Vintage Café 5th- Double Full Album! - Lounge & Jazz Blends

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  • Release Date: 26 Apr 2016
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This is the fifth double album of Vintage Café Lounge & Jazz Blends. Here, this successful crew of musicians and producers have brought the concept further yet, raising an amazing level of sound and arranges on the most popular hits of the pop music around the world:
Various and different aged artists were versioned: Elvis Presley, Magic!, Lana Del Rey, Karen Souza, Al Green, Bon Jovi, Imagine Dragons, Yes, Daft Punk, Lorde and Pink Floyd among many others.
Be the first enjoying this lovely record, it gonna sound everywhere this season.
1-Can't Help Falling in Love-Karen Souza-00:00
2-Rude-Nikki Ocean-03:18
3-Blue Jeans-Natty Bong-06:05
4-Alive and Kicking (Nü Mix)-Sarah Menescal-10:26
5-Ho Hey-Sublime Reggae Kings-14:17
6-Feels So Good-Karen Souza-17:43
7-Let's Stay Together-Natascha-21:23
8-You Give Love a Bad Name-Dalbani-24:45
9-Your Love-Dinah Eastwood-27:32
10-Senda Urbana-Chordless Theory-30:32
11-Radioactive-Dual Sessions-34:41
12-21 Guns-Michelle Simonal-37:25
13-Owner of a Lonely Heart-James Farelli-41:55
14-Super Freak-Groovy Waters-46:15
15-Get Lucky-Karen Souza-49:27
16-Magic-Nikki Ocean-52:44
17-Royals-Natty Bong-55:56
18-Safe and Sound (feat. Ka...-Stereo Dub-01:00:00
20-No Rain-Ituana-01:07:05
21-Get Here-Jamie Lancaster-01:10:55
22-Shine on You Crazy Diamo...-48th Collective-01:13:29
23-Free Fallin'-Os Digitalistas-01:16:10
24-Alright-Michelle Simonal-01:19:33
25-In the Waiting Line-The Moleskins-01:23:13
26-Spinning Around-Acoustic System-01:27:24
27-Eyes Wide Open-Freedom Dub-01:31:04
28-Eyes Without a Face-Krister, Dalbani-01:35:03