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All-Time Greatest AC Milan XI | Maldini, Kaká, Gullit!

Football Daily

Football Daily

Published on 6 years ago


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Football Daily presents the All-Time Greatest AC Milan XI - featuring a host of legends including Paolo Maldini, Kaká and Ruud Gullit!

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Comments :

Umut Erol

Umut Erol . 2 months ago

andriy shevchenko

Umut Erol

Umut Erol . 2 months ago

nils liedholm change seedorf

Massimiliano Mangia

Massimiliano Mangia . 3 months ago

Dida , Cafù (Tassotti), Baresi, Nesta (Costacurta), Maldini; Pirlo (Albertini), Seedorf (Rijkaard), Kaka (Rivera); Shevchenko (Weah) , R. Baggio (Gullit), Van Basten (Inzaghi). All. Sacchi.

Paul Paranthomas1981

Paul Paranthomas1981 . 3 months ago

How about seedorf, cafu, pirlo, inzaghi, shevcenko, gattuso

Stoopid Penguin

Stoopid Penguin . 6 months ago

Shevchenko? Pirlo?

Slobodan Stojanovic

Slobodan Stojanovic . 6 months ago


Nedzad Ramic

Nedzad Ramic . 6 months ago

Dejan Savicevic

S Mzileni

S Mzileni . 6 months ago

Soo disappointed for Pirlo

RCD Mallorca

RCD Mallorca . 8 months ago

Shevchenko №1

Barnali Basu

Barnali Basu . 8 months ago

George weah?

Barnali Basu

Barnali Basu . 8 months ago

Desailly where?


DEFAULT DAN . 8 months ago

Best team ever How do you beat it

I made you read this.

I made you read this. . 1 year ago

GK - Sebastiano Rossi CB - Paolo Maldini (C) CB - Franco Baresi CB - Alessandro Nesta DM - Frank Rijkaard CM - Andrea Pirlo CM - Clarence Seedorf RM - Gianni Rivera LM - Kaká ST - Marco Van Basten ST - Andriy Shevchenko Honorable Mentions: GK - Dida RB - Cafú DM - Gennaro Gattuso CM - Nils Liedholm CM - Ruud Gullit ST - Gunnar Nordahl ST - Filippo Inzaghi

Kaushal Ranajay

Kaushal Ranajay . 1 year ago

Where is David Beckham...?🤨

Tymur Abdelhamid

Tymur Abdelhamid . 1 year ago

Ronaldo? Shevchenko? Crespo? Seedorf? Cafu? Ibrahimovic? Ronaldinho? Inzaghi? Dida? Gatusso? Pirlo? Rui costa?

Μικ Μιλλ

Μικ Μιλλ . 1 year ago

sad you can only put eleven tho

204 444 shreyas s menon

204 444 shreyas s menon . 1 year ago

What is the songs name

Proxima Midnight

Proxima Midnight . 1 year ago

Wow, pirlo and shevchenko not even in this eleven..

Człowiek QwQ

Człowiek QwQ . 1 year ago

And Ronaldinho

Człowiek QwQ

Człowiek QwQ . 1 year ago

Gunnar nordahl Ronaldo nazario

Your neighborhood friend

Your neighborhood friend . 2 years ago

Nordahl Kaka-Rivera-Shevchenko Gattuso-Seedorf Maldini-Baresi(c)-Costacurta-Tassotti Rossi


IcyBlocks . 2 years ago

Weres ronaldinho

Balázs Malik

Balázs Malik . 2 years ago

Maldini, Nesta, Baresi! Go throught that penaldo!

Anish Poon

Anish Poon . 2 years ago

Where is Pirlo


CHUERTER2 . 2 years ago

how you gonna put pirlo in the serie a starting XI but not ac milan XI?

