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DrDisRespect is the greatest livestreamer on Twitch! DrDisRespect has over 3 million followers on Twitch and DrDisRespect is the Two-Time, Back to Back, 1993-1994 Blockbuster Video Game Champion in the Online Gaming Community. DrDisRespect plays Blackout for Black Ops 4. DrDisRespect plays Fornite and PUBG. DrDisRespect first started playing H1Z1, then he moved onto PUBG, then Fortnite and Blackout for Black Ops 4. DrDisRespect is a truly entertaining specimen and brings joy to all of us in the arena! So grab your Twitch Prime Sub and Sub to DrDisRespect on Twitch today!

DrDisRespect is a one of a kind streamer! Be sure to subscribe to DrDisRespect on all his official social medias and follow DrDisRespect on his Twitch! DrDisRespect is going to be around the Twitch community for years to come, so be sure to commit to the greatest organization of all time! DrDisRespect awaits your arrival.

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Comments :


PsycoticSwagster . 6 months ago

R301> any other gun

David Ripplinger

David Ripplinger . 6 months ago

Like playing the game for entertainment the [email protected] get entertainment by watching you get so bent over it. 🤣🤣🤣 #Overlords #Redcult #RedDawn

Geeky Alex

Geeky Alex . 7 months ago

same engine ????? dude stfu

kemin 012

kemin 012 . 7 months ago

Es te viejo en la moda wtf seve rririculo con ese pelo y esos lentes jaja

Skooby Snax

Skooby Snax . 7 months ago

A knife?

Sam Green

Sam Green . 7 months ago

Get turned on 🔥🔥

Drugs I Love

Drugs I Love . 7 months ago

I give an 8 out of 10 for the honest name and exposing this huge problem in Apex Legends. Asian servers are getting raped by these hackers.

tVviSt3D GC

tVviSt3D GC . 7 months ago

You’ll get caught up in the CROSSFIRE! I remember seeing that commercial and just wanting that game so badly as a kid. That and the nerf BOWWW AND AROWWW

Blake exdee

Blake exdee . 7 months ago

Bald wraith is so gross lol

John O'Brien

John O'Brien . 7 months ago

11:19 awesome.

Jason Burnell

Jason Burnell . 7 months ago

Violence, Speed, Momentum

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