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Marcel W.

Marcel W. . 7 months ago

after reinstalling origin u have to turn off origin in game one more time

yub cult leader

yub cult leader . 2 weeks ago

Had a dream squad, crashed :(

Damien Holland

Damien Holland . 5 months ago

10th video I'm trying now to fix Apex Legends freezing. Regarding one of the solutions I don't want to mess with Regedit so I'll skip that one. [update] Oh my god I finally found the answer, jesus christ. This might work for you as well. Type search and Killer Control Center on your PC. Disable Advance Stream Detect. Nothing, and I mean nothing else worked for me. I went through 10 of these "how to stop Apex Legends from crashing / freezing" videos and none of them helped except that one website I went to suggesting this one solution. Problem solved.


名無し君 . 5 months ago

so cool voice.


redtesta . 5 months ago

why would you have someone change something in game properties and uncheck overlay then have them uninstall origin later then they will need to go back and do it again? Then at the end you state to do the easyanticheat setup. Well that then reverts it back to " take no action" state in services and you must go back in and change it back. smh


DeadMemeMan . 6 months ago

you're making the "sorry, i have to be quiet since my parents are sleeping" voice


RealDified . 6 months ago

Doing the enabled thing changing it to 0 can affect your audio in game so I don't think it's the best idea.

clints ferrolino

clints ferrolino . 6 months ago check this link will help you thanks me later

Luke's Game Page

Luke's Game Page . 7 months ago

Thank you - will give these a try. Love the game, but had it since pretty much the start and it continues to crash reguarly - not had a game like that before

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