Tyler the Greatest

Tyler the Greatest

Published on 9 months ago


this is the only tutorial you need

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Tyler the Greatest

Tyler the Greatest . 5 months ago

Disclaimer: This worked for me, if it crashes your steam then my bad bruh.

Sir Blank

Sir Blank . 2 weeks ago

I found the file but its in system 32 so idk if i should deleted it

mantas petrauskas

mantas petrauskas . 2 months ago

what if its a different file, and I cant delete it, it asks me to run as admin to do the action, but still is unable to delete it

Havalina Chiel

Havalina Chiel . 3 months ago

which means cheaters are using files they do not even , no .


Abe . 3 months ago



Hidelph . 4 months ago

couldn't even find the file, i don't know why. but thanks for trying to help, this was the closest i've got to fixing it. (update): i've fixed it, you just have to look what the error message is saying and what files to go through, its not always the same.

joshua olsen

joshua olsen . 6 months ago

bruh now it's crashing

Asselo Taukapa

Asselo Taukapa . 6 months ago

wallah je t'aime


KiwKiwKiw . 6 months ago

Thank you verymuch

Big money Balla

Big money Balla . 6 months ago

I never comment on tube videos but i fucking love you im subscribing and liking all of your videos your going to heaven for this


Tundra . 6 months ago

Thx for breaking my whole steam and game love ya :):):)

Mateo Roso

Mateo Roso . 7 months ago

Not working :(

Abbott T

Abbott T . 7 months ago

Omg I love you! Thank you so much!

thelilgamer thelilgamer

thelilgamer thelilgamer . 7 months ago

Thanks bro it worked


SilentStorm . 7 months ago

ha amazing thanks

Tom tom

Tom tom . 7 months ago

thank you soo much!

Luis Alejandro Manrique.

Luis Alejandro Manrique. . 7 months ago


pol meumy

pol meumy . 7 months ago

Oh GOD. Thank you man. lov ya


Dyno . 7 months ago

youre actually amazing lol thanks for asking how my day was aswell have a good year

Pohn Jaul

Pohn Jaul . 8 months ago

thanks man ez help

Canadian Uploaders

Canadian Uploaders . 9 months ago

im getting untrusted system file error. just bought the game and i cant even play it.

Billiam Solo

Billiam Solo . 9 months ago

Big help

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