Capi rex

Capi rex . 2 years ago

No P.Maldini , F.Baresi , Nesta Yes Nesta , F.Baresi , P.Maldini No 352 Yes 442


LP7 LE . 2 years ago

WTF Baresi, Maldini and Nesta would be arrested for mass homicide against forwards, they seriously wouldn't need a GK. Only thing that can match a trio like that is R9, Messi, and Maradona but I'm not sure they can break the defense. I mean we all saw what a 34 year old Nesta did to a young peak Messi, a near 40 year old Maldini against prime R9, and Baresi with the whole Brazilia squad even Maldini at a premature age destroy prime Maradona.

Alberto Ascari

Alberto Ascari . 2 years ago

Lorenzo Buffon, P Maldini, C Maldini, Baresi, Cafu, Pirlo, Rijkaard, Gullit, Gianni Rivera, Kaka, Gunnar Nordhal. It was so hard to leave S Rossi, Nesta, Desailly, Staam, Costacurta, Seedorf, Trapattoni, Liedholm, Lodetti, Altafini, Gattuso, Prati, Boffi, Weah, Savicevic, Boban, Van Basten, Shevchenko out And don't forget some of the greatest played for us but don't even make the cut up for the discussion like: Vieira, T Silva, Redondo, Emerson, Papin, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Kluivert, Davids, Crespo, Rui Costa, Vieri, Ibrahimovic even Beckham and the great Roberto Baggio

Daniel Arreola

Daniel Arreola . 2 years ago

I Change Liedholm for Pirlo, and Put Seedorf and Svchechenko from honors

Devish Gawas

Devish Gawas . 2 years ago

And look at Milan now 😑

Football Fan

Football Fan . 2 years ago


Josiah H

Josiah H . 3 years ago


Rosco PekoTrain

Rosco PekoTrain . 3 years ago

At least put maldini on the left side ..Jesús

Rahim Sharif

Rahim Sharif . 3 years ago

All time xi ac milan: Rossi Maldini Baresi Maldini Rijkaard Seedorf Gullit rivera shevchenko nordahl van basten Perfecto!

Fred Nordman

Fred Nordman . 3 years ago

Liedholm and Nordahl🇸🇪❤

steve gurung

steve gurung . 3 years ago

Nice video but Milan had too many legends should had mentioned them

Will Haywood

Will Haywood . 3 years ago



caliguyful . 3 years ago

You can come up with 100 or 1,000 different lineups but the only player deserves to be in those 100 or 1,000 lineups: without a doubt, the beloved #22 Kaka'. That's the ultimate choice for every line up.

Jacob Pro Gamer

Jacob Pro Gamer . 3 years ago


Nabil Khalil

Nabil Khalil . 3 years ago

Mate put seedorf or pirlo instead of kaka Also put inzaghi instead of that old legend Cheers

rajat rana

rajat rana . 3 years ago

kaka👏👏kaka👏👏👏kaka👏👏👏kaka always in my heart reason i start watching football

Jose Pablo

Jose Pablo . 3 years ago

inter milan

CrystDaScale - Minecraft & More!

CrystDaScale - Minecraft & More! . 3 years ago

Where tf is ronaldo

Mat St

Mat St . 3 years ago

Van basten???

Khyzer Hayat

Khyzer Hayat . 3 years ago

that defence 😢😢

Mohammad Al-Tailji

Mohammad Al-Tailji . 3 years ago

remove liedholm & nordahl .. and put pirlo with sheva .. this will be the XL from 1970 and up

Rakshith C

Rakshith C . 3 years ago

no shevchenko.....😒

Konstantine Guruli

Konstantine Guruli . 3 years ago

Rossi Cafu Barressi Nesta Maldini Rivera Gullit Pirlo Seedorf Kaka Shevchenko

Konstantine Guruli

Konstantine Guruli . 3 years ago

The problem with "All time greatest XI" of any team is that you have to put great p-layer out of their position: Kaka must be at #10.

Konstantine Guruli

Konstantine Guruli . 3 years ago


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