1 year ago

Love your vlogs!!!! Im not mum related, just dog mom eahuhuae 29 years old, from Brazil! kisses <3

The Bolham Family

The Bolham Family . 1 year ago

A little info for your market research hun... I’m a mum related subscriber (of 5), 34 year old from Kent 😂🤣👍 xx

nicole leach

nicole leach . 1 year ago

22, a mum to a 3 year old & from south yorkshire

Tara Lonsdale

Tara Lonsdale . 1 year ago

I’m 17 from London, and not a mum yet😋x

Tracy Dale

Tracy Dale . 1 year ago

Hi Emma...just to say love your vlogs etc. I’m 50 this year but very young at heart. Love your sense of humour. I too love stripes & cacti! I’ve got some cactus candles! Wow I hear you cry! Carry on doing what you are doing......xx. Ps..I’m from Norfolk,non mumma in a wheelchair! X

Fiona Sinclair

Fiona Sinclair . 1 year ago

I’m 28 & not a mum yet! Found you through Louise 💗


nadzyxx . 1 year ago

I’m 27 from the south. I am a first time mum to a 8 month old baby. Love your vlogs!! X

Danielle _jfx

Danielle _jfx . 1 year ago

I’m 23 💃🏼 not a mum! Just love you! And from Norfolk! Would love a non mum meet up! Xx


ClaireandCraig . 1 year ago

I'm Claire, I'm 25 and I make my own videos :) I'm not mum related although I do enjoy mum videos for future inspiration :) xx

Louise Hersee

Louise Hersee . 1 year ago

I'm 46 and live in Sydney, Australia......non-mum (missed the bus). I love your vlogs xxx

Sadie Harrison

Sadie Harrison . 1 year ago

You’re brilliant! I’m 24, from Essex & not from the mummy clan!xxx

Liz Harris-Clark

Liz Harris-Clark . 1 year ago

Hi Emma 🙋🏼‍♀️ I’m 26 from Brum and I’m non Mum related (literally could not be trusted with little people 😂)

HeelsDownHandsUp Vlogs

HeelsDownHandsUp Vlogs . 1 year ago

Woo, I’m Chloe, I’m 17 and I come from Norfolk. I’m a non-mum 😊

Hayley Sussex

Hayley Sussex . 1 year ago

From Sussex, two kids (boy 7, girl 5). Love stationary and love flowery things! Love your weekly vlogs x

Hester Morton

Hester Morton . 1 year ago

Love your videos please please a get ready with me I’m fifty five kids flown the nest just enjoy your videos you make me laugh keep up the good work x

Tina Tores

Tina Tores . 1 year ago

I'm a mum of 37 from bloomy Belgium and have a son of 14 months. He is currently in a state of not eating anything and it is a fight to get something in, the little sh#t... But when he sleeps, he is so cute and I love him to pieces! Just love to watch your videos!! Love your humour and spirit so much! Keep up the good work! I watched you in a video with Louis Pentland and thought who the hell is this funny woman and I was hooked instantly...

DeAnna MC

DeAnna MC . 1 year ago

😊 Im over 30 😉 no children and enjoy all your content 👍

Nicole P

Nicole P . 1 year ago

To answer your question, I’m 24, not yet a mom, and live in the US on the east coast. Love you and your videos! I find your voice so soothing and lovely to listen to. xoxo

Jennifer Warren

Jennifer Warren . 1 year ago

Hi Emma I'm Jenn and I'm 38 (😞) I live in Newfoundland, a tiny island on the east coast of Canada I have a 14 year old son who has asperger syndrome

Samantha Jolley

Samantha Jolley . 1 year ago

I'm 34, from wirral and a mum to a 12 year old, 16 month old and I'm currently 14 weeks pregnant. Looking forward to seeing your next one ☺

Sarah c

Sarah c . 1 year ago

Dont let negtive people get u down. Also 18 from nottingham im not a mum but love mum related things however i also love non mum things x

Shaunni-Nicole Little

Shaunni-Nicole Little . 1 year ago

I’m 20 live in Fife Scotland and I’m a mum to a 2 year old little boy 💙

Emma Jones

Emma Jones . 1 year ago

I’m Emma, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿


ItsTaylorrific79 . 1 year ago

21, Sydney.. non mum but massive Disney fan! I love your videos!! You and your family are gorgeous and I live for Lucy 😆

Roisin Carr

Roisin Carr . 1 year ago

From Liverpool 30 & child free! But enjoy stripes, gin and a good tat haul 😂

Don't Worry be Happy

Don't Worry be Happy . 1 year ago

I love your videos, they always cheer me up and I am not a mum. I am 23 and from Scotland. Ignore the haters you are lovely just the way you are

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