The Gaming Merchant

The Gaming Merchant

Published on 10 months ago

Here's an advanced shotgun guide that shows how you can master the Peacekeeper and win more close ranged fights in Apex Legends. These tips include advanced movement tricks that you absolutely don't want to miss.

In this video, I cover the following topics for using the Peacekeeper shotgun:

1. How to use varied movement, cover, and optimal speed to get closer to a player so that you can do more damage.
2. How to use the reload technique to deal more shots faster
3. How to use the BHOP aiming technique to charge up your shot whilst moving fast with the precision choke.

If you use these three techniques you should be able to safely engage a player, and kill them very, very quickly.

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Comments :

The Gaming Merchant

The Gaming Merchant . 10 months ago

Thanks for all of the feedback guys! Respawn has confirmed that the fast fire reload trick is in fact an exploit. I'd advise against doing it. In the future, I'll be more thoughtful before sharing a potential exploit. I'll focus on mechanics that are within boundaries of Respawn's vision for the game. For example, the bhop trick, as far as I can tell, is good to go from Respawn's perspective.


Upbeatshrimp . 3 weeks ago

Keep video but again, how about something that applies to console players?


Xeratas . 2 months ago

Does animation canceling still work?

Weebs Games

Weebs Games . 2 months ago

bhop aim trick is much stronger because you can literally round a corner with full precision choke and get easy 110 damage. the reload trick will get you more damage than the bhop aim trick, but you have to aim twice and you might not get 90 damage both shots.

Jimmy おしん

Jimmy おしん . 4 months ago

this is patched


SAV SAGA . 5 months ago

Fast fire...coz bhop won't work against good players

Hannes Pöschl

Hannes Pöschl . 5 months ago

can you link your videos you mention in your info? it's not blatant advertising it's helpful^^

Hannes Pöschl

Hannes Pöschl . 5 months ago

reload trick seems to be more applicable just after watching this vid since you don't always have the precision choke but the hitbox reduction and strange movement might be better after trying

fatmanboi fatmanmelon

fatmanboi fatmanmelon . 5 months ago

Peacemaker unturned

Andre Niel Realizan

Andre Niel Realizan . 6 months ago

ive been playing Scout far too long

Silent1o9 dot

Silent1o9 dot . 6 months ago

fast fire is god

Asad Askari

Asad Askari . 6 months ago

Do you holster weapon or switch?

epa kitonga

epa kitonga . 6 months ago

Dude ur fcking liar!!

ryker Archibald

ryker Archibald . 6 months ago

Can you still skip the reload for the next shot? Everytime I try to do it it makes me pump it before I can reload. Am I doing something wrong?


atrupb . 6 months ago

3:57 thats why i hate the peacekeeper

ROPAOFFICIAL Nie dla anime

ROPAOFFICIAL Nie dla anime . 6 months ago

Iam getting 7kills at every game wihout that guide

The Demon

The Demon . 6 months ago



scgamerd . 6 months ago

Me= 5 shots on target= 4-10 damge each. Enemy 1 shot=1 kill with me level 3 armor. FUCK THIS GAME>


Xponent . 6 months ago

I’m trying to find a video about where to go to find the most peace keeper

Siddiqa Bint Haider Ali Sayed

Siddiqa Bint Haider Ali Sayed . 7 months ago

Fast reload technique

Sulfuric Acid H2SO4

Sulfuric Acid H2SO4 . 7 months ago

for some reason I keep missing my shot with this gun

Foreskin Gang

Foreskin Gang . 7 months ago

the best tip is to not panic


BroadDinolover . 7 months ago

fast fire trick is better


Zemdi . 7 months ago

Yea ill just stick to my purple shotgun bolt eva. 1) actually does damage 2) doesnt cock after every time you shoot/pull it out like peacekeeper


danielsame . 7 months ago

You're the Dora the Explorer of apex tutorials

Chris Conley

Chris Conley . 8 months ago

Button presses? Create a macro for this instead. :D


fonzarelly . 8 months ago

Background music A+


fonzarelly . 8 months ago

C how to operate the the precision chock

Just Playing

Just Playing . 8 months ago

Nice tips bro,

Bolt Gamer

Bolt Gamer . 8 months ago

is this gonna give me a ban ??

Ibm Cool

Ibm Cool . 8 months ago

This guide is useful

Ferhad Annas

Ferhad Annas . 8 months ago

Diw ain' goin to work on console ain' i'?

Russell Sutherland

Russell Sutherland . 8 months ago

My peacekeeper shots only ever do about 15 to 40 damage pointblank with a full charge to peoples chests. I can't explain it. Takes me 2 reloads to down someone when it takes everyone else 2 shots to kill me.

Jonny B Good

Jonny B Good . 8 months ago

1st thing is just a novice tip but the rest of the tips are actually very informative! Great video

THE KubaNos

THE KubaNos . 8 months ago

Thats a bug abuse

Lance Joshua Belgira

Lance Joshua Belgira . 8 months ago

these beats doe damn <3

Lee Calhoun

Lee Calhoun . 8 months ago

Honestly works in most situations in most games. Albeit not all the moving mechanics.


SaVaGE . 8 months ago

Great video man, i can't say that i will rly master this cause im not really a shotgun type and my action close range aim with shotgun is terrible but i like your videos and i wanted to watch this one as well. Keep it up!

William Compton

William Compton . 9 months ago

*console players cry silently*


Mejakoba . 9 months ago

I’d love it if my peacekeeper didn’t take 5 shots to kill like wtf


ggmann . 9 months ago

How do you have a smaller chrossair


ujqw . 9 months ago

Peacekeeper? 🤮🤮🤮 GARBAGE

A_dONkEy h_NtEr

A_dONkEy h_NtEr . 9 months ago

Just pick up a mozambique

yadira roastro

yadira roastro . 9 months ago

Wraith + Peacekeeper =OP

Roby Thornton

Roby Thornton . 9 months ago

This is for pc...

Jon Powers

Jon Powers . 9 months ago

Great video!! Thanks a lot :)

Armaan Rizvi

Armaan Rizvi . 9 months ago

What about console players?

gooby pls

gooby pls . 9 months ago

How the fuck do I still get one pumped by this sniper but I can unload 7 shots and land under 40 damage each? Fucking bullshit ass game


Az . 9 months ago

do you use hold or toggle ads?


Vnomick . 9 months ago

This is considered bug abusing?

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